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A couple of days ago the leader of a major political party in Denmark linked to a news story about us. Forest people. Modern day pioneers. I don´t agree with this political party (Liberal Alliance) mainly because I don´t think they are what they say they are, namely libertarian.
A true libertarian would know that it is not about the survival of the individual fittest it is about how none of us are free before all of us are free.

Freedom is not true freedom if it is built on exploitation.
Freedom is not true freedom if it is built on structural or inherited privilege.
Freedom is in the sense of self and in the WORK that you do (not in the lazy ass lying around on cruise ships)


For all of the leftwing/rightwing blablabla it is telling fact that our life choices have been followed with such scrutiny from both sides. I think it is because our life choices (and our communications about it) are IDEOLOGICAL.
We are TALKING about freedom in a time where public discourse is otherwise dominated by fake statistics and calculations and politics have become some sort of management dictatorship (seriously what they´re doing to greece is a disgrace!) instead of real actual human breathing living persons who believes in something, have visions and stands up for something.

As a matter of fact I see ideology as such on rise and I see this as a good thing. I´m glad Anders Samuelsen shared that link because we actually agree on a lot of things, we have something in common; lets talk about what freedom is. Let´s have that conversation!

I think it´s a good sign…. that ideology is on the rise (and that we cannot be hijacked to promote either leftwing nor rightwing (although it´s been tried)) because, here´s a funny fact; freedom, agency and societal criticism SURPASSES all that political, polarizing bullshit and spin (pardon my french); humans want to improve and do better, nobody actually WANTS to make things WORSE.
We just have different ideas about how to make it better… and that´s good!
I´d rather have ideologies and ideas clashing that the slow but certain death in apathy and resignation, the silence is gruesome, the silence is dangerous.

I´m a libertarian. I´m an anarchist. I´m a bleeding heart socialist. I´m a conservative. I´m a radicalized radical. I cannot be boxed in. Hooray.

I wear soft shoes made of fur

DSCF0549 I wear clogs DSCF1518 I´m a barefooted woman DSCF3552 And I was walking down the streets. Street musicians were playing some jazz. A lot of people had stopped running around in their busy lives, they were just standing there, enjoying the tune for a little while.

As I watched them I had a hustler epiphany.
See, some of us are born this way. We jump onto trains or run into the wild. Dosn´t make us better people nor more free than anybody else. We´re just a certain kind of people and we´ve always been around. The musicians, artists, vagabonds, jesters,hustlers and dreamers. On the run. Away. Towards. We work with movement. You need us hustlers. You need us on the streets to stop you, for a little while. Just a little while. Stop. Look. Feel.

And we need you. Everything we do is dialogue; we put something out there. We dependent on your feedback. We do it for the awareness, I might even say consciousness that arises BETWEEN the street musicians and the people passing by.

I don´t believe in the structures of this model of society, I think they are oppressing and I think this whole thing is a lot worse than we pretend that it is on daily basis.
I think it´s an evil empire and I have this soapbox, and sometimes I get up on the soapbox and I start talking. I tell you stories. Sometimes they´re too long and windy, sometimes they´re about politics, sometimes they´re about nature, sometimes they´re about some food that I´m making, sometimes they´re about my inner emotional life, sometimes they´re about people who I know… and I realized that I cannot (now that I am in more dire need for money than I have been before) subdue to the very structures that I find morally and ethically wrong. BECAUSE of the awareness and the consciousness I found while listening to the street musicians.
I´m not a better person than those who go work for the death star. We all have to do what we have to do, the children always comes first. I can´t go there right now (but I might need to later). I just need to stay here at the soapbox for a little longer.
The street musicians made me realise; if there aren´t any hustlers around there would be only slick politicians with crazy eyes and religious fanatics… at the market place.
We can´t have that. So I´m gonna hustle harder.
Now you know.


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9 comments on “Hustler Epiphany

  1. Dear andrea
    Oh boy–you have been prolific recently!
    I am working pretty hard these days, more hours and more stressful, so have read but not commented; only want to let you know that your writing is good for me.
    All best,
    ~ Abigail
    P.s. hope tres hombres got the cook.

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  2. BeeHappee says:

    I don’t know, but I’ve been told,
    That idealism is growing old…

    But if seriously, I am glad you posted this, Andrea, it is continuation of my thoughts I had been having recently. Couple days ago, I had been talking to this man whom I always talk to about world events, and he was extremely excited to see Donald Trump shoot up to number one republican candidate in the USA presidential primaries. He indicated he does not like Trump, but is excited to see that ‘more and more people are waking up to reality’ as he pointed out, that ‘Americans need to take our country back’, stop illegal immigration, etc. Now, for the most part, I know this man’s views on immigration and race, as far as he is concerned, races are radically different, and should protect and separate themselves.

    We had a pretty interesting two hour discussion. I tried to look past what I see as insanity of beliefs such as “if Mexicans climb the wall illegally, we just line up snipers and shoot them”. .. What it made me realize that ideologically, him and me would probably never meet in the middle or anywhere even close. But practically, there is a potential to solve the problems as we see them with some degree of compromise on both sides. Maybe.. When talking to people who are so so far out on one side, it is difficult to stay level headed and not to get pulled to the opposing side. For me.

    So he said to me: “You are an idealist, and you do not see reality. Idealists die. The only morality is survival. ”
    He is for survival, I am for survival, we are ALL for survival. Just WHOSE survival is the key question. WHO we classify as human is the key question. I want firstly my children and family survive, and the rest of humanity (he claims this is impossible and idealistic notion, plus who he considers human is different from what I consider human). He wants his family and what he calls “white people/his people and America” to survive. He claims the cabal that controls the world has it in their interests to kill the world for they believe a new and better world will be born for ‘them’, the real human. So in essence ‘they’ are also for survival in their own sense, for those worthy to survive. . .
    What do those terms mean anyway, idealism. . . He says I am idealist. I say he is idealist believing in some unrealistic notion of the world he has in his head from the suburban America of the 1960s.

    Sorry, my Sunday rant… Best of luck with naked feet and fur boots, let your walk in either be noble. 🙂


    1. Food for thought, Andrea, as always food for thought. Thought is getting fat today! Yay! And thank you!

      Bee I think that guy is coming from a lot of different perspectives but at the bottom of it it is a “man’s” approach. Looking for the loving kindness that allows us to compromise we see that he is living in the masculine approach of “I protect my people even if it means kill or be killed.” (Survival). (Shoot the people coming over the wall.) Be thankful for that masculine quality that will go to extremes. It is necessary. Just not now.

      You, we, on the other hand, look for an approach that is the way women look at it. Wholistic. Big picture. Maybe not so willing to kill or be killed. Protect the children in our own way. Huddle with them. Cover them with our arms.

      ***** Before I forget, of course, I am speaking in sweeping generalities. Specifically, edges blur.*****

      So, in speaking to the masculine, first, we who recognize it, need to be grateful and express gratitude. This is strategic. But it is also kind. Detente is when opposing sides don’t take things personally and look for commonality. Usually one side has to start first. To soften the other side.

      This human community re-balancing can happen. As Andrea points out change is happening. We just have to soldier on like peaceful warriors.

      I’m speaking to myself.

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      1. BeeHappee says:

        Thank you Renee, I very much agree on masculine – fighter vs feminine – caretaker viewpoints, I was thinking same exact thing. Thanks for your thoughts, I live with that pondering daily and perhaps over think sometimes.

        Andrea best of luck with everything. Hope you find creative outlets. In my opinion what helps people make sustainable changes is when a leader
        1.educates on choices
        2. Inspires to make change
        3. Educates on practical skills needed for that choice to be sustainable.
        Perhaps it would be easier for you if you find a like minded team working on same goals.


    2. Dear Bee,
      It sounds like this man have been reading Nietzche and subscribe to the notion of the “superior race” (the cabal?). I understand what you mean though. That, right there, is idealism and is that good? Is it a good thing that some people walk around thinking like that?
      Clearly I don´t think it is. I don´t think this man is right, I think he sounds very callous. I also hang on to my own belief that this kind of intolerance stems from lack of love or the like. A sense of powerlessness. An anger over being supressed, an anger that needs to be channeled and has thus been channelled into… surpression. Kind of like when the victims of bullying end up being grown up bullies. Victims who victimize.

      Idealism leads to extremism and is extremism, fanatism good for us?
      I still think it´s better than the apathy and the resignation because then you can´t FIGHT (for something) and if you can´t fight for something things will die in the worst of ways.
      I say that coming form a rather peaceful and secure country (we hide our wars far away from home and never speak about them) (we hide the slaves that produce our goods far away from home and never speak about that either).
      This is slick, neat and nice…. and they speak about an epidemic of suicide. They speak about solitude.
      If I came from a country with war maybe I wouldn´t prefer idealism over apathy. I know that. I just still think it´s better to FEEL than to not feel.
      This man for instance…. as long as he feels something he is not dead. Maybe he needs to feel all of that hate exactly to not feel dead?
      Just morning thoughts…. Thanks for your perspective!


      1. Olive says:

        Living in a country with war, living with my babies through some 😦 I can say war is hideous, terrible, life altering beyond anything imagineable. Sometimes makes you hate humanity for being so inhumane.

        Regarding idealism, without it, we would maybe roll over and die? Some people are not strong enough to maintain beliefs under duress (human nature, conflict avoidance) and others are so idealistic, they are willing to lose everything to make a stand on principle. So I am not sure, but it seems like some of both are needed. In Islamic Jurisprudence (not to preach, culturally speaking) there are some things that once a certain group take responsibility for doing, the others are relieved of this obligation. Washing and burying the dead, defending during war, feeding the hungry, saving a life….if no one does it, all are guilty of the crime, once one does everyone is free. It seems to parallel what you are saying, maybe some people have it in them to come forward and do the difficult struggle thing, and other sit back and benefit from the idealists. The needs are met, some people sacrifice more than others(for the greater good?). Maybe we need the brave ones.
        Oh, and suicide is not very common over here….strangely as there is so much terror and bloodshed. People are really into enjoying living. Collective guilt, maybe, for being on top? I know that is a big part of why I was willing to give up my privilege (white, well educated) and live where we do. At least we try to keep it real and we live like most people, so yeah, it feels alot better at night. No offense whatsoever to any readers, just sayin’….

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        1. Wow Olive, that´s a potent comment!


  3. wazmn says:

    Thank you all. Thank you Andrea for writing, thank you Abigail, Bee and Renee-Lucie for responding.
    I too have to speak to myself, and doing so publically opens for the possibillity – for me – to grow smarter by listening to any responses/comments given to me. So thanks in advance.

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  4. Hi Wazmn. I think stories, narratives and conversations holds immense power and potential for human beings. This is how we structure the world. I really think we can change things by changing the things we allowed to be said, by fighting the isolation and solitude, by all of our murmur, rumble in the streets 🙂


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