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We travelled all day to be home by sunset. First we traveled by train. Fate would have it so that we met one of the wandering boys at Gothenburg Central Station, these boys, I wrote about them in the book, people of the forest, dedicated souls living in nature, he was travelling with his bow, we didn´t recognize him, so much have changed.
Full circle.
The wandering boys came to help us in our darkest hours the first year here in the forest. They taught us so much. Such joy in the midst of the myriad.
Welcome home.

Another train to Kil where we had our busted out Volvo parked for the two weeks it´s been…. touring. Always an excitement to see if it will start. Good ole faithful did and thus we headed home.



Through the flatlands and up, up, up into the mountains



Light the fire.

All of these cabins in the wild… they are cold you know when people are not located in the cabins all of the time all through winter to tend to the fire.
The home gets stone dead and deep frozen if you do not tend to the fire within.
You could extract this psychical reality to a psychological reality if you felt like it but maybe you don´t. Lighting the fire is ritual, lighting the fire is god.

Then drink the water.

Clear cold clean well water. You can’t get that anywhere but here and I can´t drink the water in the city, I need the well water, I do!

This is a life of fire and water, weather and soil, our home is located right in the middle.

Busch craft experts and wilderness dwellers will tell you the same, over and over again: what you truly need as a human being, the bare essentials: food, water, shelter, fire.
We´ve got that. We fought for that. We know that. Now.
I appreciate this. I value it. I find the essentials important.

You got to start with the bare essential (and I would add TIME as an essential too right up there among food and water and fire and shelter), you got to begin with your hands, actual reality. Fight feeling powerless by actual doing something in actual reality, that´s what I think (plus: the private is political and yadi yadi but nevermind I´m home now, exhale)

I´ll be sleeping for as long as I damn well please like tomorrow. I´ll be examining the wolftracks outside. I´ll drink the coffee in my own pace. I´ll be taking down trees for next winters firewood. I´ll be planting seeds, I´ll be using my body, touching reality oh, oh, oh, this is grand!

The snow is almost gone now but you can still smell it in the air. Inside and outside is connected.



8 comments on “Hyper. Positive

  1. Abigail Higgins says:

    dear andrea,

    i live on an island, and when we get home from being on the mainland it is how you say. the house thoroughly, completely, stone cold (unless son has fired up the stove for us); bed and mattress ditto. heart of the house has to be reawakened.

    wondering what’s dead?, what price had to be paid for the time away–how are the pets, animals, greenhouse, house plants faring?

    the whole time away it is almost like holding one’s breath. when we arrive back home safely–thank you, deities–i figuratively and literally exhale a long thankful release of anxiety.

    i am not a hermit (although Husband says it is impossible to pry me away from home!) but getting to the mainland–it batters one. i think, how do these people survive these 75 mile-per-hour, eat crap food, go to work in a cubicle, breathe bad air, lives like this?

    drink good water and raw buttermilk is right up there at the top of the list of homecoming affirmations.

    all best,
    ~ abigail


  2. nicoleaugust says:

    Everyone should have to take a boat and cross water to get home !


    1. Yeah, there´s something about that… like crossing a threshold of sorts …


  3. BeeHappee says:

    Beautiful pictures, Andrea. And that water, sounds so so good. You have the best of both worlds. 🙂


  4. smcasson says:

    Yeah beautiful pictures. I was in DC this week and returned home last night. Oh man the NOISE! was oppressing. I soak in the silence when I am home. I love that I can hear flocks of birds coming by their wingbeats.
    Welcome home and enjoy your coffee.
    Didn’t you say long ago you have a Volvo122? I would trade my Volvo 850 estate for a good 122 any day. They are rare here. Love my Volvos. Especially cool pic of its shadow!


    1. Yes! The noise! That´s true! (after a couple of days I don´t hear it but then when I get home I hear the SILENCE… oooohhh!)
      We have two volvos. Only cars that work out here plus they can be fixed with gaffatape 😉


  5. ncfarmchick says:

    Oh, that first photo! The blue window panes and the cozy glow within. That is a wonderful “welcome home.” Doing things at your own pace is right up there in essentials for me and might be part of what you mean by time. So many things I enjoy doing I can see disliking immensely if done at the frantic pace expected by much of the world now. Autonomy…that’s a cornerstone to all we do as a family, when I think on it more closely. Freedom from external influence. So counter to the way the popular culture works since it makes no money for anyone.


  6. Eumaeus says:

    Wolftracks sound like a good sign, sister. One of your sage readers called fire “man’s best friend” a while back. I liked that. Its true.


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