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The other day I received a notice from the Danish Litterary Art Counsil. They have decided to fund the writing of my book about Voluspá- the old norse poem about the end of the world. The prophecy of the seeress.
The book will (like all of my books) be a work of creative nonfiction, my intent is to show that we can use these old stories when we struggle to create a new story (we need that)… of the people.

I´ve been asatru for more than 10 years (studying the lore of my ancestors, practising the way of my forefathers) and I have two eyes: one trained in academia, one well experienced in analytical thinking, research and contemporary culture, I can debate and discuss, I can speak up, I can talk the walk and the other way around too, sure!
The other eye is different.
I have my faith. I have my amulets and my secret places.

The very day I got the grant a rainbow occurred above my house.
In old norse mythology the rainbow is the holy bridge that leads to the land of the gods, Valhalla.
And on that very same day I received a mail from a man I respect a lot. He pointed my attention towards this reddit thread discussing Ran prieurs work. It´s interesting to me because they are discussing something I have been struggling with for a long time: the purity (and the falsehood of that purity) within the re- wilding mindset (permaculture, transition towns, living of the land, homesteading, sustainability ect)
The timing was so beautiful because the discussing spoke to both of my eyes… sitting, as I were, under the rainbow more or less calm because I can now dive into the work of the Volvá with good conscience (I don´t have to hustle, at least not for the next six months) (I CRAVE writing this book) (Oh my god!)

There is no concept of personal salvation in old norse mythology. There is no pure kingdom of god, the gods are exactly as contradictory and struggling as the rest of us- and I think there is a point to this and something we can use in our debates about alternatives to the dominant destructive system that we live in. Paradise (and utopia) exists for some (and all power to them, it´s good with a multitude of stories!) but maybe it´s ok if it dosn´t for all of us?

Let´s not deny life in all of it´s lazyness and boredom, it´s suffering, misery and pain, it´s bliss, joy and freakishly vibrant dance.

Let´s take it all in. Also when we re-wild. The eye.
I encourage you to read that reddit thread. I find it very interesting (even if you don’t know who Ran Prieur is)

8 comments on “Rainbow state of mind

  1. Hanne Ishøy Nielsen says:

    Kære Andrea. Tillykke med den nye mulighed, for at du kan få skrevet din bog. Den vil jeg glæde mig til at læse!
    Regnbuer er magiske og værd at lægge mærke til 🙂
    KH Hanne


  2. Dear andrea
    Wonderful news! Best wishes for a fruitful period being supported by the grant.
    ~ Abigail


  3. Mitzie says:

    Tillykke Andrea og held og lykke med projektet. 🙂
    Vh Mitzie


  4. BeeHappee says:

    Congrats and good luck! Very exciting, very interesting. Waldorf schools here in USA cover much material on Norse mythology. It will be interesting to see how you cover it through your lens of experiences and senses of the world. Best of inspiration to you, Andrea.


  5. Pernille says:

    Good luck for you. I believe you can describe anything! You have a special gift with words and I have become more and more open for the big deceive, we all more or less are a part of. Thank you for your nudging posts, they have become a sort of platform for a different kind of spirituality for me through some years now. Enjoy your coming work. You certaintly deserves it.


  6. Eumaeus says:

    Who thinks that the pure kingdom of god does not contain laziness and boredom, suffering, misery and pain, bliss, joy and freakish vibrant dance? The “pure kingdom of god” is a concept. We should be careful we don’t live in concepts but in the pure kingdom of god – ha ha. 🙂


  7. Valdís says:

    Hej Andrea
    Just wanted to give you these words to use:
    Valhöll (but Valhalla is fine, this one is for fun mostly)
    I’ve become a word fascist after moving to Denmark. Mostly when I see the old words who have fallen victim to what I call “den danske nemhed” and see signs saying things like Ydunsvej (Iðunn is so much more better, maybe it´s just me)
    And also because sometimes you express your sorrow for the loss of the wild and nature here I want to tell you something. Before I just knew that the gods were mine. I read the stories, knowing their truth. But in many ways I didn´t relate. But they were mine. proudly mine without the need to shout about it. Later, much later I came here. And began to experience real thunderstorms. The yellow in the sun and the corn. The woods. The green. And I can feel them. They come from here. Jelling. Trelleborg. The energy there is…something else. Anyway, I went to Moesgård last saturday and I’m still thinking about it. All those things filled with belief and power. Just wonderful and not sad because I could feel the power oozing around. There is still life in the land, believe me, you will feel it one day when you visit. I look forward to reading your book when it’s done. Hils ulvene 🙂


    1. I know Valdis, the land whispers and it´s my greatest sorrow that we plowed it, toke down the trees, straigthened the rivers, I miss my homeland so much (and it pains me to see the state it is in). Regarding the words: I flex between writing danish and english sometimes the words from one language oozes into the words of the other language 🙂
      (and then there are the old icelandic words to take into consideration too… so many languages!)
      Thank you for your comment. It was nice to read about your experience in the Motherland. It´s a beautyful place!


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