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I´m going to tell you a story.

Ben Hewitt decided to close his blog today. As always his writings inflict serious contemplation on my side of the pond, this post in particularly was hard to read not at least because it occurred to me how much the human experience comes in WAVES.

The intensity of this.
The rhythm in this.

Let me elaborate.

This winter I had more or less shut down this blog. I had been very outspoken about our life choices, wilderness living, off grid living and general social criticism, I´d been in the media a lot… so we got a lot of criticism (when speaking up beware of the dogs) and what was more difficult than anything was the sense of loosing ownership over ones own story.
Suddenly people would say and assume all sorts of things, I stopped being a person, I became a persona. I almost died.
(but today I found life bursting in these bubbles)

Another thing that kind of killed me was the fact that I woke up in even more claustrophobic box than the one I tried to escape when we decided to quit the job, throw out the stuff, take the children out of school, build our own log cabin in the wild, build our own life…
Apparently you have to be in a certain way if you live in the wild. Apparently you have to be in a certain way if you home school, if you grow your own vegetables and if you worry about the climate crisis you have to be either a doomer (we´re fucked) or a boomer (green technology and human ingenuity will save us)

You need to hate the internet, you must talk about the estrangement of our times, you must be very quiet. Solemn.
(what´s up with that? When did being a guru become an ideal!)
(I don´t want to be a guru, I just want to make jam)

You must never eat sugar. You must never use plastic. And so on and so on. You must wear a certain kind of dress, look a specific way, use carefully constructed phrases and sentences, not be a fuck up, never in doubt, believe in the power of love, thou shall resign from the world!

That´s not at all why I ran.
I ran to…. EMERGE myself into the matter of the world!
I ran to be free!
(not solemn)

I read H.D Thoreau in a very young age. His books about Walden Pond and civil disobedience made a huge impact on me. But suddenly I felt trapped within the story of Walden Pond, the hermit, the true and authentically, distinguished soul (here´s a couple of little known facts about Thoreau)
I´m not at all like that.
I´m a messy person.

“DO I contradict myself?
Very well.
Then I contradict myself.
I am large.
I contain multitude”
(said Whitman and thats just like me)

(look at my garden for instance, that´s messy too and half of it located in the forest where we pick wild food)



Another thing that bothered me tremendously was the sense that our life sometimes felt like a sell.

I felt like a prostitute. Sharing our life, struggles, values, stories…. and at the same time hoping that people would return my sharing and share something of their own (money, solidarity, acknowledgement, approval, understanding).
Reward. Cost. Benefit.
The commercialisation.

So I could not talk. For the longest while I could not talk. I did not utter anything on this blog, I shut down my facebookprofile, I resigned from public discourse and debate, paralysed, defeated, perplex.

Then one day I commented on Ben´s blog. Some days later he sent a lot of his readers my way, he recommended my blog… and suddenly there was an influx of new readers.
Readers who came from a different sort of blogging community, readers who commented a lot.

Recently I told this story over at my danish facebook profile. One of my long time readers and supporters was provoked by this story (about how the americans saved me from the feeling of shouting into a black hole). She wrote me a lengthy email saying that she felt like I needed to acknowledge the fact that a lot of people have been invested in our story and have been supporting us even though they might have been quiet… and then she wrote a lot of other stuff, it made me think a lot. About my role and my purpose, about my way of communicating, how to make it better, how to improve.

Kind of like we do when we meet each sunday, random people of the forest, for a cup of coffee to debate the weather and other existential facts

Following the rekindling of the fire on this blog I recently decided to go full retard on social media.
I did this for a number of reason. Money is one of the reasons, I will be honest about that. There is nothing to stop a mother from doing what she has to do to provide for her child, and my child is in trouble.
People book me for speeches when I´m visible, people donate and I get to be opinionated about current events whereas I here, on the blog, tend to keep it a bit more personal and being super personal all of the time can be claustrophobic too.

Another reason is a sense of obligation.
I´ve always had this sense of obligation, and I´ve always had this stubbornness attached to me, like a ghostly shawl.
See, I believe the current model of society to be straight up dangerous. I see a lot of tormented souls (including my own).
I feel that what I have to offer, what I do the best- is to ignite-
…. It simply felt wrong to sit here in my wilderness isolation, permacultural offgridding bushcrafting, rewilding life and not DO anything.
There is an individualism in the “alternative” community that sometimes bothers me. The human race is in trouble and I believe we need all of the voices, all of the energy, all of the hope and all of the reflection we can muster TOGETHER.

I don´t think you can save the world by saving yourself, as a matter of fact I don´t think you can save the world at all (by this I mean that activism is not the solution, direct action is necessary in peak situations but saving the world is not up to us as individuals, that´s too much responsibility, it paralyses people when the “saving” becomes abstract and planetary instead of local and personal) but I think that some of us are meant to make some noise… and I think that I´m one of those people.
It just didn´t sit right with me. The quietness.

Does that make me less autentical?
A bad wilderness dweller?
What kind of ideology is this, I will not surrender to stereotypes or other people’s expectations – this is exactly the reason why I ran into the wild in the first place!

Here´s a picture of some muesli bars that I also made today


I believe we live in an empire and I believe this empire is evil. The military industrial complex, climate change, mass extinction, ocean acidification, mega drought, fundamentalism, fascism…. I think dystopia is real, I think the meltdown is already happening.

I will not be the instagram-happy- pretty- woman trying to “inspire change” nor will I be the dry and annoying social critic intellectual. I´ll be whatever the fuck I want to at any given moment in time and the truth of the matter is




I wanted to write about this life and technology but the post turned out to be about “the social” instead.
Did you notice a red string in my story, did you see what the main initiator for change (in all the different situations) was?
It was people.
It was social relationships. It was being seen by someone, it was emails, comments, it was something that happened BETWEEN… well, us.

One thing I have learned more than anything from living out here in the forest is that we are connected.

I don´t want to disconnect. I want to be an antenna, I want to touch the REAL world, I want to live and breathe here whilst at the same time live and breathe in the social.
I want to inspire you, yes, I want to make you think, I want to relate to you, to make you feel that you are not alone… because I have felt alone for all of my life but I learned, early on, that if I dared to take the first step, strip bare and admit my mistakes others would do the same and then the masks would fall and we could TALK.

And I want to be moved by you too because when you move me (and you move me a lot, your stories, perspectives, your different lifeexperiences)… when you move me I feel alive and I feel connected just as I feel connected when I walk alone in the forest and observe the sun rays glimmer through the birch leaves, when I float around in my forest lake.

If you have money to give I hope you will consider supporting me by subscribing to my work. If you don´t have any money nor any energy to give that´s fine too. Right now I feel animated, I have energy, I hold power so for a while I´m going to talk now, I´m going to dance because I WANT TO I´m going to shout “look out, look out! the Fascists are coming!” or “RUN, forest, RUN!” I´m going to take pretty pictures and I´m going to engage in debates on social media.
After a while I´ll be quiet again. When I need to.

I hope you will feel the currents of your life, I hope you will surf the wave and not drown in the tsunami, I hope Ben Hewitt will one day come back but I´m happy he acts on what he feels is right.

Meanwhile I just read this blogpost and for some reason it spoke to me (if you feel like digging deeper into the blogosphere tonight)

The forthcoming weeks I will be reviewing Bens book “The nourishing homestead” as well as Jason Heppenstahls “The path to Odins lake” as well as “Kritikkens Uvending” by Danish philosopher Rasmus Willig. I am experimenting with making short videos (not sure about that yet) and uploading pictures daily to my instagram profile as I will be promoting my patreon page (and asking you to share and recommend it) as I will be generally engaging in social criticism everywhere I can.
I am aware of the conflicting ironies of leaving society whilst at the same time interacting with it but will leave you with this observation:

WHY and HOW did we develop a notion of life in nature as something separated from life itself?

And does contemporary society hold a patent on social interaction?



60 comments on “The social

  1. PS. the featured image is a pancake I made yesterday and I´m sorry if I come off angry or sound harsh, you should meet me in real life, in real life I´m super soft 😉

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  2. nicoleaugust says:

    “WHY and HOW did we develop a notion of life in nature as something separated from life itself?”

    For me this is the root of so many of today’s problem.
    Thanks for continuing to share. I’ll miss Ben’s blog too, but understand his reasons :(.

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  3. I am quiet, usually have to spend an hour now and then catching up on your blog because I fall behind, and I am glad that you came back. So many of the great bloggers who write about real, honest food, life styles, problems – meaningful things – have stopped blogging. Mommy bloggers, fashion, what’s on sale at the grocery store and which makeup – they’re popular now but in my mind and lifestyle, they are meaningless. I’m glad you’re still here.

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  4. I agree with Robin. I got so irritated with the perfection of the Pioneer Woman (how much of a disconnect can that be? I wanted to write a counter blog called Real Pioneer Women and they’d look like Margaret Bourke White images from the Dust Bowl). Years ago they had a sunday magazine called “Image” and I wanted to publish a counter sunday magazine called “Substance”. So I looked around for REAL. That’s how I found Ben and that’s how I found you. Keep on keepin on Andrea. You inspire me and I’m glad you use plastic (once in a while I’m pretty sure. Not on a regular basis. So do I. Let’s not be zealots and descend into ridiculousness.)

    What matters is Authenticity and Truth. The Truth shall set you free. If we keep saying this and practicing and releasing anything that is not real we will eventually re-connect in every way (at least I hope we will). All these little voices crying in the wilderness are so important and I’m sorry Ben’s voice has grown silent for the blog. I’m sure his voice is loud and clear wherever he may be in person.

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  5. I mean Dorothea Lange. Oops.


  6. Tricia says:

    I agree, it comes in waves. It felt rather uncomfortable over there, awkward even. Like unwelcome houseguests. Its a new moon and there are new changes for the creatures of the earth. I like these changes and even if they seem shocking at first, it’s often a relief. No more nervous giggles.

    Blogging is one crazy profession though, I know I couldn’t do it. You people have some balls!

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  7. The Entwife says:

    Nothing clever to say, just glad you’re still writing. I love reading it. It inspires me and helps me see my own way more clearly.

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  8. ncfarmchick says:

    I, too, have nothing clever or witty to say but thank you for continuing to write and to do so honestly. To know there are others who realize the fallacy of the separation of humans and nature or the removal of the community from the individual gives me hope. Thank you for being, Andrea.

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  9. sirireiter says:

    My blogs have died, because of doubt and overwhelm and busyness and lack of focus, I guess. You inspire myself to speak up – and act, too. This is a promise to myself.
    -Love, Siri

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  10. Roo says:

    Thank you for sharing! You make the life in the forest seem more achievable. I hope one day I can do the same, or something like it anyway. If I ever have some spare money, I will give it to you… but for now i’ll do my best with liking and sharing.

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  11. KUP says:

    That was one hell of a post.

    This is why I read your blog! It truly makes me feel inspired and connected.

    ps. I like how you throw in a picture of some muesli bars as well.

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  12. Dear andrea
    Echoing The Entwife above–grateful you are giving us this: a glimpse into a mind, a moment, a day, a life–
    All best,
    ~ abigail

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  13. waterworld says:

    Patent on social interaction ….? Well
    babylon is the frame , the lie – follow the order , keep in line .
    I think most off people are not reflecting , not protesting , not changeing ore making a differens .
    So the commen social behavior is to follow the herd .

    people like you and i are not the roule – we will be called antisocial , we will be hunted and killd from masses marching on , unrelfecting .

    we are lucky , we still have a life , a voise .
    dose it make a difference – well i dont think so . We wont change the word – but we can survive it – and we can help others to survive -but only thous how allready dont fit in the standard off babylons rules .

    I have made peace with the fact off being a missfit . I know i dont fit in . The question off the legetimety off that is a question off perspectiv – not off right or wrong .

    It reminds me off the episode of that film we use to frase – the big lebowski – when the dude tells walter *no walter your not wrong , your just an asshole *
    thats exactly the way i feel about babylon and its behavior .

    babylon gives us tools to life our life – but it will use the same tools to controll our life .

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  14. Gaia X says:

    This is a thought about claustrophobic boxes…. what I fear the most are ‘boxes’ ‘structures’ ‘rules’….fearing that somebody might lock me up in these boxes with no way for me to escape…fearing “they” might be rigth…that the ‘boxes’ are all there is…that life is really random, soulless, dead… I guess they can only put me in that box, if I do it myself…they can actually lock me up psysically, they can torture and kill me, but only I can give them the power to take away what is true for me…and that truth changes all the time, as you describe it, like waves…but it’s all true anyway… Maybe there is no truth, but everything is real.
    I will put my arms around a tree, because I feel like it in that moment and people will call me “treehugger”, I will refuse to work for a system I don’t believe in and some will call me “lazy and selfish” some will call me “brave and solidary” If I sing in the shower, maybe some will call me a “singer” and when I sleep, what am I then a “sleeper?”
    A person I know, once said to me: “Do you really need my blessing?” and I discovered that I don’t, I really don’t….I just sometimes think that I do.
    I became, at some point familiar with a term called ‘biphobia’ and the definition was “people who are afraid of bisexuals because they can’t place them” In the beginning I seriously couldn’t believe it, because it’s the complete opposite of my deepest fear…but I have to acknowledge, that for some this is indeed very real. “you can’t be living in the wild and be on social media”, “you can’t criticize the system, if you are on social benifits” or as a friend said to me “you can’t be a person who read Søren Kierkegaard (Danish philosopher) and watch Paradise Hotel”

    Choose for god’s sake!

    But why is that?

    Should we tell the weather; you can’t be rainy in that part of you and sunny in the other?

    Choose goddammit!

    You make me uncomfortable with that constant change.
    I can’t define you and that reminds me, that I can’t define myself either…and then my world falls apart.

    But maybe it has to, the world….fall apart I mean…maybe is has to, so that something new can grow…some forest actually need fires to stay healthy.

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    1. Wow, Gaia, I really understand this and I think it´s the hammer to the nail.
      Choose, damnit, choose!
      (for the record I do read Kierkegaard and I do watch really shitty netflix series 😉


  15. Chris says:

    solidarity, acknowledgement, approval, understanding

    Fight the evil empire if you want or just try and figure it out like Hannah Arendt – i think you’ll see if you look deeply enough that it isn’t there

    Nature is beyond good and evil. So I can’t understand something like “WHY and HOW did we develop a notion of life in nature as something separated from life itself?” and the evil empire.

    While you’re deciding if you’re Hamlet or Ophelia. I’m Still a butterfly.


    1. Gaia X says:

      Yes, Chris – nature is beyond good and evil and maybe the system is too…. But it’s still a fact, that humanity created a term called ‘nature’ which we separated ourselves from and that separation is now killing the planet. Well, maybe the planet ‘isn’t really dying’, if we ‘look deeply enough’, maybe it’s not even there. If we look deeply enough maybe nothing is ‘really there’ But at some level, the separation is real – even if it’s just in our heads…and it’s affecting our way of life… Maybe the empire isn’t evil (I don’t know) , but nor is a wolf, but still… if I’m a rabbit I’m pretty scared of that wolf.


      1. Chris says:

        agree – separation is the issue. the separation is real – even if it’s just in our heads…and it’s affecting our way of life… all true… it reminds me of my friend who says she wants to spend more time living in the present moment. Somehow even when she is not living in the present moment she is living in the present moment.. but anyway it’s all in her head and it’s affecting her way of life…
        “When there’s no future, how can there be sin? God, save the queen, her fascist regime” Anyway, I don’t know the answers – but i know that. BUT in my humble opinion, the notion of evil increases separation… Andrea seems to understand that ‘right and wrong’ notions are a pain in the arse , you know cause she’s mentioning there isn’t a “right” way of being whatever label she’s tagging – a “rewilder” or an “anarchist” or whatever… and that’s a step in the right direction – the commercial persona of ben that he is seeking to escape couldn’t even stop at Walmart on the way home and buy a can of olives b/c it would be be so “wrong” and it would aid and abet the “evil empire” – – how do you deal with fascists and confused people who you’d probably call evil – Well, if you want to begin to get to healing and step out of the dualistic mind f**k that our planet is suffering through you do it with an OPEN HEART. But yeah, to have an open heart can be painful as all get out and there are going to be cycles to what you can stand… and we go through periods of forgetfulness … it is hard to do this – tiring really… easier to run. easier to close blogs, etc… meh

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        1. BeeHappee says:

          Easier to close blogs…. – what happened to the OPEN HEART sir? – people close blogs, and I just wanted to look up some book recommends or some other good stuff. 🙂

          I did just finish reading How to Raise A Wild Child, and while maybe I do not agree with all that in there, and he does not go deeply into issues, I do like how he handles the whole thing on where we had been headed with ourselves, nature and technology, and he handles it quite well, without judgement. And perhaps the main point I got from it, is love and compassion. If we do feel love for all that surround us, somehow the issue of ‘wrong’ or ‘evil’ to just seem to melt away, and ‘evil’ things like technology just fall right into place, where they belong.


          Andrea, I did not have much to say to this post, except that I do like your pancake. And that we do eat sugar, and hard boiled eggs too, because I’d rather spend time int he woods outside with eggs rather than cooking some elaborate meal for 4 hours. 🙂 And that looking at your garden, it makes me less afraid to start, because sometimes it is intimidating to read about people doing and tracking crop rotations to their 18 gardens and such… So anyway, thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

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        2. Gaia X says:

          I completely understand what you’re saying….but yet I have to ask, how can anything be “a step in the right direction”, if there is no right and wrong?

          ” Andrea seems to understand that ‘right and wrong’ notions are a pain in the arse , you know cause she’s mentioning there isn’t a “right” way of being whatever label she’s tagging – a “rewilder” or an “anarchist” or whatever… and that’s a step in the right direction –”

          As I see it, there is a difference between what is universally ‘rigth’ and ‘wrong’ and what is ‘rigth’ and ‘wrong’ for you personally. I believe that nothing is universally wrong. Who would decide that anyway? At the same time I believe that there are destructive powers…and this system is (self)destructive, in my opinion. I don’t know if it’s ment to be like this or not, but I know that I don’t like it. Another thing is that I personally find the empire evil… to me and everything that I love about life….I look at monoculture fields and I think ‘evil’, I look at enslaved beeings and I think ‘evil’, I look at this whole culture and I think “evil, evil, evil”….I can’t say that the intention behind this system is evil in itself – it probably isn’t….but whether or not it’s evil, it’s still destroying and torturing the planet that keeps me alive…(at least that’s what it looks like to me) and that makes me angry. Maybe part of living with an open heart is acknowledging, when you don’t feel open heartet at all?
          Sometimes I don’t want to look at the ‘bigger perspective’….sometimes I just want this culture to stop killing “my” planet.


          1. This discussion of evil is very pertinent. Gaia, I really like what you said.

            I read this book years ago which I’ve never forgotten called Children of the Lie by Scott somebody. He’s the guy that wrote The Road Less Traveled. Pop psychology but really good pop. Anyway in Children he discussed evil in the world. It’s every day evil that is our true downfall. Not the big evil so much like Hitler and Pol Pot, etc. Here’s an example: Parents of a boy who committed suicide were troubled because their second son was now also exhibiting suicidal tendencies. So they took him to a counselor. In the course of the discussion the counselor came to find that the parents of the boy had given him a gun for his birthday. The gun that his brother had used to commit suicide. They found nothing wrong with this. They were not wealthy people and they were practical.

            Vigilance and paying attention and willingness to self examine are absolutely crucial to solving this poor society’s problems.


            1. Nanna Mercer says:

              Yes, evil is when you give what you should withold, and withold what you should give.


              1. Chris says:

                Or so it seems. That one should withhold a kiss and prevent a crucifixion. But then the flower would not bloom the way it has.

                Should you give the poor people in Africa a well because their women suffer 2 hour walks with jugs on thier heads to get it? Perhaps it is so. And the population grows and the aquifer beneath them disappears. Should should should.

                Those Amer. Indians that gave the European explorers potatoes should have withheld it because they created a famine on Ireland…

                Nanna, my friend, the sun does not shine but it shines on all of us. The fig tree does not provide fruit for saints alone. Wolves will snarl and bite eachother over a carcas, they hyena will steal from the chetah, the sky will withold its rain and let the baby elephant die in the dust.

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          2. Chris says:

            separation. is painful.
            WHO doesn’t want to look at the ‘bigger perspective’? what is separate does not want to look.
            accepting the present moment the way it exists doesn’t mean that it is lovely or that we agree with it or that it is ‘right’ but it is from this point that we engage.
            how will you engage then?
            will your attitude encourage further separation and suffering?
            or will it be more like “forgive them for they know not what they do?”
            what we are steps in the direction it needs to step
            so yes, in a sense there are no wrong directions
            we always end up right here
            right back where we’ve never left at the very quesiton of existence/separation itself –
            what am i? what looks out? what is that also not thinking, feeling or body? it could be that this is too philosophical spiritual for you to consider but then … it is your choice to embrace separation and all the pain that goes with it.. on the other hand, to embrace something that is a mystery, something that is like nothing and slips constantly through your fingers sounds crazy doesn’t it?…


            1. Gaia X says:

              You are absolutely right, sometimes I do feel separated…Even though, I think, I know that I’m not… but one thing is what you know, another thing is your experience, which changes all the time…And when I say that sometimes I don’t what to look at the ‘bigger perspective’, to me it means, that forcing myself to look at something when I’m not willing to, to force myself to be understanding or forgiving when I’m not… that is not accepting what is. Always being able to look at things from a ‘bigger perspective’, always being understanding and forgiving, can easily become a new dogma, something you mentally believe that you are supossed to feel all the time and maybe even convince others about. Like this person talking for hours, trying to convince people that “there is no me”…. does’t really make sense to me.

              ……when I feel angry, sad, confused, separated whatever…these emotions ARE what is. They are not me, but they’re there and they are telling me something.
              And as you say:

              “accepting the present moment the way it exists doesn’t mean that it is lovely or that we agree with it or that it is ‘right’ but it is from this point that we engage….”

              I DO have an opinion about life and I DO find this culture sick, but life doesn’t ask for my opinion anyway…and that I can accept… except when I can’t….but then maybe I can accept that.

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          3. “I can’t say that the intention behind this system is evil in itself – it probably isn’t….but whether or not it’s evil, it’s still destroying and torturing the planet that keeps me alive”

            yes it is evil. Evil, since it promotes greed, egotisticalness and wanton destruction for the sole benefit of accumulating more wealth.

            The bigger perspective is that there is an insatiable, greedy ruling class stopping at absolutely nothing in order to gain more… whatever and a controlled, dumbed down and sleeping mass supporting the system the first group imposed on each and everyone. Should the latter wake up and speak up, the first will be left utterly powerless.

            Fact is that the core of the sleeping masses will remain asleep no matter what, but we have to keep going and wake up as many as possible.

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            1. Chris says:

              but ask the “greedy” what they’re trying to get and you may find answers that confuse you. in fact you may just find them confused as anybody else. just people trying to hold on to something that can’t be held on to. just people trying to hold love but love can’t be held. just people trying to find security and peace where the rust doth corrupt. if they can’t find peace right now. if they can’t find love right now. then they will never find it. the choice is yours.

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              1. And I have no idea what you’re trying to saý here…..


                1. Chris says:

                  that’s okay. it’s not a big deal. but i will restate in case you are interested. I’m saying that you might consider asking the “greedy” or “evil” people that you describe why they are behaving thus. Their answers (and it will likely require follow up questions) will likely (my guess) end up at similar phrases/concepts/goal for the world that you have they are just taking a different way to get there. Ask them. Then follow their answer with “what will that then give you?” So to me it is more like confusion than “evil”. The greedy think that they’re finally going to arrive at that place of satisfaction, just around the corner – or after the next acquisition. THEN there will be happiness, THEN we will be safe. THEN they will be complete…

                  say there was a tribe of vikings that used sled dogs and they were totally non-violent super dog whisperers and together with the dogs they went across frozen ground like they had for hundreds of years not knowing otherwise…

                  and on the other side of the earth say there was a band of Inuit that beat their dogs all the time as they had for hundreds of years not knowing otherwise and together with their dogs they went across the frozen ground…

                  so a dog whisperer gets blown off course and somehow ends up on the other side of the world with the Inuit and and tell me what good it does for him to call the Inuit a greedy evil bastards?


                  1. BeeHappee says:

                    Ok, so I like this discussion between my 2 favorite gentlemen. But I am still confused about confusion. 🙂 So is it just a matter of semantics whether you call someone “evil” or “greedy” or very “confused”? Perhaps if you them as confused, you do not have animosity, but rather compassion. Sounds a lot what a Christian may call a non-Christian, “lost” but to me that always sound so patronizing, like certain people get to decide who is confused and lost and who is not.

                    I do agree about the point of “THEN” and everyone essentially wanting the same end goal – to be happy in the end. Some say they will only be happy when they eliminate all others who are not like them, others say they will get there when they build bigger mansions, or become presidents, or win a marathon. But still, there are goals that do not hurt someone and there are goals that do hurt someone. Still, there are those, that do very hurtful actions, knowing it hurts, if they gass thousands of children with chemical weapons, even if they justify in their mind they are doing this for some ‘better world’ they are trying to achieve, – I still have hard time grasping that – the justification part. I know we discussed this before. Either way, I do agree, that if somehow everyone magically did accept the simple basic NOW, many of those issues would look very different. Most religions unfortunately indoctrinate a complete opposite of the NOW.


                  2. Chris says:

                    We can be lost in words, concepts and worship sign posts. Grasping grasping. …

                    What do we think we are? What are we trying to do? What moves us? …. I like to ask myself if I am building anything… An audience, a reputation, a following, a persona, an identity… what am I building? Who builds? What builds? What is THAT seeking? … recognition, love, understanding, acceptance, fulfillment? Peace?


                  3. BeeHappee says:

                    We are way too busy building to ask any kind of questions…
                    I do enjoy the built things, the great cathedrals and those pretty nests of bowerbirds as much as I do enjoy the unbuilt woods. Some with sympathize with a guy in a mansion of thick walls and fifteen security cameras to keep his stuff safe, and some will sympathize with a homeless dude on a bench who says he is safe for he has nothing to lose. But I wished we could figure out a way to coexist somewhere in the middle.
                    Not for the topic, but just a fun read, have you seen the article on Gary Snyder? I was reading some of his poems:


                  4. I do think you are confusing a few things here… hence the confusion-part.
                    1) the ones I call “greedy” are the so-called “elite of the earth”, the top 1% that own practically the whole planet. What they want is plain and simple; more… More wealth, more power, more… more… more…. at any and all costs (not theirs of course). And yes, to me that is evil. Knowingly creating a massive amount of misery and suffering by any and all means in order to accumulate even more wealth and power, knowing that that will be never enough.
                    What you are referring to, as I understand it, are the sheeple. The oblivious masses that are willingly or unwillingly blind for what is going on these days; the funneling of said power and wealth to said 1%. The part that simply is to stupid to get, I can forgive. The vast majority turning a deliberate blind eye, because they chose not to be bothered or make “sacrifices” of their own, are equally evil, since they knowingly remain silent to the previously mentioned evil, thus taking its side and supporting it.

                    And yes, according to me the viking is right calling the Inuit a bastard, since the latter one deliberately inflicts pain/harm/submission to a living creature. And I would wholeheartedly applaud the vikings for living in unison and harmony with their dogs,.


                  5. BeeHappee says:

                    Ron, this is in reply to you, just the thread won’t let me reply directly to you. The dog example. It appears from the first view to us that we would blame the Inuits for cruelty, etc, and maybe some or all of us have an inborn sense of intuition what is acceptable/good/evil or not. But huge part is shaped by our world. If you were one of the Inuits who was born into a family where your father was teaching you how to take ‘good care’ of your dog by beating dog into submittance, for that is good for the dog and you, and environment.
                    I mean just take a look at parenting. In the last 100 years the ‘rules of what is good’, it has changed how many times? One decade it is good to beat a child, because they will otherwise turn out to be bad people. My parents used corporal punishment all the time, does it make them evil? They think I am evil by letting kids get away with too much, raising them to be spoiled brats, a disservice to the kids they say. They wanted the best for their kids and grandkids, I want the best for my kids and grandkids.
                    I mean do we really question what is the truth once we grow up with it? If it is ok to spray mosquito or a fly or a bug, is it ok then to spray a dog to intoxication/death? If it is ok for a human to drink cow milk, is it ok them to feed a cow with human milk? If it is ok for neighbor’s dog to pee on each tree, is it ok for my kid to pee on each tree? There were times when women did not vote and blacks were 3/5th of the vote, was everyone who supported that evil? For all the things that we do today, and that will change in a few years and decades, should we be considered evil? – Will it be considered evil one day what you did to your land when planting your garden maybe eliminating some insect species. Of course, there is the thing you will say of doing it knowingly and unknowingly, and just plainly stupidly. . But sometimes lines do get blurred.
                    The filthy rich will say the poor folks are evil for they do not contribute to the growth of economy, sit there in the cabins picking their noses, etc.
                    One side calls names, the other side calls names, each religion calls names, sitting and complaining how the ‘system’ is all corrupt and evil (Who is this system? Some guy in a purple robe?) what does that accomplish. Just deeper and deeper polarization.


                  6. Bee; to you….
                    my answer plain and simple…. If one has to use brute force or violence to instill his/her will upon a lesser creature, yes that I consider evil. If a parent beats up his/her kid in order to make it do what (s)he wants it to, then yes. There are other ways. I come from the same background as you and maybe mine was a bit more extreme, but still. Having kids of my own now I see what it did to me then and still face the consequences now. So yes.
                    But following your parental upbringing line…. How about scaling things up a bit? Y’know, looking at the “do as I say or else”-routine in a bigger picture? Colonisation? Slavery? Ethnic cleansing? It all follows the same line of thaught. We sure do see those as evil, don’t we? But they were considered normal during the course of history.
                    Or should we redefine this kind of evil as a lack of evolution of the human species?

                    Like I said in an other reply further down; the truth lies somewhere in the middle and that spot is different for all of us and shifts due to circumstances.

                    And I for one question “the truth” all the time, yes. And I teach my kids to do the same.

                    Liked by 1 person

                  7. Chris says:

                    Ron – we do judge. we say to our child “that was a mean thing to do”. we do not say “you are mean”. There is a difference. Let us talk about actions and not condemn people, or call them any names. But I know it is hard. We do have names, don’t we? You call them “sheeple” and I call them “the meek”. And say that they will inherit the earth.

                    But you give the “evil and greedy” too much power with all this kind of talk. That is why in my opinion we should seek guidance from people like Diogens. See where Alexander came to him and saw his example and knew that it was true. Alexander, the epitame of the 1% – taking and killing and piling up the resources of the world. I realize that these philosophical musings don’t put food in anybodys belly. And I’m not asking you to wait for the Singularity when we will live on sunshine alone (perhaps). But take it easy on your fellow man. And if you want to make postive change in the world, if you want to work toward peace then you might begin with forgiveness.

                    So you and I will continue to question the truth and truth will continue to be elusive changing every moment just like love and just like being…

                    Liked by 1 person

                  8. Chris, I’m with you on your last sentence….


                  9. BeeHappee says:

                    Chris, it is a good story on Diogenes and Alexander. On the other hand, makes me wonder of those who were not Diogenes or Alexander, if they were asked whether they wanted to take Diogenes or Alexander’s place, somehow I think more would ask to be Alexander.
                    I don’t know if Buddhism really has singularity, the lack of good and evil, for it embraces the concept of ‘suffering’ and ‘enlightenment’ by which it basically paints ‘suffering’ (and all those things that lead to suffering) as bad and ‘enlightenment’ as good, no?

                    Ron, I blogged briefly on Marshall Rosenberg before. What I like about his work is the focusing on the fact that in any conflict resolution once we label something as bad or evil, we automatically promote anger, automatic self defense of that ‘other side’, violence. If you think of evil as a complete absence of good, then I do not know, I had never met anyone in my life (knock on wood) who is evil, who has a complete absence of good. Rosenberg’s theory focuses on the needs, what do people need when they do bad actions. When they get their needs met, bad actions usually stop. Instead of moralizing, we can look and see: what does everyone need?


                  10. Teddy says:

                    Only sheeple would want to be Alexander…. 😉

                    suffering exists w/in enlightenment. it is a matter of what you’re grasping at. If you want to talk concepts then you should understand that i’m talking about dualism v. non-dualism here… hence the initial focus on “separation” anyway. i’m getting tired here – concepts are a bore sometimes.. and Andrea has moved on…

                    Liked by 1 person

                  11. BeeHappee says:

                    It must be just me perhaps but tons of dualism in Buddhism and Dhammapada is still not sitting too well with me. No worries, moving on to pick some peaches. 🙂 No dualism there, just yummy.


                  12. Teddy says:

                    I don’t advocate any religion – just truth – which we have established – can not be nailed down, written in stone or sacred text… In Christianity the Gospel of John may not sit well with you and you could turn to the Gospel of Thomas…. in any case it doesn’t really matter, does it? Ideas are a prison if you let them be. Even the idea of your self.

                    Liked by 1 person

  16. David says:

    This whole post, but especially this line: “I don´t want to be a guru, I just want to make jam.”

    That’s why I read (and support) your blog, Andrea. To know that there are others out there, who just want to make jam, and to care for the local place where we find ourselves. To know that this is okay, and we’re not alone. Thanks for your thoughts and your inspiration here, and please, don’t feel pressured to put yourself out there on Instagram and all that. If you’re feeling called in that direction, by all means, roll with it, but just know that I (at least) am behind you however much or little you choose to post and share. The money will keep coming, even if you’re not on Facebook and Instagram—I’m not on them myself. After all, our human relating and sharing comes in waves.

    Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Great ,thought provoking post!
    As for being authentic; as long as what you’re doing regarding social media, residing or taking time out away from the madding crowd, feels right for you at any given time, then you’re being completely authentic to yourself and it’s not up for question.

    We have a saying in Gaelic that goes ; “Ni chomain-se th’ fhirinne at thoil daoine” Which roughly translated means, you should not trample on your own truth to please others.
    You are an excellent example of sentiment. 🙂

    Best regards from the Scottish Highlands. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. wynterwyrd67 says:

      That should be rewilding not “residing”… A plague on autocorrect!


  18. nicoleaugust says:

    Thanks for the link to “the book of supposed to”. Checked out some of the author’s other writing. This is very interesting:
    “The dominant culture of North America is not being killed by global warming or too few whales or anything like that. It just doesn’t know how to live, how to take up the task of loving life, even how to grieve its own grievous history. This pseudoculture is founded on the idea of self-sufficiency, self-determinism, and the sanctity of the individual. ”

    Our library has ordered a copy of his new book. Yeah libraries !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BeeHappee says:

      Interesting, Nicole. “Because there are no poor people in America. There are just two kinds of people here: rich people and those who aren’t rich yet.” 🙂 Death, what death, wait a second, gotta get rich first.
      Did you watch the Griefwalker? Has contradicting reviews. On the death subject, I was really touched by the documentary A Will for The Woods. It is about green burials, but was very personal in depicting one man’s journey through death.


      1. nicoleaugust says:

        No, haven’t watched the Griefwalker. Just picked up Die Wise at the library today.


    2. I saw this same article in The Sun. I re-published it I thought it was so good. I thought he really got to the core of the reasons for many of the things we do as humans that result in being counter-productivity to the planet from the smallest of the small to the largest of the large and everything in between.


  19. Angie says:

    Dear Andrea,

    I love reading your words. You are always inspiring me to think and act differently. I also share that feeling of just wanting to run away into the woods. You say things I’ve always thought but made me feel like an outsider. I like that you are not showing something ideal – it’s real, and heartfelt. Everyone has their own view of perfection, but as I get older I find I prefer the real and imperfect to the idealistic and fake.

    My parents are biologists, and I grew up playing in some of the most wild places in Florida (they are all gone now, under cement in my lifetime of 31 years) while they did research. That strong dose of nature and wild made a permanent impression on me, and I can’t help always thinking that most people really don’t get it – about nature. They always think they do. But how can someone lounging in their suburban neighborhood and reading on a screen about your family in the wild really understand? They are just fantasizing.
    Glad you are not going to be boxed-in or silent.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Hot damn, Andrea…. This is a real one!
    I can really relate to many of the things you wrote. I got caught up in the whole boxes-thing too.
    There is no absolute right nor an absolute wrong. The answer lies somewhere in between and it is each for themselves to find the right spot. And changing circumstances probably would change the location of that spot too.

    As for Ben, I can fully understand that he’ll quiet down for a while, but I do think he will resurface. He has too much good to say and a damn good way to do say. Growing big can be fun and good, because you reach a bigger audience. The flipside is that the audience might decide that they own you after a while.

    And I have to agree with Robin too. A lot of bloggers have gone silent lately. Maybe they just had nothing more or new to say. Maybe they just moved on in life or maybe they just got fed up with a claiming audience or the digital world in general. Who’s to say?
    New great bloggers will emerge. It is finding them that will be a challenge….

    Until then…. keep it comin’, sister!

    I’ll keep digi-babbling too.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. x says:

    et par spørgsmål ang. facebook og instagram, som jo også ejes af facebook: har du nogen holdning til privacy-settings? her tænker jeg på beskyttelse af dine followers. i fald, du har smartphone : har du apps, som giver adgang til dine kontakter?


    1. Hej X, jeg har fået den her iphone og ved faktisk ikke hvordan den fungerer, bruger den ikke til andet end at ringe med og poste billeder på instagram (alt andet foregår via min computer) så jeg må være dig svar skyldig men min holdning til privacy settings helt generelt: assume all communications are wired.
      Det er min holdning og mit grundudgangspunkt, jeg ved at hvis nogen vil kan de tænde for mikrofonen i min iphone og aflytte hvad der siges i rummet. Sådan ER det jo bare. Sådan er det blevet. Jeg forventer ikke at nogen steder er sikre (så hvis jeg har brug for hundrede procents anonymitet og sikkerhed går jeg langt ud i skoven og har mine samtaler face to face).


  22. Hey everyone, what great comments, what wonderful debates! Keep on trucking in the free world! 😉


    1. It would make things even easier or more interesting if everyone would answer in English.


  23. x says:

    fint med en klar udmelding. held og lykke med patreon. kan se tallet vokser.


  24. Andy Jukes says:

    We had so many raspberries this year. Usually we eat them straight away. As they come. But this year we had so many we made jam. Lots of raspberry jam. Raspberry jam is the best.
    I was at a fire one time. With a shaman. Medicine man. Wise fellow. The conversation that night got pretty heavy. Climate change. Economic collapse. Rising fascism. Till someone asked the shaman, “shaman,the planet is in such a mess. There is so much evil in the world. what should we do?”
    The shaman thought for a while, then made his reply,
    “Eat more chocolate.”


    1. ncfarmchick says:

      What a great story! I have the feeling that shaman might agree with a lot in this article by Charles Eisenstein I read today (as many of you may have also.)


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