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I spend a lot of time watching, snow falling like flakes of gold, snowflakes falling like pieces of a puzzle, it´s really mesmerising, it really is.
Take a look.

My neighbour, who was out early this morning took this picture of our cabin (white smoke, midle of picture)


Later we went out on the lake ourselves. Following the animals track to whereever they would lead us.


Scattering snowangels all over the place, all over the lake.


The animal tracks led us into the forest where the sun lives.


We studied ice


Home is where the hearth is (as my neigbourg says)


Certain daily chores comes to mind but really we are in hibernation, really we gather around the fire. Minus 26something. I sleep a lot. I eat a lot.


Living on a southbendt slope means the world in the wintertime. Not only the view, but the light and the heat from the sun. I treassure (it) a lot.


And cocoa. From the caribean. My daughter went and fetched in on a sailboat without engine, sailing by the wind. You can support her company. They´re trying to do things differently.


I like my life.
I can´t believe it.

Of course I need to work somtimes, like on january the 28 when I will do a collaborative talk with Michelle Hviid. But january the 28 is still so far away. I sleep. I eat. I walk. I chop wood. I drink cocoa. I stare out the windows. I sleep. Sleep. I tend to the bones. I tend to the fire. I tend to the ice. I sleep.

11 comments on “I like my life

  1. BeeHappee says:

    Oh Andrea, thank you for sharing!!! I am not on Instagram, so I really appreciate this. I just want to melt into this goodness. 🙂

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    1. I just think that winter is so important! I could write a thousand pages about how important I find winter but I thought I ´d just show you 🙂

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  2. Seems our lives are quite similar these days, Andrea. Did the snowflake-thing too a couple of days ago. And hibernation is settling in too. I love the cold, buit we do not have much snow. Seems to be a dry winter this time.

    Winter…. it sure is a very important thing in the year. A lot chances. Not only during this time and within oneself, but also the times ahead.

    Maybe your daughter should start transporting coffee too. Now that would be a thing! Coffee and cocoa brought here mostly by windpower. I’d go for that in an instant.

    Why are you not speaking in Sweden more? Maybe the Permakultur Stjärnsund would be interested??

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    1. Just a matter of not having a personal assistant who likes to do the “sell” 😉


  3. Beautiful! I can tell how much you like your life today. It comes right through the pictures and the words.


  4. ncfarmchick says:

    I’ve taken a break from the on-line world for a while and have missed your posts. What beautiful images greet my return! Winter has just begun here after a very oddly warm late Autumn and I welcome the rest it brings. Living in the warm and humid American South, as lovely as it is, I do think we need the rest that cold weather brings. Though, I often feel it is not so much rest but work of a different kind and with a different feel which is enough to feel different. Looking forward to reading more regularly again. Peace!


    1. BeeHappee says:

      NC, I tried to e-mail you a while back. Would you mind dropping me a note at if and when you can? Take care. 🙂


  5. Angie says:

    The fairtransport is amazing…what a great, sensible idea! What beautiful ships! My son would love to do that, but he is only 11 now. I envy your winter – We don’t get much of one, and it is always the season to work hard, because it’s finally not really hot and pouring rain outside.


  6. Beautiful pictures and commentary on your life. The observation on the importance of the south-facing windows well said and the picture of the cabin across the lake priceless, as they say.


  7. Dear andrea
    Glad you like your home, glad you like winter. Me too.
    Stillness (even when winter winds roar, it seems quiet when doors and windows are shut against cold) and earth dreaming, rest for terrestrial life in this climate. Becoming semi-dormant myself, like my surroundings.
    Well–it is not like that for many, I know. Go go go, all the time. Backs so close to the wall. Seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, go for the gelt.
    wendell berry and gary snyder discuss a return to the Neolithic. they aren’t bound, but most of us are–bound to the wheel by our inability to imagine a different existence into being.
    all best,
    ~ abigail


  8. henrik burkall says:

    Hej Andrea og din familie.
    Jeg hørte dig sige i radioen at du savner et køleskab/fryser, da jeg selv vil leve i skoven har jeg fundet dette hybrid anlæg, hybrid som i solcelle og meget lille vindmølle (mølle monteres oppe i et højt træ)
    det leverer 12 volt og kan trække 300-390 watt året rundt. dertil et lille køleskab med fryser ned til -22 grader. alt efter køleskabets størrelse kommer prisen for almindeligt dødelige mennesker op på små 30.000 danske kroner…her er linkene:
    håber du kan bruge det.
    En eller anden dag kommer jeg til at leve i skoven…jeg vil elske at leve off-grid i et lille arvesund skur eller et skur jeg selv bygger..jeg har arbejdet hårdt på at blive gældfri og sparer lidt op…og så emigrerer jeg til en skov udenfor danmark, for så kan man nemlig hæve revl og krat, af sin pension.
    Nu mangler jeg bare et meget lille stykke skov at bygge mit lille skur i.. har du set
    jeg tænkte på eremittens hytte, seng,bord,stol og så det geniale komfur med varmtvandstank på skorstensrøret..genialt..
    Et hybridanlæg bliver jo osse slidt, solceller holder typisk 10-15 år før de gradvist giver mindre og mindre strøm…en vindmølle, nok så lille (cirka 1 meter i diameter) bliver jo osse slidt…så med mit, efter lang tids søgen, hybridanlæg skal man spare cirka 2000 flade danske kroner op om året…nå…
    Køleskabet er den nye type der bruger mindre watt..end de “gamle” skabe med danfoss går osse “kun” ned til minus 18 grader… de nye bruger en “waco” kompressor…øøhh
    er det mon en whitebox danfoss kompressor..jeg har spurgt alle steder hvem der laver den nye waco ingen kender svaret..endnu.
    Måske jeg en dag kommer forbi jeres skov, for at se hvilke løsninger i bruger…ps ..hvor ligger jeres skov..og må man komme forbi (jeg ved et kan være irreterende med “turister” der glor.. OO

    ellers, hvis i har et lille stykke skov, i vil låne ud i mange år, vil jeg mægtigt gerne låne den i et stykke tid
    sådan cirka lang tid.

    ha’ nu en god tid i skoven. 8@)


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