The background



15 years ago I was initiated as a Volva into the norse tradition of sejd.
I don´t think we knew exactly what we were doing back then- but I owe much to the people and the community I worked with, it was tranformative in so many ways and I learned so much.

I have been studying and practising continental witchcraft for more than 15 years years though – but due to my deep interested in norse mythology and folklore (I consider myself to be “asatru”, I worship the norse pantheon) I lean towards practises that are born out of the landscape and culture that I come from.

I firmly believe in developing, learning and tending to the local practises of a landscape (and a body)-  in an age such as ours that has so fundamentally lost its senses.
And roots.

The function of the Volva seems to me to be very specific; she is a travelling storyteller, she comes to peoples homes, she uses her senses, then she steps forth and she speaks.

I do not practise shamanism or neoshamanism in the popular sense. I am of a different kind but I know and respect many of the hardworking members of the shamanistic communities.

The germanic tribes was known to respect their Volvas and sejdrworkers greatly. And also maybe fear them a little. This is why I do not do workshops or courses. I think the fact that so many modern people seek out spiritual know-how is wonderful and a testimony to the importance of what has been lost- but I also know there is a heavy prize to pay when doing this work and I dont think its for everyone.
I DO think the local practises, folklore, superstitions, traditional customs and seasonal feasts are key and important- also for the modern mind-  for these are actual, long term tested methods of (re)connecting with our surroundings.

On a more “mundane” level I have studied psychology for many years and also worked as a teacher at the university of Copenhagen. I did NOT finish my master thesis (I became a writer instead) so I am NOT a psychologer. I have worked as a coach and counsellor and a mentor though both professionally and privately.

On a personal level; destruction, chaos, darkness, trouble and terror are states of mind that I know well. One must know these things well to do this work. One must also be accustomed to both doubt and being humbled.

The spiritual tradition of Scandinavia (the so called “trolddomskunst”) is characterised by an extended sense of pragmatism and “down to earth-ness” that I try to bring into all of my work but particularly into the spiritual context. I think it is important to recognise that a lot of these “alternative” techniques have been used for thousands of years because they really do have an effect on the human consciousness. Magic is changing consciousness. Simply put.

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