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Glorious sunshine, working in the garden slaughtering 6 roosters, glorious, glorious and BAM!


She does that sometimes.
Succer punch.

A fierce snowstorm later all of my new garden beds are covered in snow, we´re more or less snowed in. Again.
Just yesterday we sat there… by the bonfire and we talked about the future. The future looked bright.
I don´t think I´ve ever seen so much snow fall so fast.

It´s not that I didn´t know it could happen. It´s just that I though I could change the world if I went about my daily life thinking happy thoughts, now sprinkle me fairy dust, won´t you!
No. Not really. I didn´t.

She constantly reminds me that it´s not like that.

So once again we begin a life of throwing snow


and reading books


We´ve got this. We know what to do (light up the big stove, bake a cake) it just never, ever, seizes to amaze me how this wilderness life is folded around it self, so many layers, how many spheres we live in. How many modes of operation, how many worlds.
Reality is DEEP. BROAD. WIDER.

I guess my perception of life has changed. Life is no longer linear and predictable in my minds eye. Life is… multidimensional. We have many worlds to live in. Right now we´re back in winterworld but soon springworld will dance her way back.

So I built myself a work table in a corner of the living room and went into winter-mode. Writing.

The other day I found a tea cozy in the thrift store. It might be the ugliest tea cozy I have ever seen so I bought it- part pity/part respect/partfully a reminder:

” We DO need writers who use their privilege to live more free and examine the world and discover and try out possibilities that most people are cut off from due to all kinds of ties and terms. If not I experience the writer as a sort of traitor who would be better off working in a more respectable trade” (Suzanne Brøgger)

Stay true. Truth is ugly.
Ugly Henmother will keep me a little cozy as I walk through the valleys of whatever.
Ugly Henmother will remind me of spring, Ugly Henmother will cluck if I go into traitor-land.

Other than that I have this to account: I think that it is very wise to listen to winter. Winter will bend your problems and lies in neon, spit them in your face, winter will make them multiply, they will grow like billboards or giant mushrooms in your living room, that´s what winter does. No where to hide, nowhere to run.

“Winter makes us crazy” he says. This is our fourth of fifth winter here, we´ve got skills now, we know the drill but still!
Winter makes us crazy. The only thing that helps is to listen.
And then, when spring comes dancing in: equip yourself better, restructure and reorganise.
Winter have a message- you´d be better off if you listen.
For us the message was this: we will kill each other if we do not make room and take time.

Building a work table in the middle of the living room was a well thought out strategic plan.


Ps. I changed the layout of the blog (won´t change it again, promise) We´ve been cleaning up on the outside, many years of busy work, working materials everywhere, raked a lot! So I felt I had to do the same in here.

11 comments on “Ugly Henmother and the many worlds

  1. Abigail Higgins says:

    dear andrea
    people here would kill for a tea cosy like that–
    all best,
    ~ abigail


    1. I can look at all the second hand shops and send them out to people, make a dollar or two… 🙂


  2. That is the ugliest mother effer I ever saw but ain’t she sweet! Beauty is as beauty does and she keeps the tea warm! Love it! (Couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be at first. You should have had a guessing contest. What is this supposed to be? Win a prize!)

    I love your title. It sounds like the title of a fable for children. Is that a prompt?


  3. BeeHappee says:

    Please, Andrea, we are not in the wilderness, and we have it all the same…Winter makes us crazy. Spring tricks us and winter returns. All the same layers. All the same messages. Not so much wilderness, it is just life. Thanks for writing, I totally relate to your words.
    I need one cozy like that.. Not for tea, for myself.
    Is that tea cozy supposed to be a chicken?


    1. Yeah, I know it´s the same I didn´t mean to imply that life as such is different out here – it´s just that my perception and understanding have changed…. I didn´t notice before (but then again I wasn´t very present or aware back then)


    2. OK sorry Bee I have to chime in. As one who has lived in winter all the years of my youth I know that winter in a city is a different kettle of fish than living out where there are few people. You know that! Yes, winter preys upon patience the same in city or country but out in the country there is a survival consciousness that isn’t found in the city. After all in the city one can find the neighbors by walking outdoors and bumping into a house. You can do it blind. You don’t have to walk far. If you did that in a blizzard in sparsely populated areas it would be almost guaranteed suicide. But , yes, winter is still very trying no matter where you live.

      I’ve noticed the like or dislike of winter is inversely proportional to how long it lasts. In the beginning of winter every body loves it and thinks its so fun. If it goes long the love affair loses its luster.


  4. BeeHappee says:

    Oh, and I do like your new theme very much, much easier to use, and pleasing to the eye.
    Oh, that’s right, it is a chicken, just now read the title…..:) I would sew on some wings or perhaps even feathers.


  5. smcasson says:

    Tea has the implication to me of sitting and being quiet – writing, thinking, listening to music or a friend… I never seem to find time for that quiet. Stuff to finish, build, accomplish. Either that or the kids.
    Anyway. That’s what a tea cozy makes me think of. A luxury of quiet.
    We might get flakes tomorrow… On my new garden bed! Thanks for the jinx Bee!
    Good luck Andrea… Roll with it!


    1. Exactly. So much work, so many things to do- prioritizing yourself is a challenge (to me)


      1. smcasson says:

        Yup, it’s a challenge for me too.


  6. ncfarmchick says:

    I have adopted a few things like your tea cozy over the years, things that you know someone spent a lot of time making and there it sits in a second-hand shop or yard sale no longer wanted. I am a sucker for those things but try to keep it to a minimum and only functional things (though unfinished needlework projects get me, too. I imagine I am fulfilling the original creator’s vision by finishing what they started and it’s fun to think about why they never finished it.) I have seen tea cozies decorated like chickens and now I think I must have one. Maybe, long Winters are why things like tea cozies exist. Comfort comes in all forms. Sending warm wishes your way!


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