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I´ve been asked, so many times “So. How does one do it? Where does one go?” and now I have the chance to walk the talk and show it, don’t tell it.
How appropriate!

There´s a difference between having money and not having money. If you have the money you just buy some land, you settle, you build your little off the grid cabin (and the solar panels and the batteries and the ATV and the wooden boards) never to worry about anything again. But then of course you’d miss the steep learning curve and the experience of standing there, bare naked and afraid, making due with what you have.
There’s some value to that.
There is.

(We’re watching “Frontier House” at the moment and it’s so interesting to see how the modern day people struggle with many of the same emotional issues as we did/do, not at least regarding community and the benefits of hard work)

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Somebody (can’t remember who) said something very interesting on my personal facebook profile the other day. We were talking about property rights and she said that maybe we should not regard these as agreements between the land and the people- more so as an agreement between the PEOPLE. To let each other be. To respect each others private sphere.

I like that way of thinking about it…. and I would like to have the money to buy a plot of land/some piece of mind/some breathing space from other people but I don´t. And the fact of the matter is that a lot of us don’t have money to buy land.
So what do we do?

In Sweden ruins and reminiscences are scattered around the land. These plots of land and these houses will not appear on any realtor site. Often the owners don’t consider the sites to have any value and they can’t be bothered with restoring them into modern day standards.
(truth is that I don’t exactly understand why there are so many ruins)

In Sweden there is also a lot of land. And the land is not all that expensive, particularly not if it can’t be upgraded to modern day agricultural methods or logging. These old plots of land where people used to have their small homesteads… it´s just empty now, it´s just laying there.
But if you want to build a NEW house on a NEW plot of land- you need lots of building permits which are both hard to obtain (in a bureaucracy) and expensive.

These factors combined create this situation:

Processed with Snapseed.

He said “Yup. Lots of possibilities here”… and I knew I loved him.

What you do is to locate yourself in the area where you want to live (it might take you five years to figure out in which area you want to live).
Scouting around can’t be done on the computer. It´s a real life thing.

You HAFT to BE in the area… and you haft to approach strange foreign people and ask them if you can make a personal agreement with them about buying the land- long term.
This is another reason for locating yourself in the area; you need friends, you need allies, you need help, you NEED other people (hard fact to swallow) (but I think it´s of the essence)

And you embrace the fact that loveliness is something you create, you, yourself.
I can’t begin to tell you all of the times we’ve been approached by people who wanted the little cabin in the woods but didn´t understand that it begins with this. It´begins with ruins. It ALWAYS begins with ruins.

We haven’t found our plot of land yet. And we’re scared and we don´t like approaching strange foreign people, asking them to make personal agreements with us. But we do it.
Every day.
We do it.
Because we’re hunters.


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4 comments on “Gone hunting

  1. Beautiful pictures. Especially that one with S in the forest drinking and the ray of light through the air.

    Just keep asking your questions. Putting it out there. I’ve told myself this a hundred times. Maybe a thousand times. The Universe has your answer and it will find you the solution eventually. Maybe sooner than you think. Just keep asking your questions. Putting it out there. Be your brave self. As always: warrior!

    This is what I tell myself: I give myself permission to trust in the love of the Universe to give me what I truly need in perfect divine timing.

    And then it does. When I least expect it.


    1. I feel strangely calm….
      I appreciate you reading my words and commenting. Thank you!


  2. Ea Øxenhave says:

    Thank you for your post Andrea. We will make a difference, find an alternative.
    We are pack animals, we need each other to get out of the kapatalistiske way of life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Olive says:

    Good to see you back (and strong!) again. We are also looking for what you describe, albeit in another country- but really the same situation ( houses of bones the say, skeleton of an abandoned home). I want it to happen now, but you know things take time. Your advice is spot on- I hope something suitable happens for both our families! Until then I do what I can and take lots of walks 😉😘

    Liked by 1 person

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