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White bench. Down by the harbour. I didn´t take any pictures. He has very strong eyes.

“What happened?” I say, he says “We lost”

It´s the first time I met him in the flesh. He dosn´t look like I expected him to.
He has many pseudonyms.

We drink beer. Danes drink beer. Danes drink beer down by the harbour in the minor towns, danes watch the happy shiny people strolling by, the incoming boats of the privileged, we´re not far from Hans Christian Andersens house, this is fairytale nation.

“It´s just… a lot of people gave up. That´s what happened. They gave up”

The Copenhagen climate conference. That time the police dragged kicking and screaming and desperate refugees out of a church, women, children, men, desperate people on the run, churches are no sanctuary, not anymore, where are the sanctuaries? I remember that incident. It was right before we ran to the forest, the last nail in our political coffin, I remember, I remember the images, I remember the activists, I remember the Copenhagen Climate Conference, what a disgrace!

“Did you know that you were also fighting for me? Did you know a lot of us depended on you. We supported you, we just didn´t know how to, did you know?”

He never answered that question.
That whole day went by and he didn´t answer.

I like talking with him. The conversation flows like a river, it feels like a dance, these are images of a dance




“A lot of people went down” he says I say “How” and he tell me how they had to drive each other to the mental hospitals and in those times of grief none of them were able to fight the institutions they recent, fight the machine, not anymore “are you not fighting anymore” I say and he says “yeah, I am” but then he sigh and his eyes fixate on the horizon and I just want to hold him.
Sometimes something like that happens.
You get flooded.
I was flooded with love.

We talk about deep green resistance, we talk about strategies of escape, we talk about solidarity, the need of basis groups, we talk about capitalism, communism, we talk about stories.
The importance of different stories.
I tell him.

“I had an idea” I say I say “I felt kind of called upon” and with his strong eyes he looks at me and then I tell him and then he nods and then he says “ok” that what he says and this will not be the last of it.

It was a good day.
We are finding each other, like magnets drawn towards some kind of invisible energy field, it´s happening and the time is now.

This is the tree that guards the entrance to my favorite forest in Denmark. Tomorrow I´m going home.
Home to the hippies.


8 comments on “The activist

  1. You are going home – I´m so happy for you! 🙂 I hope, that your son is feeling better. Sounds like you had a good talk at that bench. It´s so comforting to hear about others, who fights the system in one way or another. makes you feel less alone.


  2. waterworld says:

    How long shall they kill our profets -wihle we stand aseide and look ?
    Redemtion song


  3. Tricia says:

    Multi-dimensionally sweet! That’s what….


  4. ncfarmchick says:

    Peace to you on your journey home.


  5. It is very simple… war is upon us. And in any war there are casualties.
    The ones that carry the flag onto the battlefield, into battle, into the charge, screaming as they storm ahead…. Those are among the first ones to fall, yet those are the ones the onrushing waves of troops follow, rushing against the enemy’s positions.
    The ones that keep low, ducking and dodging, running from cover to cover, aiming for their foes and killing without mercy.. Those are the ones most likely to survive and they get smarter with every battle they come out of alive. And that is what matters; to remain alive and well to fight another day.
    We need the heroes to follow, but heroes have a tendency to not make it all that long. It is the average footsoldier that is the deciding factor.

    Good to see you going home. Hope all is well.


    1. waterworld says:

      Well ron – thats a correkt analys off historical war .
      now we are seperated individuals fighting or hiding for our self – controlled by the mashine / AI .
      we sell our soul to feed AI . Survival i about fundamental skills for life in nature in solidarety and lojalety to each other .
      Babylon will fall by its own destruktivity . Life will go on by its own force .
      The choise is to make about what ship you sail .
      Very simple …. but it takes a possebillety off making that choise .
      As far i can see babylonian have less an less off a choise – but will be forced to adapt whatever conditions will be .
      Why do we suport babylon if we know off its fall ?
      We are born free with full auktorety off living life – why do we give this auktorety away . This is what the babylonian lie is about .
      Yes – as human we have the challenge off free will , edens aple of wisedom – and we have a problem with killing our brothers – kain and abel – but the problem is not solved by giving away resposebilety and create a babylonian heriaky .
      It will allways be our own resposebilety , we all are borne with auktorety .
      This knowlege can never be killed – no matter how many profets they kill .
      This knowlege is not a war or about killing – its about life .
      So its a question off living . To be or not to be .
      babylon will fall – life goes on


      1. Yes and no that we are separated individuals. Yes, most of us stand alone fysically. No, we are not alone in that we share ideas, communicate with each other and often even meet each other. many of us are getting organised in some form or another.
        Will Babylon as you call it fall? Undoubtedly, but I also say we must soldier on, as individuals and as groups in order to see to it that we survive, that there will be something worthwhile left for our children and those who come after them. That is our responsibility. That should be our goal.
        And who says we are supporting it? Looks to me as if we are undermining it in every way we can. By spreading the word, by not supporting the commercial systems, by taking care of ourselves as much as possible.
        And you say it is not a war??
        How else would you describe the military/lethal force used by the powers that be in order to suppress us or to turn us against one another? Why is the police in many nations authorised to use physical force without consent to enter homes, to detain people, to beat them to death? Why are the mass often media so preoccupied with censorship and propaganda?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. waterworld says:

          What i say is that it is not our war . War is a babylonian lie .
          Babylon is build upon lies .
          we suport babylon by eating there poisend food , driving there cars on there roads – fuiled with the earth blood .
          we life in there citys , comunicate with there mashienes and pay all that with money made in the war against life .

          Instead we can suport life by making peace with nature and our brothers and sisters – and life will suport us .
          what we can give to future generation is this peace and conection to the force off life .

          Babylonian dont trust life , each other or peace – in fact thats all we have .
          Babylon is now rouled by the mashiene . Humans build the mashiene to serve us – now we serve the mashiene .
          No human can stop the mashiene – it will stop itself , or the sun will do it or something else .
          Importen is – that it will stop , babylon will fall – and life will go on .
          That gives us freedom to suport life right now , right here – you and me .
          But this needs a action to take , a realety chek – no more blood on our hands , no more chips in our hands ore minds , no more feeding the mashine .
          what action could be more eficiant than turn the back to babylon and step into the future ?
          I dont know how it is on youre place – but here around people are ocupyed by there cellfone and computers – the total controll .
          we eaven pay for it .
          We are one step from the rfid chip – one step off becoming bionics – total controlled babylonian slaves .
          Its time to unplugg .

          Liked by 1 person

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