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I´m home. Home on my hunting grounds.

I can´t even tell you…

Walking through blossoming heather, blue butterflies everywhere, I mean, really, come on!
It´s too much!
My eyes catch something shimmering, I look down, you see?


Fingerprints from some god.

Back on my hunting grounds, back on my hunting grounds, I sniff, look around, I am an animal now, I´m home and I can´t even tell you….

These days are called the blueberry days and this is our simple task: to gather enough blueberries for the season, so we hike, we walk, we get to our secret spot, totally isolated, wilderness wild, favorite place of the elks, favorite place of ours.

Lunch by the lake side


Crawling around by the lake side


And me, I´m just scouting, crawling on my knees, blueberry hands, blueberry mind


I´m home.
Home on my hunting grounds.


We all are


I don´t have a whole lot of words in me right now. The blueberry days are hard, the body is tired, many kilos, each days then home to preserve them, either way, I´m so tired but it´s the good tired and I´m home, home on the hunting grounds, I´m an animal, I´m full.


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8 comments on “Blueberry days

  1. Tricia says:

    It looks like heaven. Wild animal hell yes!!!!

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  2. FANtastic! Blueberry days! Do you have ticks there? I hate ticks but I do my dutiful tick patrol when we come in from the wild. I am so jealous of your green. You think blue. I see green. As a matter of fact I am Pea Green with Envy! We are brown and crackly here. No rain no water dry dry dry. Keep those blue and green pictures coming! Relief is just a mouse click away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will keep the pictures coming! (I´m going all instagram on you people from now on! 😉
      The ticks don´t bother us. First of all we don´t have a lot of them because we are so far north. Tics depend on deer and allthough we have deer we don´t have a LOT of them… we´re simply in an area with less ticks. That being said we have of course, all of us, been bitten by ticks. We just pull them off. Not to belittle the problem of tics but people have been living in nature ever since the dawn of man kind and allthough dangers surely lur here cars and planes and food poisoning from factoryproduced food seem far bigger risks to me….


      1. Good. Keep pulling them off because tick borne diseases are no joke! I wonder if you have Lyme Disease there. Yes, people having been living – and dying – with nature since the dawn of time and I’m only saying that if we practice vigilance we will live to solve all those other problems such as this manufactured world we’ve created. Nature is, well, natural but I know you know she will kill you and not get all upset about it. That’s just her way. That’s what we’re here on this blog for. To live really live with Nature and her ways.

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        1. Exactly! We keep a firm eye on the ticks! 🙂


  3. Your pictures are so full of Magic and light! I just love this time of year. Nature is lush and wild. All the scents and colors. I think this is the time of year, that I feel closest to nature. Like an animal. Love your post – I know exactly how you feel!

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  4. Maria says:

    Hej Andrea,
    Hvad gør i egentlig mht skovflåter? de er nok min største bekymring når jeg er ude at færdes udenfor stierne i skoven.


    1. Flåter er ikke det store problem for os, delt fordi vi bor så langt nordpå at der faktisk ikke ER særlig mange flåter men også fordi vi ikke bekymrer os så meget om det. Hvis vi bliver bidt af en flåt river vi den af og holder øje med området hvor den sidder fast, det er aldrig sket at vi har måtte tage til lægen med det (men faktisk blev jeg bidt af en flåt da jeg var i danmark for nyligt og aldrig har jeg set så stort et rødt mærke, jeg ringede til lægen, han sagde at jeg skulle ringe igen hvis det røde område blev større end en femkrone og det gjorde det ikke). Og så ikke for at spille hellig eller noget men det er bare vigtigt for mig at sige, at naturen jo ikke som sådan er farlig- ihvertilfælde ikke mere farlig end at gå på gaden, flyve med fly eller spise kød fra danske svinelandbrug, der er masser af farlige ting i verden men jeg synes at de ting der er farlige i naturen ofte gør folk meget bange og det er meget ærgeligt, synes jeg 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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