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a blueberry hands kinda life


Trying so hard to walk the talk


Finding peace in the forest lakes


Finding humanity around the campfire


It was something we did and it is something we do, it is a constant choice and a choice that has consequences, consequences that I would like not to face all of the time but I do.

It is a choice.
We all have a choice. We DO.

Friends came and they gathered around us,we stood in a circle at a secret spot in the forest, an ancient ritual, a horn of mead passed around. We burned our negative energy on the fire, we did not promise more than we could, more than we can, but we said the words and since we do not and will not comply to false authority we did it ourselves so it was DIY wedding, performing the ritual was done by ALL of us but most importantly, our children, whom we asked to tie the knot… when we were bound together… freely…



Such a beautiful bunch of people, such a great party, so many wonderful gifts, such an abundance of food, such a feast!
And then our oldest stepped forth during dinner and they gave a speech and they made all of the adults cry and I could burst like a bubble from gratitude.

This is my truth.
This is what matters the most. I´d go through fire and water and rise hell to protect this, I will bear the consequences, I will kindle our fire, I will take care and watch out, I will love, love, love.


12 comments on “The constant choice

  1. This…
    This makes me fill with warmth. This was.. is a gift to you and by sharing it a gift to us as well.
    Well done.
    Well done indeed!!

    *bows head*

    And my sincere congratulations with all you’ve accomplished. The vast majority wouldn’t even make it that far.

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    1. Thank you so much, Ron!


  2. Tricia says:

    Beautiful….congratulations and thank you for being REAL.

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  3. ncfarmchick says:

    Love the knot images and the meaning behind them. What better way to acknowledge and celebrate that we are indeed bound to one another – a good thing and a choice, as you say, not a punishment as some would seem to think. Congratulations and best wishes!

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  4. Pernille says:

    Family ties! Worth fighting for. Worth a lot. Congratulation with the golden choice. Love from here.

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  5. Gaia X says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the choices we have are really choices at all…At times I am almost certain that we do, in some way, have choices, because of that feeling of knowing what’s ‘right’ do do in a moment and then ‘choosing’ the opposite and afterwards thinking; “I knew what I should have done, I was offered a choice”. But then there are so many things that I didn’t choose (at least not on this psychical level of my existence) Like the place I was born, my family, my emotions….I’m pretty sure that I don’t ‘choose’ my emotions, but maybe I choose how much energy I put into this emotions and how I act on them.
    I don’t think that I chose to feel this miserable and alienated in the culture I was born, and I know that I didn’t chose to grow up feeling that something was stolen from me before I was even born; I didn’t know was it was, but I kept thinking and feeling that this was not the only way of living.
    I remember talking to some friends about revolution, what to do and how much we were willing to give up. One of then said that, she was tired of always feeling guilty and feeling like she had to save the world, and why can’t we just be happy and have?, she said. I answered that I to and tired of feeling guilty and I don’t think that it helpes the world, walking aroud feeling guilty al the time…but I also told her, that I I’m not that happy really…I’m not having fun…In that moment I felt that I didn’t have I chioce and at the same time I wonder, “do the people who believe in the paradigm of this culture choose to think like that, can I really blame them, for what they believe?” I’ve been wondering my whole childhood and youth why I never felt at home anywhere, why I never fit in, feeling so wrong and unworthy in the cre of my existence and at the same time thinking that I was born in an insane world inhabited by people who didn’t see what was right in front of the… and now as a young adult, I’ve realized, that to me it’s not really a question of freeing myself from the ideas of this culture, because I never really believed in them, to me it’s a question (and in this case I feel like I do have a choise) of not giving up, not letting fear and hopelessness consume me…It’s a question of going from thought to action.
    So now I’m trying to find out what choices I really have and what is out of my control….

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    1. I so understand and relate to everything you just said.
      To me, what keeps me going is some kind of stubborness I think. Spite. It´s a core thing (even if I don´t think we maybe even have a core 😉

      Big hugs and a pad on the shoulder to you. I don´t think we can choose to think less. But I think we can choose to focus on implementing our thoughts into the psychical world…. that we can choose to not think less, on the contrary, to think deeper, deeper, all of the time- but at the same time totally rooting all of this thinking… in our hands 🙂


  6. Chris says:

    Congratulations for every moment

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  7. David says:

    So, so beautiful. Congratulations, Andrea, and many blessings!

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  8. BeeHappee says:

    Wonderful, Andrea! And looks like the best choice after the ceremony would be that sauna in the Swedish woods. 🙂
    Warmest wishes to all you survivors.

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  9. I love the pictures! They say it all 🙂 Congratulations and blessings to you guys!

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  10. Abigail Higgins says:

    dear andrea and family
    you made a bold, open-hearted move. may you all be kind and gentle with each other for all your lives.
    all best,
    ~ abigail

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