Le petit crepe de la pancake

So I have a thing for pancakes. always have had. Remember getting home from school and spending my afternoons baking a tower of pancakes (Yes. I was a weird child). I liked to experiment with my pancakes. Different toppings. Different recipes. I would mainly invent my own recipes, this was before the internet and it never really occurred to me to read a cookbook (I was a weird child. I read “How to kill a mockingbird”)
One time I went outside to get some nettles to throw in the batter. I should have chopped them first, I think, looking back in retrospect. And it didn´t taste very good either.
However…  one should never stop baking pancakes and let me tell you why:

Pancakes are the saddest story ever. They shouldn´t have been born. It takes up way too much time to make them, most people would be better off baking a large chocolate cake: practical, square, good. Pancakes simply take way too much time. They are demanding. And you can´t leave them.

However I have come to realize WHY the pancakes were invented.
Sometimes you are bored. Sometimes you don’t WANT a lot of time to do “what ever you want”. Sometimes you just want to stand there… and bake pancakes.

Depending on my mood we eat pancakes a lot (somewhere in between once a month to several times a week). We even eat them for dinner sometimes (so shoot me).
Out here pancakes are almost obscenely luxurious, they contain both milk/cream, egg, beer and rare spices. And butter. A lot of butter.
They are rich.
More so you eat them with jam (which we have plenty of in the berry season but.. not so much the rest of the time) whipped cream (yes we do), sirup (um hum), canned fruit (hallelujah), sugar and whatever else we happen to have around (like rum or fruit)

Pancakes are a treat, the kids love them, they focus my energy. All is good.

Here´s how I make them:

* Fill a bowl half up with flour (wheat is best for pancakes, if you use rye they get kinda sticky)

* Add: a handful of sugar, a teaspoon of salt.

* Then add cinnamon, cloves and ginger (also by teaspoon measures)

* Squeeze a lemon into the mixture.

* Pour a beer into the mixture

* 3 eggs

* Now add water (and milk if you have it – if you don´t… see if you can add some milk powder) Then whip the whole thing.

(note: European pancakes are much thinner than American pancakes. And we like it like that (remember to make the batter more fluid than for American pancakes)

Now: bake!
In plenty of butter.
On a hot pan.

That´s it.

PS. I promise I´ll work on my food-blogger skills in regards to adding photos and actual… well, recipes

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Lotta is a woman connected to this forest, but not currently living here. She is a midwife and a grandmother.
She´s been following the initial blog (and the great escape) and every once in a while she has been writing me.
Always the right words. At the right time.
They say that about midwives. They say that childbirth is all about timing- and Lotta´s timing is perfect.
Just perfect.

She knows about herbs and trees and flowers and plants. She also knows about animals. To her every animal carry a message. A wisdom to be heard… for those who have ears to listen with.

I´ve noticed something strange about animals.
It´s like they visit you. It´s like they interact with you… for shorter or longer periods of times.
Like that week where the eagle circled above our heads all the time. And that time when the raven followed me everywhere. Or the time when the elks ate all of our crops or those months when we could hear the wolves howling almost every night.

Lotta firmly believes that animals come into your life- with a message.
She´s lived in the forest for a long time and although she does not anymore, she knows about the forest. She knows.

In my last blog post I mentioned that two elks were standing still, staring at us, while we drove home after our first visit to the nearest school. That day was really a turning point. It was a very important day. The day where we would fully embrace our new life in Sweden.

Lotta says elk means “Be content with what you have”.

This is what I have noticed about elks:

Elks mostly follow the same path, every day, year in and year out. They inspect the forest. They guard it.

Elks are very large. And they resemble horses.

The Elk Hunt is the biggest event in this part of the country.

Elks tend to team up, one older elk taking care of one younger.

Elks do not like sage.

I once saw an elk standing exactly here...