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While the last of the blueberries burst and we wrestle with our shadowsides and I listen without hearing and I practise being master underneath my own roof… I understand it now, I understand it again.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced said Danish Existentialist Kierkegaard and I don´t really know about that but I know that when I loose my grounding I gotta go outside and I know that emotions come and go like the tide and the sun, up and down and around it goes, I figure I can tap into this, I figure I can align myself with my fluctuations… so we´ll be spending some nights camping in the tipi, wilder, wilder still, bye.
(I understand it now, I understand it again; everything changes, it´s ok)





5 comments on “Autumn

  1. yummy last of the blueberries! I go out of doors for calming and peace as well. All things settle when I am in the outdoor.


  2. Wandering Not Lost says:

    I heard something recently that said levels of testosterone are highest in both men and women during autumn.


  3. Nanna Mercer says:

    You’re back with the gorgeous photographs. In my view, your eyes see truly, clearly. Beautifully!

    Your words cannot take me where your eyes can go.


    1. Thank you nanna. It´s true. My eyes see different things than my mind 🙂


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