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Riding the metro.
Old man by the door. Old coat.
Suddenly he begins to talk, loudly, turning himself towards the other passagers, so much emotion in his voice.
“I´m against the war. I´m against imperalism!” he says. He repeats it a couple of times. People nod. Train stop.
He dissapears in the crowd.

This will be the image I will remember Paris by.


“Be effective” said Abigail in the comments. I thought about it a lot. It was a good thing to think about. How to stay focused in the midst of all of this… confusion.

Now I´m doing video diaries from the climate summit for danish newspaper Information. This is my first.


I´m staying at the legendary bookstore Shakespeare & Company.
In the day the place is crwoded with people, costumers,  in the nights I sleep among the books. This place is the epicentre of the litterary beat generation, they found a way to creatively critize the status qou, they changed litterature, I sleep in the same beds, I touch the same books, I connect myself with history, all of this spirit, the spirit!
My sanctuary be the books, but of course.  Also when dealing with climate change and activism we need to talk about the stories we tell, what we repeat, whats hidden in the shadows… so it makes sense for me, it makes so much sense. I sleep by the Notre Dame, I read Anais Nin:

“Now the will to create, or creative will, which pursues the artist and haunts the artist I found to be applicable to our individual life, to our personal life, as it to a work of art.

That is, we do have a will, a possibility, and a potential to change ourselves, and doing that is not an egocentric or turned-in activity. It is an avtivity that ultimately affects, influences and transforms and entire community.

So I feel the great changes in the world will come from a great change in our consiousness. We have to become more aware; we must not despair”


All is connected.
We are all connected.
Past connected to now, future, strangers connected to the most private, all of the trees, all of the skies, activists in Paris, off gridders in Canada, climate summit, daily life, old man in the train, me,  I think I´m having revelations…. I think this experience is changing me.

Ps. Coincidently ended up the midst of the french anarchist community last night, my gods, what an experience!





10 comments on “Spirit. Spirit!

  1. I read Anais Nin and Henry Miller as a very young girl, so wonderful to reconnect.
    She speak about times of great terror, the malaises of the world, she says:

    “It is as important for us to step out of history as it is for us to live within it.
    We have to step out of it in order to find the strenght with which to participate in it, with which to live in it and with which to acheive what I was finally able to achieve in the later diaries, which is a REFUSAL TO DESPAIR”

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  2. wazmn says:

    Love the picture. Almost poetic ?!

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  3. Pernille says:

    Off course you ended up staying in a bookstore, what else could make more sense. I see a booktitle on the shelf in your picture saying “Divided We Fail” that title and the statement “Refusal to despair” talks to my mind saying to connect with my neighbour and gain twice the amount of energy, I think. In this age of survaillance we are told constantly to be afraid, to be afraid for the unknown, the terror, fear fear fear, but what we need is spirit, spirit and spirit. I dont fear terror – I fear climate change and poluted drinking water. Let the creativity unfold in you, keep on to observe what is happening around you. Peace.

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  4. How are we able to step out of history when we are submerged in dualism? How are we able to step out when we identify with what is around us? How are we able to transcend but still stay? “Merci! de rien! Non, pas de rien” (Thank you! It is nothing. No, it is not nothing!)

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  5. BeeHappee says:

    Your post warmed my heart, Andrea. Keep trudging on in your own unique way. Sometimes I get almost overwhelmed by your writing that is so personal, too personal perhaps for some of us, but perhaps that is all we need. I don’t know…
    Rumi once said, ‘sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment’. I had not sold my cleverness yet (it is for sale if anyone needs it! 😉 ) but surely am so bewildered. With all that is happening. The California events. The fear gripping people here. As I walked with my little boy in hand to pick up some books about birds and trees in our small local town library, I learned that the library has just reopened – last night – after being evacuated for 3 hours due to a suspicious package – shortly after the California events… Somebody reporting he saw a jogger in army outfit who looked middle-eastern, on our streets, therefore he must be up to no good.. .
    There is hate that kills in big widely-reported murderous events. There are little hates that you face every minute, every hour – in selves and those around us, like small torturous slashes, they bleed hope and spirit. Those are the hates we need to face. Thanks for the warming post. It is always good to hide among books for a while.

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    1. I wish the human race grew up on the Bonobo side of the river.

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  6. Shelves of books are a sanctuary…
    Add a woodfed stove and I could live there permanently. 😉

    I am already curious on how this trip might have changed you. But than again change is all around us. So much changes these days….. and yet they have to change even more. And they will; drastically, violently, wonderfully. I do think that if Paris has achieved something it will be the vast connectedness between likeminded. They have gathered and found each other en masse. Now they need to find unison.


  7. Dear andrea
    Apropo of nothing, a grand dame of interior design once declared that “books make the best decor.”
    Cosy little library nook you were tucked away in!

    As you said months back, we are being played. All the time. I don’t have much success in convincing well-meaning but clueless people of this. the dark side is continually conniving to manipulate our emotions and responses. False flag operations are a heinous area that is far beyond the experience of ordinary decent citizens. So we fall for them. We do not know which end is up in this hall of mirrors. Sometimes after a great passage of time history reveals some of them. But the short term result is usually a upshot. Therighthand a greater degree of fascism resulting.
    All best,
    ~ Abigail


  8. Bill says:

    Everything is connected. That is the key to beginning to appreciate all mystery and truth, I think. I have enjoyed feeling connected to those who made the journey to Paris, and to the anarchists there, and I’m grateful for your dispatches. I smile at the thought of you resting among the books and ghosts at Shakespeare and Company.


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