the volva


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Inspired by the ancient practise of “the Volva” ( a sort of witch, a sort of community healer, a sort of seer and storyteller described in norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore and sagas) I do private sessions with people in need.

This is what I do

I come to you.
I come to you because I do not support the growing “lifestyle tourism”, I believe it is contra-productive to real change (because lifestyle tourism is an idealised version of reality) and I believe it keeps a lot of people feeling inadequate and left behind. That is why we will not meet in my home or in the forest. I do not do workshops or walks in nature – because real change needs to begin with YOU.

So I come to you.
I meet you in your comfort zone, I meet you in the place from which change must originate. Let me tell you; the first step is by far the hardest and that is why I come to you. I come to you to help you take the first step.

I will use my senses and my collective set of skills to help you find the root of the problem as well as your strength. I will help you analyse whats stopping you from doing what needs to be done. I will listen to your pain and your sorrow and I will help you heal yourself.

I offer deep, meaningful conversation and long walks.
Depending on your needs we will use different tools from my toolbox such as journaling, ritual, silence, foraging, omen taking, salve making, amulet creating, movement and different conversation techniques.

There are two set-ups.

1. I come to you, we talk, we go for a walk. I spend the whole day with you.

2. I come to you, we talk, we walk- and we spend the night in nature, finding shelter where we can (this is the more survivalist set up). We begin by talking about the problem, then we pack a rucksack and a sleeping bag and then we leave. Slowly we will move from the mindset of industrial society into something… else. There will possibly be rain. It will possibly be hard. But we will MAKE IT WORK. The bodily sensation of surviving is in my experience incredible powerful and for deep change this is the set up that I recommend the most.
This scenario is thought to be a sort of pilgrimage, a sort of rite de passage.

In both set ups the work needs to spiral outwards from your starting point. On our walks we see where we are led, we will discover things you have not noticed before, internally and externally and we will reconnect with nature, however it presents itself to us.

We will use the magic of storytelling to create another story, or to expand upon an already existing story, to discover an older story or to burry a story-  about who you are and what you can do.
This is not therapy and this is not coaching. This is me being me. Connecting the dots, seeing the patterns, untangling the threads. And it is you.
Your own doing.
See, I will not be a guru nor an organ of service. Not a commodity.

My services will be expensive and you should only contact me if you are committed to the deep work.
If you do; I look forward to working with you!