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This is an environmental, bush-crafty, prepper-ish blog about topics ranging from complete existential meaninglessness to the true authentically joy of living in the wild forest, close to the land.





It is written by author Andrea Hejlskov who is married to musician Jeppe Juul, together they raise four beautiful children, some have moved away from home now. The family lives a primitive off grid life in the deep Swedish woods where they have built their own log cabin and grow most of their own food.

They find great pride in processing their reality into something comprehensible, they generally distrust institutionalized authority and mostly believe in values such as self- reliance and solidarity.





But I can tell you more.





It was in back in 2010- ish. We quit our job, threw our belongings out and ran to the hills, to the hills!
We settled in the wild woods of Värmland, Sweden (although we are Danish to the bone)
We settled like pioneers.
We started all over, with nothing, from scratch, we wanted to strip ourselves naked, free (“to suck out the marrow of life”). We wanted to find the meaning of life. We wanted to heal our family…. inspired by Thoreau, inspired by Robin Hood, inspired by the dark woods of our fairy tales, we just needed to get away and so we did.

In the forest we struggled to survive, utterly incapable of taking care of our selves, utterly untrained and helpless. The granate chock of leaving the comfort zone. The overwhelming nature. We climbed the highest mountains, we heard the wolves howl, we fought dragons and demons- and we made it.

That sometimes happens. Life is weird like that.




Not without scars though.

Not without incredible hardship and misery.
Deprogramming. Rewilding.This process has many names. But here we are now.

We have built several log cabins, we have located numerous times.
This whole experience have turned out to be a journey in itself. We’re constantly growing. Constantly learning.
Currently we live in the southern part of Sweden, forest bound forever, restoring a century old log cabin/homestead.
I think we’re settling down now.

You wonder why I am online, you wonder why I tell these stories about our lives, isn’t that contradictory to our lifestyle?
Yes. No.

1) I believe it´s important that they are being told: alternatives to modern society exist. Not completely detached from society, that´s not possible, society is in our heads and in the water- but it is POSSIBLE to live differently.

2) I think reclaiming our own narratives and insisting on our stories is a valid form of social criticism, I think the personal is political and I think change must come from the ground, from within. I think sharing honest stories is activism and I think activism is needed in a world of climate change and growing social injustice.




And beside, you can´t win: if you go live an isolated life in the forest you´re an egotistical dreamer, if you engage in public debate you´re fake.
So. Having realized that my current position is: doing what I can with what I have.


I do speeches about digital authorship and living in the wild. Sometimes I travel on tours. That´s how we get the money we need for gasoline and luxuries such as coffee or building materials. I try not to make it a sell. I´m against capitalism. I´m not against sharing.
I do my best to juggle that contradiction too.

These are frequently asked question and this is our story in pictures.

This blog is written in english (not my mother tongue) because I believe in open source and english seems to be the language most widespread. At the same time it hurts me to see how my language (Danish) is crumbling. As I said: I do the best I can.

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