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They say this is a civil rights movement. They say we are witnessing the beginning of something. They say the mass mobilisation act of civil disobidience (otherwise very close to having been cancelled) will be the biggest march in our time.
I participate. I volunteer. I make these videodiaries for Danish Newspaper Information. Like this one below.

It was from the demonstrations at the Grand Palais. Large companies had bought themselves the right to display (in an exhibition) how supposedly “environmental friendly” they are (these are some of the worst polluters in the world)

<p><a href=”″>Videodagbog #3 fra COP21</a> from <a href=””></a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Because of the state of emergency here in France it has become, as you know, illegal to protest. What is happening here and what I think we will see more of in the future is pop up demonstrations and guerilla activism. We are fragmented and not allowed to gather so what has been going on for the last days have been a multitude of small and quick demonstrations, flooding the streets.

These two images are from what happened at Grand Palais. I sense a lot of fear in the people. But I also see a lot of courage.


We are taking back space in the city, demanding that our voice be heard. Everytime the police learns about a demonstration they show up in a hundred vans, fully armed like soldiers, here a demonstrant is being taken down…


This demonstration was actually legal because the planners called it a “parade”. It´s a funny thing with the state of emergency because football games, concerts (and parades) are not illegal- only political demonstrations and manifestations. It feels odd. That the people is not allowed to express anything political.

One way the get around that fact is to dress up like polarbears and just walk around in the streets. This guy was on a break.


Or by placing art in the streets.


This demonstration, below, was not allowed though. It was a pop up demonstration/flash mob/guerilla activism kind of thing in front of the Louvre (which is actually sponsored by two major oil companies… the protest was about how polluters are allowed to “greenwash” or “artwash” there brands and the problematic in official institutions allowing them to do this)




Walking home last night I walk into this. These are people representing the Alaskan salmon who faces extinction in front of the metro of Saint Michel.


And then off course there are all the meetings, events, workshops, debates and debriefings.





And the friends and connections I make. The climate summit is in many ways, I think a practical example of network theory, what happens is that lots of smaller clusters are coming together, information is not being distributed from one central site or organization (which can be both annoying and not very wellcoming to strangers or people who come here alone. These are negative sides, the positive sides is that by organizing this way we become flexible, able to improvise and quick)
My acces to information is somewhat coincidental but then at the same time I do sense a high level of syncronicity. I don´t know if it is because I have lived 4 years in the forest that I can tune in to the coincidences as I do (randomly just being at the right places at the right times) but I think that it somehow might be related to the forest.
I know it dosn´t make sense.
It´s just something I feel.

The other night I ran into a lobbyist working inside the COP21. It was late in the evening and he was a little bit drunk. I asked him about a lot of stuff what really stuck with me was the way he kept saying that we are not dealing with the deeper issue here, we are not even question the PREMISE of all of this political work, the fact is, he said, that we have to lower our living standards…. and nobody talks about this.
Did he have hope in relation to what the COP could accomplish?
I don´t know.
I don´t know if I have hope myself. I just think something is happening here… I´m tuning into it, I´m witnessing.

Yesterday Monique Besten arrived to Paris, she has been walking all the way from Barcelona to here you should really check out her blog.
We are not urbanites. We are the wildings.
Now we walk together.


Sharing the knowledge and the pamphlets being distributed underground



What´s happening. Where?

I can tell you one thing that is going to happen.
It was not sure that this was going to happen. For the longest while we didn´t know but now a coaliation of the major environmental organisations have come together for an act of mass mobilisation civil disobidience. This is a historic desision and I think it marks the second (or third or fourth or tenth) phase of environmentalism, making the transition to a full blown civil rights movement: the decision to practice civil disobidience in the face of injustice.
It will happen at the 12. At a so far secret location.

I will be there.
Because I´m a mother you know.



10 comments on “The mother load

  1. Pernille says:

    I pray for it to happen, you are all in my thought theese days. When I saw your picture of the angels I came to think of sankt Michael. I call sankt Michael to be there with you. He helps to eliminate fear and negative energy. When you feel fear, you can call Michael in any situation. He can help you to feel secure and bring you courage when you need to move forward towards your desired goals. Michael assists also in purification of negative energy from any person, place or situation. This sound weird but I think we all got that ability to be at the right spot at the right time, I think you right about what you are able to sense after four years in the forrest. Trust the intuitions. I´m a mother(radar) too…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marina says:

    thanx for the insights Andrea

    Liked by 1 person

  3. all good. Thank you. All good reporting! With regard to last paragraph… Good news! Because… United, we stand!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Andy Jukes says:

    Good to hear that there are plans afoot for a mass civil disobedience. It needs to happen. What choice do we have?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. nicoleaugust says:

    “The other night I ran into a lobbyist working inside the COP21. It was late in the evening and he was a little bit drunk. I asked him about a lot of stuff what really stuck with me was the way he kept saying that we are not dealing with the deeper issue here, we are not even question the PREMISE of all of this political work, the fact is, he said, that we have to lower our living standards…. and nobody talks about this.”

    Some people have been talking about it for awhile (just not the politicians).

    March on !

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lower living standards. Yes yes yes.

    We already started. Oldie but goodie car. 2nd hand clothes. Grow a lot of our own food. Go to a restaurant only on very special occasions. Go to a movie only 1-2x a year. All our furniture is used. And more. But we’re not poor. Oh No. We feel really blessed. It can be done and there’s no feeling of deprivation. Ask Ben. Ask Mr Money Mustache. Ask Ron.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Someone call me??

      Lower living standards? Reverse progress?? Killing the economy???
      You heretic! You blasphemer!!
      Do you know what you are saying here? You should be burned at the stakes!
      Giving up all those technogoodies? The annual trips to the Bahamas, Hawaï or Thailand?? Goddammit, I worked and slaved for that all year!! Are you Amish or retarded or what?

      Or some such similar answer is what you can expect.
      People have become so spoiled, so used to all those extravagances, so totally indoctrinated and conditioned to only want, have and get. Letting go, scaling down simply is no voluntary option for the vast majority. That will have to be done the very hard way. We will have to remove their cellphones and credit cards from their cold, dead hands after they have been wiped out by famine, war or natural catastrophe.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I hate to say it, I wish I didn’t have to agree but I do. I know you’re right. What to do? Us few die hards will just keep trying to set an example. Like, really, folks, seriously you’re going to be all right.


        1. Ohh by the way, we talked about the Paris attacks probably being a false flag operation? I came across sources claiming the weapons and passports found and used there can via ISIS be traced back to your backdoor; the CIA.

          Not saying this is true, but it does make you wonder, right?

          This is a saucy link too;

          Better start digging in, folks!
          The calls for rebellion are growing ever stronger, ever more determined and sadly ever more violent and extreme, too.


  7. BeeHappee says:

    I was reading about the so called controversial Baxter experiments ( where he was able to prove that plants can sense a threatening thought from humans or signals from perishing shrimp or bacteria) and pondering about the two way communicarion among living things, and at the same time an article from Charles Eisenstein came in about his talk in Paris:


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