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One of the reasons we moved south was to be able to be around friends. Not so much an ideological community, a forced community, a community on/in SPITE… just friends. Real friends. Old friends. Not roles and hierarchies and people living through us. Wanting things from us. We needed to relocate because we needed to get away from all that.
And when we did… thats when the flooding came. I was FLOODED with spirituality.
I awoke from my slumber. I fucking found happiness.
And so it hit me hard when we got the message that we couldn’t stay in the house where we lived. Suckerpunch. I thought my awakening had been an illusion.

But listen.

One day Jeppe was helping his old friend Tobias build a cabin in the woods.


A man named Kim, a carpenter, was working nearby and heard the noises. He came to say hello. Carpenters have a special code. They respect the craft and so they spoke, in the language of craft, and Jeppe told him about our situation.

One day Kim, the carpenter, was helping a couple closing down their property for winter.
He told them about us and what we had done in the forest.

Couple of days later Kim was driving around in town.
Our car had broke down. Jeppe was walking on the sidewalk, pretty pissed off. Kim spots Jeppe and offers him a ride. While they drive Kim tells Jeppe about this place in the woods, by a lake, by it self, old, old. And so when the car is fixed we go there to have a look.
It was a great spot in the universe.


We write a letter to the owners.
And then something spectacular happens. This is where it gets weird.
The owners GETS us. They understand. They agree…. that houses are alive, trees are alive, energies must be right. And that we, as a culture, need to find other ways of doing things, other ways of relating.
We begin a quiet, I would not call it negotiation but we begin writing to each other, getting to know each other. Our situation. Their situation. The story of the house. The story of us.

The house is old, centuries old.
And it is loved.


Red on the outside but timber framed, old kind of roof underneath the roofing sheets, a large old school baking oven, a root cellar, no electricity. A well. A barn. Old oak trees. By it self. In the woods. In the woods.
It made sense… to restore the old, build on the foundations of our ancestors. Take care of the resources already available.

We visit the place often.
First time I saw it a falcon flew over it.
Second time two ravens.
The door begins to open.


Yesterday they told us we could live there. They know we don’t have a lot of money. They know the arrangement has to be… different. They know we´re… different.
And it´s allright.

Couple of hours later a german publisher writes me, they’d like to publish “the great escape” in Germany.

And Maja, our friend from the forest, lands a deal on a perfect house for her and her child. Nearby.

And I chat with my friend in the spiritual community, we agree upon a collaboration, I´m going down that path now, I’m walking in a world of spirits, I´m walking in the world… alive.

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18 comments on “The end and once upon a time

  1. Benedikte Exner says:


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  2. DM says:

    As a carpenter myself, I know this language (and love of the craft, old barns etc.) myself. I am SO excited for you! DM

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ncfarmchick says:

    How wonderful! It does seem when walking a spiritual path that things just start to come together and I am so glad this seems to be true for you all. Peace!

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  4. BeeHappee says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!

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  5. nicoleaugust says:

    May the wind continue to be at your back !

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  6. Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I? You kept yourself open and kept working on it. You never gave up. Were you patient? The Universe had something for you and it offered it to you in perfect divine timing. Through those people.

    People that sit on their butts and moan. That’s what the Universe does not want. The Universe will sit back and scratch its chin hmmmm these people are interesting they keep moaning and everything I offer them goes unnoticed. The Universe likes the people who keep open and moving and talking and bingo! The Universe gives you something in perfect divine timing.

    Andrea I am SO happy for you. Can’t wait to hear more about this place. One time years ago I lived in a house that was built during the Civil War. It was lovely moving through the house listening to the stories the walls were telling me. Even the not nice stories. They are stories after all.

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    1. You told me, Renee, you did! 🙂


  7. Rick Knight says:

    It seems that life, periodically, likes to back us into a corner (usually of our own creation), and holds us there against our will until we surrender and then provides for our needs in the most unexpected ways. I’ve found this to be true on many occasions in my life and now when it happens I know I just need to chill until the path is cleared and I can once again see where it leads. It has always led me to a better place. Always. So glad to hear you found a beautiful new home!

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  8. mridler3 says:

    I seriously have goosebumps!!! Wow!

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  9. Ron says:

    We had something similar happen to us with our current house… Some things are meant to be, some things are meant to change.
    Like Renée says, it is the flow of the universe.
    Enjoy it, be happy and do what you must….. Too bad you moved south, since I was planning on stopping by. But at least you do not have to deal with me now. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We´ll met one day or another, I´m sure of that Ron 🙂
      Keep warm this winter!


  10. Lars says:

    What a wonderful world, and what a wonderful story.
    If you are walking the path of spirits, you might find my little, but fantastic first hand story about spiritism interesting. It can be downloaded free on Lars Brøgger Jensen.

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  11. Tricia says:


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  12. Ea Øxenhave says:

    freedom and peace to your family. Love


  13. Dear andrea
    So far, so good!

    Is it possible the vines around the doorway in the picture are hop vines?

    I like the definition of friends you wrote at the top of this post, “just friends. Real friends….”
    It is harder to be that kind of friend than it seems and is the challenge of close relationships and communities.
    We always seem to want something from others unless we are constantly monitoring ourselves and our motives.
    May you be light in bodies and spirits, and happy in your new place.
    All best,
    ~ abigail


  14. Melissa R says:

    Quite a different type of post than usual. I feel the light coming from you right now. I hope you find a way to stay in it.


  15. Bill says:

    Wonderful! Wishing you blessings and peace there. May it be a joyful place and an inspiration to creativity.


  16. Jim Forbes says:

    This is so inspiring. Thank You for sharing!!


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