Andrea Hejlskov (that´s me) is a Danish author living in the deep woods of Sweden, trying to rewild her broken heart, walk gently on the forest floor, dance fiercly around the fire.

She is the mother of four and married to musician Jeppe Juul. Reads a lot of books. Professionally chillaxed. A columnist for newspapers, a climate activist and a witch (there, I said it) mostly known for having written a book about how and why the family left modern life to settle in the forest like pioneers and build their own log cabin (you should totally buy) but she has- however- also written other books and is currently working on her masterpiece.

She can use these words: ecofeminist, rewilder, off grid, off grid lifestyle, this is not a lifestyle blog, anticapitalist, antifacist, anti blind optimism, anti consumist, anarchist. Nature dweller. Nature punk. Nature lover. Radical homemaker. Simple living. Mamma bear. “to suck out the marrow of life”. Pro love. Pro authenticity. Pro courage. Pro pagan practises. Pro local. Pro history. Herbalist. Forager. Direct action. Chop wood. Fetch water.

Andrea Hejlskov (me again) took an education as a psychologer but failed to deliver her master thesis, she has however worked as both a coach, a workshopgiver and a professional speaker (she still does) (you can book her by writing to her:
For a while she was some sort of “media personality” but she dosn´t know if she is or want to be that anymore. Mostly, as she said, she just wants to live wild and be free.