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Kid is befriending the bumblebees, caressing them on the stomach with a straw until they…. buzz just for him.



The first tree to blossom in the spring is the willow

Therefore these are the days of the bumblebees and the willow trees.

A short moment before the whole world begins to spin, a sacred moment in time: buzzing, bending, waving in the wind.


If you address me I will answer.

No. I do not do what I do to get attention. I do what I do because this is how I have chosen to live my life.
And I have chosen to communicate my life.

No. I will not shut up and be happy, do my gardening and smile. I am preoccupied with the manipulation taking place in the evil empire we call contemporary capitalistic consumer society. I will continue to air my concern. It´s ok if you need to reduce that to me not being able to be happy. Maybe you´re right but it seems to me that I share this problem with a lot of people. Why? Why can´t we be happy? And why are we required to be happy, why are we stuffed with pictures of happy shiny people, force-fed like geese?

Yes. I will engage in battle and I will try to stay true, even if it costs me friendships and goodwill, even if it pains me (and it does). I will stand up for what I believe in. I will not be corrupted.

(some shitstorming has been taking place online and something else too hence my need to… clarify)
(sometimes the world of other people is like glitter to me, ripples on the lake water in sunshine, it attracts me, I can stare at it for hours) but I swear I will never forget the world of bumblebees and the willow trees!
There is great comfort in THAT buzz, there is great consolation in THOSE trees.

This is what we did yesterday


We danced on the land.

We have demounted all of our hugelkulturs. Then we rented a machine and then we plowed the land.
Our permaculture is changing, we are experimenting, trying to find our role. On the land. On the land.

We also made this music video featuring Persille, Lasse and Jeppe, remember you can support them here.


14 comments on “Bumblebees and willow trees

  1. Dear andrea
    I am interested to hear more about your changing ideas about permaculture.
    I work as a gardener (about eighteen ornamental gardens belonging to rich people) and also write a garden column for my small-town newspaper.
    My own interests however are more concerned with small scale agriculture and food production, although “plant geek” is probably my private view of myself.
    Best wishes going into the gardening year!
    ~ Abigail
    P.S. are you near to kautekeino(sp?) Norge and what respects given to Sami culture in your area?


  2. Hartley Bloomfield says:

    Queen and worker bumble bees can sting, and they do not lose their stingers. One flew into our car and was trapped between the seat and my back Tuesday. This is Sunday was I still have three big red bumps. Hartley


    1. Dear Abigail,
      We live in the sourthernest part of the Finnskogan (sami area), in the periferi of their hunting grounds. It´s a really beautyful area and I am very inspired by the sami (not at least their stories and lore)

      Our concepts of permaculture has not so much changed as it has developed into a deeper understanding. We desgined a garden of entirely hugelkultur (raised) beds but it seems to me that these are very labor intensive plus they attract ants (and we have an ant problem, no need to create a feeding feast in the midle of our vegetables 😉 We will “break ground” this one time and then we will grow vegetavles in rows (easier to weed) and cover the plants with grass clippings since this sort of soil enrichment seems to work very well for us. I´ll write a post about the garden soon! 🙂


    2. Yeah, I know, but somehow they don´t sting him as long as he talks to them and caress them 🙂


  3. Eumaeus says:

    I’m trolling the internet looking for PPE violations and Danish Slam Champ needs to wear some gloves. I’ll let the eye protection slide.

    This time of spring is a time of confidence.

    But why do we have to hold on to anything? There may be something to fight about but it is more like jujitsu or emptiness dancing.

    The problem is this: only you know the truth and the truth you know does not satisfy you. No ‘truth’ that can be grasped and held will ever satisfy you.

    like the willow who has no problem bending, no problem with silence, who is not seeking (not even seeking the sun)…

    i am cutting the willow here and there. she knows how much i value her. this year she’ll just be full along crawdad creek. this year her boughs made a fence by the teeter-totter, this year her boughs made a shade fence for piggie. she is not resentful that I cut her. conditions change but she doesn’t resent…


    1. Well I do. These days are saturated with… a problem, everything related to my book: I am not satisfied with my calling since my calling hurts me (and sometimes others) yet I cannot stop doing what I do because I believe in it.
      But the truth I grasp satisfies me…. it does. I am happy. But also sorrowful about all the conflicts and problems related to this position.

      I´m not a willow tree but I wish I was.
      I´m a human tree.

      But thanks for commenting, E. I hope poetry follows you like a shadow everywhere you go. Smiley. Heart.

      Ps. Sometimes truth is like the buzzing of a bumblebee. And my son can hold the bumblebees in his hand. I have great confidence in him.


      1. Eumaeus says:

        sounds good…
        human trees don’t seek satisfaction
        pain bodies do and it keeps them alive
        and yes… if you’ve no wounds on your hands then you can handle poison without fear… but I’m feeling like I’m preaching today and I need to shut up… and stop puting things after my “I am”
        peace be with you…


    2. BeeHappee says:

      Hey, hey, don’t mess with my Danish Slam Champ, he would not look quite as good in PPE. 🙂 Can’t cover up those fancy pants with chaps after all.

      Andrea, what exactly is going on, I noticed this theme in your last posts? I think those links are in danish. Regarding your new book or already published book? I am not sure I am understanding the whole story.


  4. Peace with you too. Here´s the thing (one of the things): or here:
    To be honest the critisism has waned, it used to be worse.


    1. Eumaeus says:

      critisism feeds the pain body
      it needs it
      thrives on it
      sees it in places it doesn’t exist

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ncfarmchick says:

      I read a little of the (translated) comments from FB. Of course, some of the translation is hilarious in its inaccuracies (I’m sure). Some of those people are just off the wall, though. And I love how Persille kept egging the one women on in a humorous way. She is a very good friend to have. Clearly the herd instinct is alive and well in all parts of the world in both good ways (Persille’s protection) and bad (hater comments rooted in dislike of someone “leaving the herd,”)
      Love the video and song, too. And you got some cooking fuel out of it by the end!


  5. BeeHappee says:

    I had not even finished Tolle, so cannot comment on pain body thing, but I liked the concept the way he described it.

    My first thought was: are you a giver or a taker? If you feel like you are a giver, then nothing much matters, in personal life, or in public life, you believe your cause, you do what your heart tells you and it all makes sense. People will have opinions, one way or another, millions of opinions from millions of directions. Criticism (opinions) hurts when you feel like a taker – when you say, I need this for myself: to be accepted, to be loved, to be admired as a public figure, to get something out of it, to not get someone hurt, etc. ??

    From political perspective, criticism and personal attacks are used as a weapon, to bring you down, to keep you busy in that “fight back” mode or feed the pain body mode that E is talking about, so instead of focusing on positive creation, you are too busy and absorbed in the pain or fighting back with the critics.

    Good luck, Andrea! Hugs, and happy gardening, happy writing.


  6. Søren says:

    How can we ever hope to change the World if we dont wanna change over selves, for real. We hold on to our pathetic little egoes, like a kid Holding on to his favorite toy. Its pointless really cos it will brake, then we loose interest and then it is tossed into the bin. That goes for toy and ego both.

    And what’s all the hulabalo about our incessant infatuation with DOING all the time, always doing something, endless do do do. Are we afraid that we will die and vanish if we stop doing. We are Called human Beings for a reason, why is being not enough, have we any inckling what being really is and what emense power it holds, to just be. A human just being hold Seven fold the magic of words or any doing …. we create change simply by being it, by living it. Ah most of you will say, Bull shit that can’t be, we need to do something. That first step into doing lands you Right back in the Matrix of fight and struggle.

    Yes the system is shitty, is that not the whole point of a heartless program, a mere game. All games end when a significant number of people leave the table. Like All Pachino says “when you Think your out, they drag you back in”, no All by acknowleging “them” You step back in. We can not have it both ways. Either we step on the boat or stay on the Dock, one leg on each side lands us in the water.

    We can fight the universe, but we can never win. We can fight the flow, but we can never stay put, change will come along a sweep us up if we want it our not. What is so scary about change anyway, the not knowing what’s coming? We can never really know, but we spend lifetimes predicting, often based on a shitty past. And then, like spoiled little brats, we bich when we get what we asked for. And yes we did ask for it, why else would we predict anything …. we have known pain and struggle so long it has become part of us, imprinted into our ancestral DNA. It does not have to be that way, DNA is self cleaning, but it requires that we give it to go ahead, by honestly looking at, no starring down that pain, that shadow. Stare until it makes you vomit, makes you physically ill. Its wants to be akcnowledge just like any other part of life. When we IGNORE it it keeps coming back, harder and hard each time ….

    “I am just as much part of you as your pleasures, why will you not look at me, why? Am I so ugly, am I so bad. I am alive why will you not see me” that is Pain talking. If Pain was you borther or you sister, would you not embrace it, comfort it in your arms, look it straight in the eyes and “I love you too, how could I not, you are my Sister”


    1. Eumaeus says:

      I think the is also like Suzanne and “she shows you where to look among the garbage and the flowers”… But then I am inflicting another persona on her (and talking about her in the third person to boot), but you know her better than I…


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