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This is my new thing. I will do this for a couple of days. I will document my journey to the climate summit in Paris this way.

I do this to pin my point: in order to deal with the reality of climate change I think we need to 1) leave the comfortzone, enter new territory, do something we havn´t done before 2) reach out, connect, invest ourselves.


9 comments on “Leaving the comfortzone

  1. wazmn says:

    Good show ! Thank You for crossing that threshold – impressive !
    And do remember: it is the first steps, that are the hardest.
    Now those are behind you !!
    You will fall ! You might hurt yourselves.
    But now you have tried it I am sure you want more.
    So you just press on. Congratulations on this your first video.
    And bon voyage.

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  2. Louisa says:

    Lovely to actually see your face and hear you Andrea. You brave woman!

    Why are you not on Twitter? This is crazy! I think that you could get many many people on board with your thoughts, views and opinions through the Twitter medium which is a HUGE platform to be working from (community-based). I would certainly support you wholeheartedly on there if you ever decided to get on board.

    Good luck with your train journeys and I look forward to your update tomorrow x

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    1. He. I actually deleted my account on twitter yesterday. I just don´t get it. Really. It makes no logical sense to me 🙂 BUT I´m on instagram, come join 🙂

      Ps. thank you!


  3. BeeHappee says:

    Best of luck Andrea, wishing you safe and productive trip, and sending you my support.

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  4. nicoleaugust says:

    Wonderful ! Thank-you ! You used the word progress near the end so I will put out a question. What do we mean when we use the word progress ? Is progress inherently good ? Is it always in one direction, like the arrow of time ?

    Good luck with the panel discussion!!


  5. Wonderful. Safe travels and best of luck to you!


  6. GaiaX says:

    “Leaving the comfortzone”
    I’m thinking about that a lot. To meet my fear.
    How I’m afraid of everything that I’m longing for. Everything that I love.
    Silence. Wild life. Loss of control. Darkness. Other people. Other sides. Myself.


  7. Pernille says:

    Climate change could be caused by the comfortzone-civilisation. We all need to get out of that comfortzone and try something new, first then the revolution will start, but we need a first-mover to show the way. My daily surroundings isnt very interest in climate change or such, but I will keep on follow your blog. Have a great journey. You are so great. Best of wishes.


  8. Benedikte Exner says:

    We need to talk to each other in new ways… vulnerable, strong, strange ways. Yes!
    From my point of view many environmental organisations have become mainstream. They do not fight for the wild life and the freedom of non-human and human beings. It’s more about saving industrial civilization from … the whether and the collapse… I’m sorry.


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