the forest life


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I have lived the primitive wilderness dweller life for almost 8 years now. I have written (and deleted) much about it, done a lot of speeches, been in the media a lot, written books, articles, columns and participated in panel debates and tv transmitted discussions about rewilding, radical homemaking, climate activism, being a prepper and living the simple life, unplugging and the method of boycut as a valid form of politic protest, I´ve spoken about social disobedience, authenticity, transparency and the deep longing for reconnection.

Right now I dont have a lot to say about it all but there is a FAQ under this menu because I still receive a lot of questions from student using my story in their essays and assignments. If you have any questions you are most wellcome to post them here in the comment section and I will do my best to answer.


I am working on on a sort of practical guide book in relation to my experiences and hard earned knowledge about unplugging, (attempting to) leave industrial society and living off grid on the land, immersed in nature-  the manuscript is in my drawer and I will probably finish it some day.

I know a lot of people would like me to write a sequel to the book about how and why my family and I settled in the woods but I feel like I have told the story now and I do not want to repeat myself. I do however feel like I have some practical knowledge and some skills, some experience in my HANDS that I would like to share eventually.

There is the practical aspect of money and time- but some day I might, some day I will.

We still live in the forest, yes, still primitive, yes, the older kids have moved away from home now, we´re doing fine, thanks, although everything has changed, changed in such fundamental ways. It´s the first thing I learned, living in nature (everything changes all of the time) and it has without comparison been the hardest thing to fully embrace. But I think I´m there now. It took a lot of years though.



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