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I have been under siege, hidden in the basement of my mind.
Things left untold. The strangest things. Things that are not meant to be left untold, epic things in the scale of my life,  a catastrophe, my child, my life, so I have been quiet, I did emerge myself in work, I did work through it, I did,  push, push, push…. something new out of this situation, a new being, push, push, push might be the female response, I think, with my body.

I am still a mother, more than anything, and if you threathen my confident, trusting child…

I told you I would travel to Paris for the climate conference, out of the wild, I told you I would use all of my skills, invest my energy and soul into this. I told you why. It is time.
Push, push, push.
So lets be practical. Here´s the work:

I am involved in the Dark Mountain project at Riksteatern in Stockholm (describtion in english further down the site)
We are a group of artits from different fields and practices whom have come together to try and work with the question “What can we do, as artists, living in the shadow of climate change, resource scarcity and ecological crisis?”

This work has been incredible intense, at the last workshop I was PUSHED far beyond my limits, a thoussand light years out my comfort zone… it´s been so extremely hard but it has also been extremely giving and inspiring.

Later that evening a samic woman sat in the fog and in the shadows and as the public entered, she began singing and I was PUSHED into a broader reality, in and out of states of mind, meanwhile, trying to deal with the AUDIENCE, what do they need, how can I calm them, how can I describe this mess we´re in, what is my role, what do I do now?



That night, in the city, was wild, human wild, flockwise wild and I longed for my cathedral.

But it was good.
It was very, very good….

I´m also writing a book, as we speak, I´m writing it in collaboration with two of my litteary heroins, so that fucking weird too.
I most have been unwillingly, unknowingly preparing for this within the frame of the last four years, I have moved, I have changed, I have loaded myself with energy and strenght, I have grounded, I have liberated, I have drawn on my ancestors, I have tapped into some sort of consiousness, I don´t know, it sounds weird as I write it.
Life is weird.
As I live it.

The last couple of weeks I have been on tour in Denmark, stepping forth in front of the flock, telling a tale, giving speeches every night. Tonight I´ll be in Hørsholm (where my grandmother will attend, watching me do this for the first time, tense) and tomorrow I will end the tour in Vrå
This is how I look when speak


I have been in crowded houses.


But it dosn´t end there. There´s more.

Jeppe made an album. After four years struggeling in the wilderness it seems as if we have become creatives again, creating art during the long, hard, cold winters, secure and safe now …. creating art is a flock-thing, creating art binds to our culture (which I have naturally been pondering about forever), creating art is a party. So there´s a party, he´ll be playing a RELEASE PARTY with his band at MOJO TOMORROW 
You are very much invited and we hope to see you there.

FRIDAY….. oh, on friday, something has happened!
You should see it.

The samic people have initiated a “sacred run” (which is a tradition in many native cultures), it will run all the way down through Europe, in and out of the major towns, running towards the climate summit in Paris.
I have joined this project because I love this project.
So I organized a “marathon reading” at the Copenhagen City Square this friday evening between 18.30 – 19.30
20 Danish Authors will come together, each author is given 3 minutes on a stage and within these 3 minutes the author will SPEAK.
To symbolise that words and actions are conneted. In solidarity with the runners. Because it´s important… the WORDS we use when we speak of climate change.
Here is the event. I really hope as many of you as possibly will join us and/or share and recomend the event. Full list of authors if you follow the link. Push, push, push.

I think we are antennas.
Like trees.


I´ll be participating in two two panel debates. The first one here on next tuesday “How green do we need to be?”  arranged by newspaper Politiken


and the second paneldebate will actually take place IN paris on the 28th. It´s arranged by the political party Alternativet and I´ll get back with more information as soon as I have (as far as I understand I´ll debating with some real politicians which I don´t mind)

As far as our own journey to the climate summit: we were of course scared by the latest events in Paris and have considered not going or at least not bringing Sigurd. We are however determined to still go there and participate in what is said to be the biggest demonstration in our time. We do it for him. We do it WITH him.

So far I have arranged to meet up with lulu in the woods (some of you know her as a commentator here on the blog) and Monique Besten who has begun to WALK to Paris (follow her blog, it´s quite interesting the ways she´s walking…)
We´ll be marching the red line together.

We are also making a movie documentary out of our travel to Paris so… we´re working on it, we´re working on how to deal with Paris.
AND I´m writing columns now for danish newspaper Information (about climate). Here´s the latest.

In a minute I will go put on my make up (since that is how I deal with being in society; I load my pockets with stones, feathers, amulets and put on the warrior paint, so.)
I´m tired. I push myself.
I´m exhilerated. I push myself.

How does one not die pushing the limits? No doubt that these limits needs to be pushed, sometimes you just have to DEAL, no running, no hiding, no fear. Climate change. The situation in our lives that I cannot write about (but cannot soon contain either), how strange, everything is connected.
I know.

I know now.
I know how to deal.

You have to have a fort.
You have to have a sanctuary.
You have to have a hiding place whereto you can retract, rethink and regroup.

Keep the group together said my friend, the captain, he was right, sometimes you have to go out of your way to keep the group together, sometimes you need to leave you bear cave but then you know, you can always come back.
That´s what humans does, right. We move. We adapt. We go forth, we go back, we switch, we exchange, stand our own grounds, war, peace, hugs, you never leave one behind, you never give up, you stand tall, face the batle, you whisper in the wind, you fight for what you believe in, you remember, you remember.


It´s a strange autumn, never had an autumn like this but then again nothing is as it used to be, we´re adapting, trying to figure out how to respond, how to WORK our way out of it, how to be practical…. in these times that we´re in.

I think that´s something we learned in the forest.
If work need to done then you just do it. That´s it. There´s really nothing more to say. If you need something done you need to Do It Yourself.
Always be practical. Use your hands.

Thank you.

6 comments on “Push. Push.

  1. Line Jokumsen says:

    Andrea. Push! And breathe. ❤️


  2. I love that people are WALKING to Paris. What a statement and example right there.

    These lyrics come to mind: Wooden ships on the water very free and easy; Easy, you know the way it’s supposed to be; Silver people on the shoreline let us be. – We are leaving, you don’t need us.

    And then I think how busy you are and what good work you’re doing and what a beautiful, tall person you are! Inside and out.

    I missed your posts but I am glad, so glad, the work you are doing.

    We are working, too. Let’s all us “little” people work and work.


  3. wazmn says:

    So sad not being able to attend the venue in Hørsholm tonight.


  4. nicoleaugust says:

    Sending some good energy from the other side of the ocean !


  5. Lulu says:

    Hi Andrea, here I am sitting in a dark corner of my house iphone in hand, a copy of The Dark Mountain in the other, reading your inspirational words and seeing my name mentioned. I read every one of your posts, Andrea, what inspiration you are to the world. What a turning point we are balancing upon right now. Bombings and shootings in Paris make these moments seem even more historic and monumental. The mood in France is somber but everyone seems to want to look to the future and take action. Not the action of retaliation but positive peaceful action which is why the peace summit in December will be a focus for France and the world.

    Dear heart keep on pushing! Have faith that one woman’s action on this one planet is enough to change everything. Together I sense a tipping point coming and something astoundingly good starting to happen.

    Peace be with you until we meet in Paris in December.


    Liked by 1 person

  6. BeeHappee says:

    Girlfriend, that blue linen (?) dress is the best! Andrea brand. 🙂 love it!
    But if seriously, wishing you strength. Admiring your courage and strength – just reading about all the audience and talks and debates made me nervous. Let you find fun bits and meaningful fruits in all you do. And congratulations to Jeppe.


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