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It is true. We ran out of the house like escapists!
We sat in the smoke from the fire for ages!


OH! They joy of outdoor living! OH! My campfire… I have missed thee!

We dismantled, worked, cleaned up, ready the soil, ready everything.
We ate (the famous pickled herring)


We danced the sunshine dance





Measured the size of the trees and each other (I´m still to small to be their mother)


Measured the past and the future (they´re still small in a big world)


The flock is almost gathered now, the flock is almost complete



And the snow is almost gone.



Everything we own have been bought second-hand. Our house is build from trees (we took down our selves) and repurposed materials. It´s a mess. It´s chaos and disorder. It is ugly- but you know what? I don´t care one bit, not anymore, screw the picture perfect- this is LIFE!

13 comments on “Natives

  1. BeeHappee says:

    Oh how nice with all that smoke! This is picture perfect for sure, magazine perfect, great emotions in your images.
    I see the tent, are kids relegated to the tent? 🙂
    If I end up quitting my job and living in this 150 year old log cabin I keep looking at today, it will be all your fault, Andrea…
    Enjoy the spring!!!!


    1. David says:

      Do it, Bee! Just do it! Go, run, be native! 🙂

      It’s great to see everything coming alive, Andrea! We are running outside today, too (65*F), but tomorrow, a dusting of snow again…


      1. BeeHappee says:

        Thanks, David, I am getting there, slowly but surely, it is not a matter of if, it is just a matter of when, that is, which month. Or maybe which day 🙂
        Snow? Where are you guys, East coast?


  2. nicoleaugust says:

    Yeah Spring! It was warm today. Worked all afternoon cleaning up the garden. Feel like a real person again ! Enjoy that Fire !


  3. Dear Andrea,
    Good to hear how satisfying everything seems at this moment, and that your weekend will be shining and joyful.
    We scavenge a lot too, but with so many well-off seasonal residents in this community, sometimes it is so lux it hardly seems like scavenging.
    We used to have a “dump”: a big pit in the ground where the usable stuff was put to the side and everything else just tossed in the hole. A bulldozer pushed fill over top of it and buried it all regularly, but the usable lumber, chairs, tools, were off to the side.
    Then came a change in the health laws and our dump was required to become a landfill–no open pit anymore, and no more dump, “where we store our most valuable junk,” no more dump-picking, because now everything was required to be broken into un-usable, small pieces before being brought to the landfill–instantly destroyed by the new “healthy” landfill regs.
    But some scavenger ladies took over a rotten shed next to the landfill, and put out the word that they would take and organize the “valuable junk”. It was run by Dot, and so became known as Dot’s Boutique, because it yielded up so many fabulous FREE boutique items of clothes, books, dishes, small appliances in working order.
    Now Dot has gone on to the great boutique in the sky and the name has become simply The Dumptique. It is still run by a group of scavenger ladies. Any one who comes here and knows anything heads first off straight to the Dumptique, top of the list, because that is where you are going to find a baby buggy in working condition or your Prada boots, or something you did not know you needed until that very instant you laid eyes on it.
    You could have a Dumptique where you live….
    Happy Easter Spring Rising!
    ~ Abigail


  4. smcasson says:

    I’ve become weary of the picture perfect as well. The functional, cheap and handmade is beautiful.
    Sounds like a great day. Yes, awesome emotions in your pictures!


  5. There is the Anti-Christ, the Anti-Pasta and you. You are the Anti-Martha! (Stewart). Hallelujah!


    1. BeeHappee says:

      Anti-Martha! 😀 Renee, I think you are the anti-Martha!


  6. ncfarmchick says:

    So often the seemingly “perfect” is anything but in reality. The beauty and love in these photos and your words is something many perfection-seekers will never experience. Energy put into the realness of life beats polishing up the false and empty any day. Enjoy the dance!


    1. smcasson says:

      Well put, nc. You’re right! The Dust if You Must poem (I think Renee shared) comes to mind…


      1. ncfarmchick says:

        Yes, that is a great poem and should probably be a gift to all new parents:)


      2. Yeah, it was me! I have that poem up on my office bulletin board so I never forget it.


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