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So the stars were definitely hanging in a certain way, there was something in the air, maybe it was some kind of divine (coincidence) , maybe it was the soul as well as nature itself tired of waiting, watching the destruction, the injustice… but what happened yesterday was indeed spectacular and I´m going to tell you about it.

It was the first day that really felt like autumn, rainy, cold. Staying on the inside, lightening the candles, drinking cocoa, reading books.


We are bears, this is our cave, we have been restitutioning for four years now, gathering our strength, reorienting ourselves, waking up, it´s time to leave. So he said “Come on, mamma, let´s go for a walk” and then he took me to a hill we have named “Bear Hill”


Where he found his weapons: a magic stick and “The feather of life” (he says that feather is very important)
He also said his name is either Dark Lord or Sigurd Rubysword Lovewarrior.


And THEN what happens is that we go home and I upload the above picture to Facebook and I write about activism, how I wish I could go the climate conference in Paris taking place in under a hundred days from now, how I wish I could be there, show my face, fight for HIM and the children and the love of nature, how I want to tell that story, a travel reportage, visiting and interviewing people, flooding social media with alternative storytelling. Because I don´t think climate change is being properly communicated, we need more than numbers, more than fear, we need… a more beautiful world, a reason.
In my opinion.

Then what happens, and this is just really truly amazing, my readers and followers begin asking for my bank account numbers, they WANT us there, they want us to travel to Paris, they want to witness the event through the personal experience, they want us to go and tell the story… and within hours I received several thousands kroner!

We´re going!

We´re going to Paris!

This is unique and for me personally a turning point.

First of all it marks the decentralisation of media, the democratisation of journalism and storytelling but it is also a very strong signal about the growing RELATIONSHIP between the author and the reader.
My readers want me to go and cover this event. They are paying for the story and covering our travel expenses (it dosn´t feel “commercial” and I suspect this feeling is alfa and omega, it feels personal, it feels important, like we are connected and invested in each other)
The story will be told on all platforms, this blog, my facebookpage, my instagramprofile.
I´d like to tell the story wider and broader. Let´s see.

Second of all it just makes so much sense to me personally. Following the many discussions we have had here on this blog (personal responsibility in everyday life versus activism, the frustration about the state of the world ect) this is a way for me to try and ACT out these debates and thoughts.
Ok. Let´s see then.

Third of all I would like to use this opportunity to tell a multitude of stories.
I´d like to make a travel reportage beginning here in the forest with our preparations, driving down through Europe (people we should visit? places we should go? What would you like me to dwell at?) and then arriving in Paris.

I´d like to make a travel reportage as well as a series of interviews. I will try to find out if I can interview some of the people there (whom?) and I will describe Paris. The event. The protest. The conference.
All of this to try to communicate climate change in a different language.
All of this to BE there, to show our faces, to fight.

So this morning, walking the morning walk I take this picture of Thunderboy. He´s coming with me to the climate conference, he already put on his angry bird tie


and he says “momma, look at this hill, let´s call this hill the love hill” and then he fills his mouth with blueberries


and then he jumps around on the rocks, like a bird, like a bear, like a free ranging human being, for the love of nature, I´m in love with nature, this moment, him, and I feel…


… like the forest itself is sending us to Paris, like the people themselves are sending us to Paris, like it matters, I feel that it matters!

And I want to do my best.
Don´t destroy the planet. Not because all of our resources are rooted on the planet, not because nature is a “resource” but because nature is a FEELING and because we´re connected.

We´re connected.

Later that evening my friend Julie writes a letter to the Danish refugee camps that have recently been exposed to racial vandalism and naziviolence. We have been talking so many times about the state of the world and how we feel that we can´t do anything. How just getting through the day seems as if it is all we can muster.
She wrote a letter to the refugee camp “You are welcome here refugees” and posted it online, in a matter of hours the whole thing went viral and thousands of people are now writing letters and postcards to the refugees, insisting on humanity, challenging the common discourse, protesting… with love.
Hashtag refugeelovestorm

So as I said, I think the stars were aligned some weird way yesterday, I think there was something in the air, divine coincidence or the soul itself, nature itself, us, ourselves, rising, awakening, standing together, insisting on the different story…
If you have any ideas about people I should visit while in France, people to interview and so on, let me know. Help me share this story and connect with others (who might be going)

I strongly recomend this article posted in the guardian recently, they speak about how we need to mobilise as we did in the big civil movements to try to bring about change in the way we treat the planet. And also this article speaking about how a new sense of self is emerging in our day and age, a self that is connected (this is why I defend the cult of authenticity, it is a signal of people reaching out and internetculture just the same)

You can support our journey to Paris (we still need money to make it work, I´m bringing the boy so I wont sleep in the streets) by donating to these bank account numbers:

IBAN: SE5980000833600130761489
Fryksdalens Sparbank
My address being
Andrea Hejlskov, Lensater, Lovstaholm, 68697 Lysvik, Sweden

or by making a monthly contribution (for this months or the coming month or for as many moths as you like) via my patreon page.

We´re coming. Forth. From between the trees.


I think it´s beatuful.
I feel alive.

13 comments on “The day of activism

  1. Benedikte Exner says:

    This post moves me in many ways. I remember COP15 in Copenhagen.
    I am glad that you continue to share your thoughts about “commercial vs. personal”. It is important for me. I can never know your motives but I can feel whether I find your way of receiving money personal or commercial 🙂 This is all for now. I’ll think about ideas for your – our – storytelling from Paris.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Benedikte, it means a lot to me that you say that! (the personal versus the commercial)

      (and I love that you say OUR storytelling from Paris. Yes!)


  2. O my, this makes me so happy! Congratulations! You will do a really good job in Paris. Investigative reporter. Disseminator of News to the world. The forest is sending you! We are the Forest. The Forest will be green when all the trees are green. When no trees are sick or dying. People gathered in Paris crying out their news will reach the rest of the World and slowly slowly things will change. It is already changing. The Dawn begins even when the sky is still dark.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I don’t have anything clever to say! It is so brave of you to go!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. BeeHappee says:

    Wow, this is exciting, Andrea, congratulations!! I really do wish to see at these conferences less of the bla bla bla and scientific and political mud slinging back and forth, and more people like you who had actually tasted the scaled down living, the black fingernails, and the freeze of winter, subsistence farmers with pitchforks and horse buggies, people who wash their bread bags and their tin foil, and reuse it. Looking forward to hearing all the good news from you and hopefully good news for the planet.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Excellent. Absolutely excellent! I’m excited for you and I’m excited for us, your readers who will get to go along with you through your words.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Abigail Higgins says:

    dear andrea
    this is an exciting development.
    you can be our on-the-spot, clear-eyed, personal representative–you have my proxy! do not know which functionaries my government will be sending as delegates, but i am betting you are more aware and reliable than most.
    are you taking the train? will you be looking for places to home-stay?
    i am going to write you a note about financial matters i am ignorant of, instead of publicly posting here.
    all best,
    ~ abigail

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ncfarmchick says:

    How wonderful to read that you bravely reached out and were gifted with so much support. Makes me wonder what any of us might be able to do if we were only brave enough or humble enough to ask. Will look forward to reading about all your experiences and impressions which, I hope, includes Sigurd’s impressions, too. Love hill. I like the way Thunderboy thinks.
    And, apropos of absolutely nothing, saw this today and thought of you.

    Because all Danes are happy, right? Seems to be what this book is based on, anyway. Would be interesting to hear your perspective on cultural influences on child-rearing when you have a chance. Not like you don’t have enough to do! Peace!


    1. Wow, that book…. just wow. The studies indicating that danes are among the happiest in the world rely heavily on SECURITY in their meassurements of happiness… we have one of the highest suicide rates in the world, but we sure are safe though, we sure are… 😉

      Seriously though, the scandinavian countries have always been very attentive towards the child, this goes way back to the viking ancestors and the way we understand children as such. Children are given a lot of time and attention here and spanking children have been forbidden by law for a very long time now… 🙂


      1. ncfarmchick says:

        That is what I suspected given what I have experienced with my Norwegian relatives. Interesting to see how one culture has the tendency to see another as having all the answers (the grass is greener on the other side of the fence idea, maybe?) kind of like that French women don’t get fat book, etc.


  8. Frickin’ awesome!!

    You will be the face, the voice of many. However you have not only been given a bunch of cash or a travel opportunity, but also a mission, a responsibility.
    This is THE moment to make us, through you, heard and seen. This is a unique story. How to make the best of it? How to get the whole idea out in the open, accessible to as many as possible? How can we assist (without the cash, sorry) to make this spread? To carry the words, the story to the great audience? I’ll use my limited online possibilities, but as said these are limited.
    I know that local Swedish media love this kind of stuff. Contact your local journalist, maybe? Or some journalist from a national paper?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ohh btw…
    Just shared your story, blog and facebookpage in my blog and nicked your picture from fb.
    Hope you don’t mind. If you do, just let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ron, that´s just wonderful. Thanks!
      I had this vision reading your words: people printing out there faces and sending them to me, me holding up these faces at the conference 🙂
      I´m happy to do this. I look forward to doing it. Exited about how I can use my skills in another way, looking forward to doing a different kind of storytelling!


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