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You know life can be so strange that it just leaves you… stunned. I think I´m stunned.

So many signs.
It makes so much sense.
I get it now.
I think I understand. What a ride!

The other house, the temporary house, had a name. Rävakulla. Fox´s hiding. Fox hill. I had to be like the fox for a little while, tending to all of my exits, hiding.
This house is called Rumlehult. Rumpelstiltskin- clearing (in english)
Like life is a fairytale.

I think life is a fairytale.

That´s what I think.
We went to eat dinner with the owners of this house. What a spectacular evening. They told us stories of their african adventures. They totally understood ours. Isn´t that strange? Isn´t it strange that people can still make agreements based on trust and mutual understanding of what life is and should be, understanding of the struggle, understanding of the divine interference visible through the fact of COINCIDENCE.
Isn´t it amazing that people still have faith?
Isn´t it amazing how all of this happened?
That night we made a deal with the owners and so now we live here.
This house will be ours.

There is a very old chimney here. It takes up 1/4 of the house. They didn’t have cement back in the days so it is built with a broad base narrowing in. All kinds of canals. All kinds of throttles.
I giant baking oven in the middle.
Like the house has a heart.


And so I spend my days pondering about technology.
All the work that has gone into not only this chimney but into the stone walls that surrounds the acres, into the soil, into the root cellar, into the pantry, into the logs underneath the coverings that makes it look like a normal house, but it´s not.
All of the craftsmanship. All of the knowledge.
The SENSE in doing things the old way.
There is a great sense in having a chimney that takes up 1/4 of the house. The stones store the heat overnight. Embers for the food. The oven! There´s a pizza oven!
Haven’t cleaned the root cellar yet. Haven’t tended to the soil.
Have installed the pillows.


As I said, I´m stunned.
Being stunned takes up a lot of time.

We have lived without electricity for five years.
First year in the forest we spent 1/4 of our monthly budget on candlelight.
Then came the headlamps. The oil lamps. The lanterns. The solar panel. The batteries. The generator.
(insert rant about how every single off -grid person I know use electricity one way or the other and how it is only on-grid persons who have romanticized notions of a technology free life, see, living close to nature makes people pragmatic, pragmatic people use TOOLS, rant over)

When we decided to relocate to fairer grounds (this is the SOUTH! We can grow grapes!) we rented Rävakulla thinking we could stay there for years but yadi yadi and we couldn´t. There was installed electricity in that house. Wasn´t our choosing and it was not something we found attractive about the house but the electricity was there and then BAM we used it.
Lights everywhere.
Day and night.

There is no installed electricity here nor running water (but a well)
I am amazed to realize how much I have missed living without installed electricity.
The cozyness is one thing but it’s not all, the effects are much more fundamental:
We go to bed earlier. We align ourselves with the dark. I´m not afraid of it.
I carry the light with me when I walk around.


Going online, like I am now, is a conscious choice. This device stores only a certain amount of electricity; how do I want to use it?
And suddenly the stars are there again (when I go outside to pee). The experience of nature being THERE – more than a destination, more than where you go to camp or picnic, more than scenery…


He plays in the daylight.
Close to the windows or close to the stove. When darkness falls we cuddle up. We center.
Flock animals…. around the light.


And the sunlight returns to what it once was for me.


It feels so good to be back in this lifestyle, it feels so good to be back on track.
I can´t say much more.
As I said I am stunned.

… and we carry our technology with us, our computers, our solar panels, in our rucksacks and we spin and spin and spin with it. We spin gold.

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14 comments on “What is technology?

  1. Absolutely wonderful. I am so happy for you and your family. And what you say about off-grid persons vs on-grid is truth. (I love it when the power goes off. But I love it when the power comes back on. Crazy.) Show more pictures of that stone hearth please. (Oh isn’t that interesting that the name is “hearth”. Heer-thuh. Heart.) Everything in your pictures glows gold.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will! I´m so fascinated by that hearth (is it really called that? How wonderful!)


  2. Citizens of Uenpia - Lars says:

    Congratulations with your new home, good to hear from you again 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nice to hear from you too lars! 🙂


  3. Arianne says:

    Congrats with the new place to live. I wish that it will become a true home for all of you. So good to hear from you again!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pernille says:

    A house without a heart is just a house. I see a lot of modern houses being build here in Denmark, fashionable stonetiles on the floor and whitepainted walls, modern furniture in stell, plastic, black leather and I just feel sorry for those families, so cold surroundings and no time for cuddle with the children because their lives has been materialized. Myself I live in a house from my childhood with basic improvement from modern technology (floorheat in the kitchen – aah) but as my daughter said, we are the only one in this city who has wheat golden yellow painted walls in our living room. So we have went from fashionable to originals with in 15 years, Voila! Your living room really invites to sit with those pillows. I love your pictures. Please keep on posting.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ron says:

    Isn’t it strange how coincidences happen?
    I actively went through a similar process these past 2 weeks, the preliminaries and preparations left aside. Not in regard to a house (well, maybe that too), but in the way of finding one’s path, going back to where it all started, restart, round 2, but with more knowledge and insights.
    May this house give you all you need.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Andy Jukes says:

    I love your comments about what we gain when we give up the convenience of the light switch. and, by implication, what we lose when we give in to convenience. When we unthinkingly accept the life that we are presented with. Thank you for reminding us that it is possible to choose a different way. For your honesty in showing that it is not easy. Your inspiring example by accepting the hardship and doing it anyway. I am glad that you ove your new house.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Heidi Björndal says:

    Hi you just wondering
    Will you be able to avoid sending your son to School ?

    Respect and timeless wonderings with songs from the Wood !



    1. Heidi, no, homeschooling is illegal in sweden but we have found a really good School so its ok 🙂


  8. anon anon says:

    I should add… that nature is no destination. A destination needs a point of departure for going to that destination – a point of departure that is not the destination itself. You can’t escape nature, you are part of it. And, you certainly can’t own that which owns you. I think that would be enough, sorry for being so verbose.


    1. Hi anon anon, Thank you for your comments they made me Think a lot and reasonated deeply. A


  9. Sidney Sid says:

    Awesome post


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