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I´m a hoarder and I´m hoarding green.

Someone once said “It´s funny with you guys. In the winter time you think so much of summer, all of your projects and plans- but in the summertime you prepare so much for winter, you´ve turned the seasons upside down”
Only that we didn´t turn the seasons upside down… the seasons are layered into each other and not really separate in time so now I´m hoarding green for the white like a squirrel and it´s good.

(She´s the queen. Everybody knows her name) (she grows in such abundance)


As the raven communicate something (whatever) to me, as the rain falls on my forehead (the AIR is so loaded right now, so deep), as the kid constantly babble (superheroes I think) as I walk around in the wild gathering green (raspberry leafs, nettle, sorrel) it occurs to me that as harvest has begun for the foragers- the planting has begun for the farmers.
Thank god we have the best of both worlds (spinach, peas and onions are doing fine) (I´m making pesto, crackers, teas, drying, fermenting)

I really recommend this article (it speaks of farming and foraging, power, feminism, rewilding and magic – I´m moving in that direction)

Now he´s talking to that tree, a conversation about snakes.

My boy likes The Hulk.
My boys likes The Hulk because he´s green.
And strong. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really strong.

I´ll make him a Hulk Pie.
(the construction site in the background is our new underground greenhouse coming along)


Wild edibles and weed are deep miners, they contain so many vitamins and essential minerals, they´re superfood. They really are.
They make you strong. They really, really, really, really, really, really do.
Eat them whenever you can. Plus all of the psychological stuff, energy and essence, EAT it!

First you need to dip the nettles in boiling water for a minute.


Because of these, the stingers. I´m so fascinated by them, as if the nettle is a queen perfectly capable of defending herself.


– but also to reduce the water content in the leafs a bit. Now squeeze them.


It is FORBIDDEN to throw out the water. Water your seedlings with it, drink it, it´s so good for you (my friend wrote about her experiences with nettles here (in danish))


See? A clear green tea. This tastes exactly like spring to me. The EXACT taste of spring.

Now chop the nettles


Leave them to water off a little while rolling out the pie dough (flour, pieces of cold butter, salt, sugar, vinegar, one egg, cold water, quickly mixed together).

Bake it a bit in the oven to harden the crust


Then mix the chopped nettles with feta cheese, add some dried mushrooms for depth in the taste


Plus a handful of (chopped) sorrel


Then (in another bowl) whisk 8-10 eggs together with
(go easy on the salt since nettles can have a ocean-ish taste) (don´t go easy on the nutmeg)


Maybe you want to add some extra lemon to compliment the sorrel (if I weren´t so lazy I would have gone outside to pick some handfuls of chives too)


Take the pie out of the oven, place the nettle-cheese- mushroom mix in the bottom


Pour the eggs over the mix.

He likes almonds. I think it´s nice with some nutty´ness in the pie (in fact it´s real nice to add a bunch of crushed walnuts to the pie but he dosn´t like walnuts)


Bake until golden


I don´t mind this at all.


As a matter of fact these kinds of things makes me happy.



13 comments on “The Hulk Pie

  1. BeeHappee says:

    Hmm cool. I love sorrel soup never thought of sorrel and nettles in a pie. Will try something similar as to get my 4 yr old to eat anything green is mission impossible. Have to hide it in smoothies brownies and meatballs. We had not seen Hulk.
    Are they stinging nettles? In Lithuania we only had stinging nettles, but nettles around chicago do not sting. Or am I just crazy? 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yup, stinging nettles. The most common here too- but we also have a nettle that dosn´t sting (called “døvenælde”, not as common though) Hulk is a wonderful way to get youngsters to eat green 😉


      1. BeeHappee says:

        Thank you, and thanks for the article, enjoyed it. Reminded me of the disappearance of midwifery and birth process take over by predominantly male doctors with beeping machines..Perhaps hunter-gatherer society/way of life is romanticized at times, but a good balance of grow + gather would be nice.
        It is interesting when you think, that men were able to keep the hunting through the agriculture days, as privileged few – dukes and kings hunting with their dogs, and as a sport, and these days entire stores dedicated to hunting gear, even in most modern societies (although just a mockery of hunting), but gathering practice was demonized and punished by burning at the stake, and these days still looked upon as insane, unsafe or not useful.


        1. smcasson says:

          Yes, great point K about the hunting being revered, but gathering looked at as crazy. A couple family members acted happy to receive canned apple pie filling from me, but won’t eat it since I picked the apples off my tree. Oh well. Lots of people gave me strange reactions when I told em about gathering wild cherries but not after they tasted the jam!
          But I have not ventured out into nettles, sorrel, mushrooms, raspberry leaves. Not yet but will…


  2. Olive says:

    Lovely. Around here, raw green almonds are the essential flavor of spring. We walk up our hill and fill our pockets 🙂 The kids sometimes find a dried one on the tree, and crush it with a rock for a treat. By now, we have just gotten our first few ripe raspberries, and tons of mulberries as well.


    1. I love the fact that you live in a place so different than here… and we can still talk and share experiences! 🙂


  3. nicoleaugust says:

    Thanks for the article. Working toward deserving the title of Green witch :).


  4. smcasson says:

    Dinner looks tasty!


  5. Tricia says:

    Sweet recipe….anything green with feta = yum, me thinks:}
    “Hoarding green”, I like it! Makes me want to hoard it too. I hear alot about stinging nettle and I am sad to say I’ve never even seen it. Wish I could find some…. thanks for sharing!


    1. Stinging nettles are really the foraging “beginners step”- they are so easy to find and pick and there´s loads of recipes out there (I prefere conserving nettles as a pesto though) I hope you find some! 🙂


  6. Pernille says:

    Great article:
    … “While the new system of agriculture is believed to have been a boon, providing more food for all on a predictable basis – this was hardly the case. Early farming was estimated to produce only about three-fifths of the food gained from foraging— and it took way more work too! So why farm?

    The answer is still not clear. But Jacob L. Weisdorf of the Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen, believes it was all about money. Agriculture left the food supply in fewer and wealthier hands and its continued control was “ultimately necessary to the rise of modern civilization by creating the foundation for the later process of industrialization and sustained economic growth.”

    And according to feminist Silvia Federici, what this meant for women was that they no longer had access to land, and control over the crops they cultivated (which ensured their economic independence.) Now “their work, and their sexual and reproductive powers were placed under the control of the State and transformed into economic resources”….”

    I cannot find words for the feelings it gives to me about today’s speeches of “commonwealth” (or wellfare) and “economic growth” and bla bla – .Green is a gift from nature to all plant eaters.


    I can taste it from here (London).


  8. Maria Lisette says:

    Pure green love! 😉


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