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I spendt yesterday onboard a boat sailing the river Seine in Paris, participating in a “political talkshow” (arranged by the political party The Alternative), representing (I suppose) the crazy notion that you can actually try to boycut this model of society, that you can actually insist on “doing something” if not anywhere else then at least in your own personal life.
Here´s my personal self


Here´s the personal others


It is and remains my perspective that we as humans have a RIGHT to live our lifes according to our values and principles, I might go as far as to call it a human right, I might even say this it is what it means to be human in the first place: to manifest your beliefs.

So there I was talking whilst sailing which soothed my scandinavian blood well. However the setup, the debate and the following conversation disturbed me deeply… (I will talk about it in my next post, it´s a big subject) so I kind of went overboard on the alcohol side of it once the canapés and the coctails began flowing.
You will be proud, my fellow off griders, preppers, permaculturists, hunters, gatheres and concerned citizens to know that I stuck to the man and danced like a troll.
Even made myself a new friend called Kate

On our way home to the hotel we walked pass the Louvre. Everything was very artsy.




Today is the day when the big demonstrations were supposed to happened.
Today is the day when the big demonstrations didn´t happen.
Today is the day when the public was shushed and the companies were not.
Today is the day of silent protest… a lot of the protest moved to social media, social media still being (the last and least) governened, restricted and legislated public area (surveilled though so bite your tonque and watch out)
Hashtags, human chains, pictures of eyes (eyes on paris), shoes placed in parks symbolising the people who were not there…

I spendt most of the day indoor. Shaking like a dog. Down and dirty, sweaty, teary relating to the poisioning of my body and in some weird way, and given my weird brain it almost seemed appropiate- that I should spend this day of protest, this day of love for the soil, this day of prohibited bodies… dealing exclusively with my ATOMS.

I´ll go join the conversations and watch some of the shows now.


7 comments on “Atoms in Paris

  1. I do not envy you, being in that huge city, all those people, traffic lights and sounds. sensory overload and recent happenings reverberating everywhere.
    And I keep thinking how convenient those happenings were and how “adequate” and swift French officials acted. The protests have been silenced quite effectively.
    We should’ve guessed they would come up with something, since expectations about protests were pretty high.

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  2. I never drink in the forest. It´s fun to see this city but jeez luise, yes, as you say; sensory overload. Really longing home right now. And yes. There is the matter of timing. It´s weird. Everything is weird.


  3. Andy Jukes says:

    They may have stopped the demonstrations in Paris, but marches have been happening around the World. It’s happening. Change is coming. It cannot be stopped.
    It is important that you are there – at the centre of the storm. Being witness. Our media will tell us all a story. We need yours.
    There have been huge winds here today. Ripping up fences. Tearing down the boundaries. Clearing the borders. It’s fierce. Scary. It seems appropriate.

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    1. Of course it came to violence today at the park de la repluplique, there were wonderful shoe demonstrations and a human chain was formed in the streets but the events at the repluplique kind of overshadows it. I´m going there now to see if anything new has happened…


  4. Andrea, can you (or anybody) direct me to the post where you had a link to a You Tube where a guy was dancing all by himself for the longest time but he kept it up and then all of a sudden one person joined him and then there was a cascade of everybody jumping in to dance? Tak!


    1. BeeHappee says:

      Renee, it is from Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement


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