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(video´s not working. I have words today)

(not being a native english speaker I will use the term “Border” in the following entry in kind of very broad sense. Which is funny)

I´m thinking about borders a lot.

State and police have banned all kinds of gatherings in large groups in Paris in relation to the COP21 climate summit. There is now a border between us, the people, the activists, the protests. DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE.
At the same time it seems as if we live in a time where borders are crossed by neccesity, by desperation, all of the time.
You know?


The young people onboard this bus has never experienced a state of emergency as the one who is currently in effect in Paris. No right to assembly. No right to protest. I listen to their talks and their murmur, they won´t do anything illegal and here I am in the corner thinking that the current borders are WRONG but at the same time knowing from personal experience how important borders are in order to gain a sense of security, seems rooted deep in our human experience, the within versus the wild.The deep dark dangerous woods.
But maybe we need different kinds of borders?
I think we need different kinds of borders…

Obviously our ideas about borders and limits (for growth) are wrong when we speak about climate change, but maybe it runs deeper?
Maybe our culture has a sick sense of borders?
Colonization, drawing straight lines, going to war over lines, defending the false lines, abolishing the true lines, invading, colonizing our emotional life as well.

What can we do about that?
(too big to fail seems to apply to everything, including borders, but then again you never know) (and also we can talk about borders on a personal level, we can talk about limits and lines, we can work with our sense of borders)

I don´t think we need to accept the current borders.
I don´t think they are legitimate (it is not legitimate to deny the voice of the people) (it´s not legitimate to push everyone out over the edge of stress… in an economic, emotional and ecological sense) (it´s not legitimate to fence yourself in with all of the goods)
I understand the anxiety and the fear regarding crossing borders, crossing the line, especially when you come from all of this safe Scandinavian white privellege (that we grew up in) yet I know from personal experience (again) that sometimes you MUST cross the lines and borders (of what you thought you were cabable of) but yet again (also from personal experience) that you need to reestablish new kinds of borders, lines, definitions… afterwards.



Woke up in the midle of the night, police, guns, waking up, cheking passports. Driving into Paris I see lots of military, red barét, guns.
It´s the guns.


11 comments on “Crossing the border

  1. Louisa says:

    yes, it is the shock of the guns isn’t it? We see police with guns here all the time in France now and in Geneva too, a supposedly ‘neutral’ country.

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  2. Absolutely.

    Opload of video succeeded. Here it is:


  3. We have only one real border. I want to attach a NASA photo of earth from outer space and I can’t figure out how. All other borders are fabrications of people living in fear of other people. IMHO. I wonder what would happen if the only flag we fly would be a flag of the planet. If we thought of ourselves as inhabitants of Earth instead of countries. hmmmmm?


  4. Benedikte Exner says:

    When Renee- Lucie say “inhabitants of the Earth” I think of this lovely song from The Earth to its Dear Humans, Dear Earthlings


  5. Gaia X says:

    Human made borders, lines, structures everywhere. Makes me crazy. “Burn your flag worldwide”
    I remember as a child wondering why there are so many places you are not allowed to go…and then I sometimes walked at fields or other places that I “couldn’t go” and it made me feel good….and a little scared 🙂


  6. Mary says:

    “let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
    just keep going.” – Rilke

    I am grateful for you being present and witnessing this ‘great turning’…your words, your journey, has evoked so much thought and feeling in me, is infusing my own journey with information and inspiration (I don’t post replies very often, as they tend to go long, and i apologies if that feels inappropriate on another’s blog…but i write like we are together in the warmth of a home, in conversation).

    there is a constant flow in nature, of which we are a part, that is ebb and flow. and it feels that while we stand on the threshold of something new, there is an ebb that needs to happen, a contraction, and crumbling of some of what is right now, and that we are going back to the old wisdoms, old new ways that we have lost sight of, but not ‘knowing’ of, as a necessary step to make space for the next flow forward. in birth is both a new life and a death of the old. all that we have acquired in knowledge and skill and experience and norms and structures and processes, while it has gotten us here, is likely not going to be appropriate for what’s ahead….we stand at the mouth of the cave. warriors. empty-handed, battered and bruised, confused, unclear, scared, panicked, alone. transition. unstable. change. serious. vulnerable. dangerous. imperative. I consider the lines and boundaries and assertions of traditional territories that the First Nations People here in Canada, and more locally, just down the road from my home, have struggled for hundreds of years to assert and gain recognition for, and what those boundaries mean to them, and to me as a white person who benefits from the actions of white people who came before me and acted outside of my influence…and am confused in this time of change on the restrictions limitations and punitiveness of lines, boundaries, walls, fences…and the necessity for these same…I want walls and fences and lines and boundaries and borders to come down…but are we humans ready to embrace the responsibility of what that means? there is a segment of human society that exploits and takes and abuses and hurts…and the rest of us need to learn how to keep that in check. how? how? when I hear terms like ‘inhabitants of the Earth’ I feel so many conflicting things. as a nature mystic, I feel the source of the sacred in that term, I hear truth…but I live it very locally, in my small foodshed/watershed/energyshed location on this Earth…and the globalness of things today gives me the ability to impact places and people on this planet thousands of miles away, where I don’t live and where I don’t know, and that is so disempowering. are we, as a collection of beings, able, in this moment in our time, to handle the magnitude of collectiveness? and why aren’t we? what are we still needing to learn, experience, acquire in skill and wisdom? did we once have it? did we lose it? when? why? is it a matter of scale? are we too big to apply the truth of natural systems and the laws of nature, the source, the truth. how do we get small and beautiful again, slow and bountiful again? how do we get back to our natural state of being, our natural habitat of size and community and settlement? I have no answers at all – borders keep people out, they chop things up into separated pieces…and then they define and protect and incubate (like a womb…and like for a baby in the womb, is necessary until the baby has grown and developed enough to live and survive and thrive outside, in the bigger, in the wider, unbounded planet earth womb). all very very embryonic developing thoughts, living learning, trying to gain clarity again, a knowing of what to do next, when…still standing empty handed at the mouth of that proverbial cave, still needing to travel into that darkness and embrace the learning that waits there from me…the mouth of that cave a border in itself that demands it be crossed at some point, and until then, stops me in my tracks to do what is needed at the threshold to be ready to step across.

    “let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
    just keep going.” – Rilke

    finding nourishment in this interview with Joanna Macy and her translation of some Rilke writings…

    a powerful Rilke poem for this particular time, this particular weekend, on this gloriously sunny cold day in Sooke on Vancouver Island (in my personal world view, I interpret his references his god my dear mother earth, my sacred source for truth):

    Dear darkening ground,
    you’ve endured so patiently the walls we’ve built,
    perhaps you’ll give the cities one more hour

    and grant the churches and cloisters two.
    And those that labor—let their work
    grip them another five hours, or seven,

    before you become forest again, and water, and widening wilderness
    in that hour of inconceivable terror
    when you take back your name
    from all things.

    Just give me a little more time!

    I want to love the things
    as no one has thought to love them,
    until they’re worthy of you and real.

    – Rilke, Book of Hours, I 61


  7. Andy Jukes says:

    Borders have always been sacred places. Borders are where change happens. Our rituals often serve to mark the borders …… Between Life and Death, between the shortening and the lengthening of daylight hours, between childhood and adulthood. And when we stand at the borders of our lives, we feel their significance. We know that they are true borders. Truly places of change.
    But, then, Mankind has constructed other borders. These are the ones that are constructed for economic reasons. To guard what we have taken as ours. They are not places of change. They are quite the opposite. They are places of stasis. Places struggling to keep things the same. Being at these borders feels very different. They are places of fear. They are the places where the guns come out.
    What you are taking to Paris is the intention to change the nature of a border. There are powerful forces there that wish to erect borders of stasis around the summit. They have guns. They want you to be scared. You are saying so beautifully that Paris has to become a border for change. A border where we cross from one state of being to another. Remember that they are scared too. Scared of you. Scared of change. They have guns. You have words. Spells. Incantations. Magic. You are brave. You walk the talk. You make connections. Weave webs. Help others transform.
    Ultimately, Paris will be a border of change. We are living in a time when the old borders are collapsing around us. Thank you for being brave enough to stand at this particular border and witness the possibility of change.

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