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I live in the “borderland” (northern Skåne, Sweden) although I am danish to the bone.

In this area there used to be a resistance, it was famous and it was fierce. Hidden in the deep dark woods the members of the resistance would sneak around, sticking it to the man, speaking truth to power. They were called “Snaphaner” (“fast roosters”) and they fought for their independence and right to choose for themselves- amongst other things what nation they would belong to; Sweden or Danmark. This, the borderland, seems to be both and I seem to feel fine here.

I live by the black lake in a little cottage, there is a giant wood fired baking oven in the middle of the house and I have planted many roses. The forest is deep, damp and dark, just as a like it. My life is like this; I have one foot in industrial society; I travel and I do my speeches and my sessions with people – and then one foot in the wild; I live off grid and primitive here, a hunter and a gatherer.

A speaker and a writer.
A rider of edges. A crosser of borders. A shapeshifter.
I am also a climate activist, columnist, journalist, heathen and “content creator” (when I feel like it). I like to walk barefooted, swim naked and read books.

Mother of four. Friend of a few.

I work with storytelling and myth and I work to reestablish the connection between man/woman and the land.

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You can find my books in Danish here and in German here.
(soon to be published in Czech, Spanish and Dutch as well, hooray)

On these pages you will be able to read more about the work that I do.