About the author

I was born in Denmark in 1975, grew up in many different realities, stretched out like a rubber band between red and blue.
I gave birth to twins when I was 20, struggled hard, am now the proud mother of four children all of which are turning out to be the most amazing adults (who would have known)

I studied psychology at the university of Copenhagen where I also worked as a teacher. I had my own coaching company, worked as a consultant ect while studying the lore of my ancestors and the pre-Christian Scandinavian worldview/spirituality. For various reasons I were headhunted to write a children’s book in relation to the tv-show “Jul i Valhalla” (Julekalender, tv2) which spiralled into something bigger and something more for me; I have had numerous secret blogs, worked as a community manager on forums and community driven databases but writing a book just changed me. And so I continued to write books.


I write in the genre of creative non fiction and have published several books now on major “labels” (long story, I´m still in love with the independent side of the industry and will continue to explore the possibilities).
My first book (for adults) stirred a lot of controversy about how we use social media, it was used as an examn text in the national examn compendium and I´m pretty proud about that.
My second book, about our first year in the forest, also stirred a lot of controversy and was debated intensely on both social media and in the actual media. In the beginning I wanted to be loved and accepted by everyone. Now I´m more cool about it.
I continue to write opinion pieces, essays and such- my platform and medium is more than the psychical book itself.
I´ve always been extremely interested in the possibilities of our technology, can we use it to create a different kind of consiousness?

Most of my work revolves around concepts such as family and self and most of my work is not a 1:1 version of reality, I´m just sharing my subjective experience and this is why:

Reclaiming narrative, having control over our own stories, examining the oppression from within, insisting on the right to tell our own stories is to me a very important and very strong method of activism.
Stories inspire people. Stories provoke people. Stories are the glue to our realities and thus working within story seems extremely important to me.
And I think daring to be as honest as possible, stepping forth, saying “this is how it really is to me” can give others the courage and strenght to do the same… and maybe a murmur will occur and maybe this murmur will develop into a song.
A new song of the people.

I think the western culture is super invasive and so I fight the negative sides of it from within.

My books are currently on their way to released in Scotland, USA and Hungary mainly thanks to the work of some of my commited readers (who sat down and translated it – I am extremely grateful for this). If you have any contacts or would otherwise like to help me grow a more international audience I would appreciate it a lot.

I really enjoy doing speeches about our radical life choices and (digital) storytelling; I find both the media work that I do and travelling around telling stories to be integral parts of my overall message and authorship.

I enjoy it imensely and if you would like to book me for a talk please write to andreahejlskov@gmail.com (you´ll find a list over my current speaking activites here)


Money dosn´t grow on trees and allthough we have lowered our living standards a lot- to gain a bigger sense of independence, we still depend on a little bit of money. Most of the content makers I know either burn out, sell out or go out for cigarettes and never come back.
Because it´s hard work. We do it “con amore” – but it takes time, it´s takes energy, it takes dedication and hard work.

That´s why I have a patreon page.

My work is to insist that there are facts we need to deal with: climate change, loss of meaning, social injustice, FEELINGS.
My work is to explore the different ways we can deal with this and what the prize is for doing something ELSE (than what the majority of people are doing)

Sometimes it sucks being us, sometimes we do not have the energy anymore. Sometimes words cannot even convey the deep sense of meaning that arises BETWEEN me and you.

The content makers are nothing without the people who take this content and do something with it.
In a way all of my writing is really not about me- it´s our COMMON storytelling, our SHARED experience.
It´s in the comments, it´s in the dialoque, the emotional inner lives of each one of us, the hugs I get from strangers when I do the speeches…. it´s about how a lot of stories are not being told in the mainstream and it´s about how we insist that these stories are told.
It´s about how the content makers are doing a lot of work for free, providing you with information, stories, DIY ideas, news and diary entries you can reflect yourself in.

So I hope you will support me.

3 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hej Andrea
    Du bliver i Politiken omtalt som børnepsykolog. Men andetsteds ser jeg, at du skriver, at du aldrig har færdiggjort dit speciale. Må du så kalde dig for psykolog? “Psykolog” er jo en beskyttet titel.
    Med venlig hilsen
    Svend Ostenfeld
    Cand. Psych.


    1. Hej Svend, jeg arbejdede som børnepsykolog i en PPR afdeling i en dansk kommune mens jeg skrev på mit speciale ( som jeg så aldrig fik færdigt), jeg kalder mig aldrig for psykolog men arbejdede faktuelt som psykolog lige inden vi drog til skov- så sådan hænger DET sammen, vh Andrea



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