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Good morning!
It´s such a good morning!

Water is flowing again, hard shells breaking, my cold heart melting, I have HOPE.
So today I won´t spend my time defending why I think it´s ok to criticize the system even if one is depended upon it (this system has permeated everything, water, sky, body, mind dosn´t mean one should keep quiet, imagine a world where one is not allowed to criticize the power!) and I won´t explain why we ran into the wild only to raise our voices (regaining a sense of agency/reminded why to fight for the greater good) Nope.
Today I will show you this


Lake is singing it´song of friction.
Bird welcoming us, the smell of sunheated soil, the lay of the land, spruce, pine, birch, willow, oh! Man!

First we inspected the building materials, the firewood, the animals, the seedlings,  the land, the water, the sky, up and above, down and below




Then we made a ritual fire.
This is our yule tree burning. We burn winter now. New seasson. New life.




We are HOME and this is what our hands look like. Again.

It is as it should be.

Having done the speaking tour will allow us to invest in soil enrichment materials as well as maybe finally some boards to cover the cabin. Maybe a two-wheel tractor, let´s see.
But having done the speaking tour, having done this extrovert thing… it´s not only something we do for the money, it´s not only something we do to get home, oh, we are blessed to be able to return to this!, no, it´s something we do because something happened out here, in the wild and now I want to tell you about it before we welcome the people of the forest to he traditional sunday coffee, I want to tell you about it because I feel obliged to do so.

We woke up out here.
We were reminded that humans are strong, capable, we hold tremendous powers and that we are not evil.

A sense of power was rekindled. Having your body, mind, soul tickled like this can be utterly and extremely painful, I have told you much about that- but above and below everything else is this:
Let´s do what we can! Let´s stand together!

It is called hope.

Lastly I want to show you the music video we made the other day in the city.

See, my husband Jeppe is a musician but he have not been playing music for four years (except maybe you could say that there is some musicality in swinging the axe).
He left the industry just as I did. Let´s not try and be artists anymore, it´s insane, everyone arguing over the same small dog bone, everyone fighting to “make it” only that it happens to the 1% – the rest of us are kept poor and in our places, reinforcing the status qou, hell no, no more!

I left my so-called writing career and he left his so-called music career.
Only the words were necessary, I couldn´t live without them, I understand the world through them. To him it was different. Not a sound.
Then half a year ago he suddenly sat down and made 12 songs. It was crazy. He was absorbed, talking, walking in music, music flowed from him, he´s been a mad scientist this whole winter.
Our friend Persille, who grew up in the industry, famous father, she saw the destructiveness of it, she left too… only when he made the music she couldn´t help herself so she made the words and she sang them… with great reverence.

This music video is a prayer.

We had to do something. Four years ago we were sitting there not knowing what to do, WHAT CAN WE DO!!?… about the climate crisis, the social unrest, poor children, there are so many crisis´es not at least a crisis within a lot of us (inside of our selves) what to do, what to do, what to do?
We just ran.
Running is a valid option. Humans have been doing this all through the history of mankind (seeking new territory, starting all over)- fleeing is looked down upon but in actuality fleeing danger is wired into our existence: when in danger: run!
Then regroup.
Then fight.

I will not excuse this anymore, I will not defend it.
We did what we did and now we are ready to fight the danger and face the opposition, we are ready to contribute, we are ready to believe, we have hope.
That´s all.

So I say it again. This music is a prayer. It is send into the world from a place of hope.

I hope you will support Jeppe and Persille in any way you can, be it money or solidarity or sharing this video.
They are doing something- outside of the industry- I love them.
(and thunderboy is in the video too!)

24 comments on “It´s called hope

  1. Sofie says:

    I think fleeing and hiding is any bit as honourable as fighting. Its not one or the other. They are interdependent. As you say. No one can fight forever. In some situations, fighting is downright stupid. One needs rest, charge batteries and eat, regrouping, time to think, to plan a strategy. And warriors need a place to retreat, between battles. I want to fight too.


  2. BeeHappee says:

    Oh my goodness, Andrea, that is quite a video and song!!!!! Really really nice work. What do the words say approximately? How did they make the shots from the sky?
    I see furniture next to your fire. . Did you burn the furniture? 🙂 I so much enjoy looking at your pictures, and reading your words, thank you!


    1. There´s a thing about burning furniture: you´d think it´d be fun, you´d get all exited and then just through everything on the fire…. hard earn experience has taught me though that burning furniture is the WORST. It smells, it´s smoky, it has that polution vibe to it. So we seldom burn furniture anymore – the furniture around the camp fire is just rotten furniture that we got from a second hand shop because we got tired of sitting uncomfortable outside. In the beginning we moved our real furniture out next to the fire but then we didn´t have anything in the house… my dream though is to make enough furs to make it look real nice out there! (and wilderness furniture buildt out of rafts too… I´ve seen a swing bench buildt like that… oooohhh)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. BeeHappee says:

        Thanks, Andrea, I was just kidding about burning the furniture. 🙂 But really had a laugh when I saw your cushioned chair and a kitchen chair next to the campfire. Kind of artistic. 🙂
        The song and the video are amazing!


  3. wynterwyrd67 says:

    I love the late 60s/early 70s vibe of this song….lots of luscious Fender Rhodes piano , growling Hammond Organ and extraordinarily old skool soulful vocals and harmonies.
    It sorta reminds me of Julie Driscoll stuff from late 60s London or maybe Fay Hallam and Trinity from today’s scene…..not that I’m comparing, it’s just that they all seem to come from a similar organic groove!
    Is it available to buy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jeppe will be pleased when he reads this comment wynterwyrd since his heroes all have “that organic vibe” (such a precise description) and his main instrument is the hammond organ (allthough he´s morphing into a bass player at the moment) It´s funny because I love me some sad songs but this vibe has always been his… always and always nomatter who he played with. he´s sturdy like that.
      They are crowdfunding money to print the record (on vinyl and for download) so it´s not available to buy just yet 🙂


  4. yes, I also want to know how the aerial shots were made. Has to be helicopter! Yes?

    But more importantly, really good work! I couldn’t understand any of the words so I hope the settings were evocative of the words. Two humans feel isolation in a swirling world, dinosaurs reminding us we can go extinct, too. The world is so big. The tiny human alone on a vast expanse. Well done!

    Andrea, there’s nothing like spring to bring hope into life and I hope that in your travels you found an audience. That gives hope, too! I believe there is a bigger audience than we might realize.


    1. Bearpaws says:

      I assumed it was a drone with a camera attached based on the shadow.


      1. Yup, it was done with a drone 🙂


    2. Dear Renee, yes, there is something about that… being met, being heard, it does make me feel better, it does give me hope, it does. Love your interpretation of the images!


  5. Tricia says:

    Sweet song! Love the music and the female voice is beautiful…. Excited and happy for you:} Hope rocks…


  6. Abigail Higgins says:

    photo of the drone to make the video, couple of posts back–


  7. Well, what do you know! I’m so lo-tech.


  8. Bearpaws says:

    I loved the music/video. Wish I knew the words. It would be great to have an english version and an outlet to buy the music as well as an opportunity to donate, such as Ben Hewitt’s “Generosity Enabler” button on his blog. I’d like to support your efforts.


    1. smcasson says:

      A crowd funding link was given a number of posts back.


    2. One is always more than wellcome to support our work via these numbers:
      IBAN: SE5980000833600130761489
      Fryksdalens Sparbank.

      I´m thinking about that generosity enabler too. I´ve had these numbers up for a while but the generosity enabler seems fancier (but will require me to make a paypal account and I´m sorta against that but let´s see) Thanks!


  9. ncfarmchick says:

    Funky! Love it and the sight of Sigurd running circles. He and my boys could be best friends.
    The photos above are achingly beautiful and if anyone didn’t understand your need to flee to the forest a look at those pictures would do all the convincing. Just beautiful! I can hear the ice cracking and the water running toward Spring.


  10. The sound of the lake right now is just amazing. I mean… I will never be able to describe that. Spring actually has a SOUND. Life is so strange…


    1. I know what you mean. Same here!
      And I must admit that it has a similar diminishing effect on me as seeing the polar lights. makes you feel small, realising there are powers at work we can not possibly try to control.
      And we are having real garden furniture for the first time this year, too. 🙂
      We can actually sit and dine comfortably, instead of hunkering on a log next to the campfire, but we’re keeping that place anyway. It is the heart of our garden and in many ways or life here.

      Don’t know about the song. We’re having internetissues…. again. Sometimes I feel we are still using a 14K4 connection. We can write and read… sort of, but videos?? Glöm det..


  11. haha, same here. I pretend to watch all of the videos online but in reality I don´t 😉 (this one I did though…. and it took 300 MINUTES to upload it!)


    1. smcasson says:

      I tried to watch the video last night but couldn’t. Some technical error. (unrelated to IE8, Bee. 🙂 I’ll try again today, can’t wait to watch it.
      Can I ask what type of connection you guys have, Andrea and Ron? Out here in the booneys of KY I am limited to satellite internet, where I have a 10gb total download limit per month. Really frustrating. When is the last time you’ve heard of someone wishing they had DSL? Yup, that’s me…..


      1. I have a wireless connection. Connected to a large antenna 20km from here. Whenever there’s much wind, snow or rain it pretty much stops. And that connection will be seriously strained after july, when the telecom companies in their everlasting wisdom, will cease to operate all landbased telephonelines..


  12. Bill says:

    Hooray for sunheated soil and dirty hands!
    It is a good morning indeed.

    My spring smile kindly on you.


  13. Tiffany says:

    I couldn’t read the crowd fund site. Is there some way to interpret it into English? We had a jazz musician at the theater last year who played the organ, and now I have a better enjoyment of it. I usually need to see and hear music live, before I can appreciate it recorded. So, I do want their record (her voice… Wow), and would love the lyrics written in English, as well, or at least the gist of the song. Thanks for your help.


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