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1864 is a year that no Dane is allowed to forget. It was a gruesome defeat, we lost to the germans, we lost a large chunk of our country, most of the southern part.
There are songs about 1864. Popular tv shows. Everybody knows.
1864 was a year of shame (and we don´t forget easy)

Yesterday I did this:
(collected seashells by the fjord, oh god, I miss the sea even when I´m at it)

(spend a long time staring at this tree, it had kind of wandered down to the sea, the roots still attached to some soil in the past but how about that! A wandering tree!)



(observed my son getting spoiled rotten by my mother in law and her friends down at the ceramics shop)


and THEN I went to work.
Drove south to a larger city, I was to talk in front of a church congregation.

1. It is my experience that church congregations, “forsamlingshuse”, local organisations or food sharing communities can gather quite the audience whereas I know that the libraries and the cafés might be struggling a bit more.
As a professional talk-giver (question-answering, dialogue- artist) I have noticed an increase in the interest for going to these events and I´ve heard the bookers talk about this too… however the increase seems to be more noticeable at places that nurture COMMUNITY.
This makes me feel optimistic. I find this to be a positive sign of change.

There was a lot of people last night. A whole lot- a lot of older people, a lot of younger people, people from every aspect of Danish society (and hi to the Icelanders too!) It just never seizes to amaze me…. that I get to do this.
I get to tell them about the pioneer metaphor, the settler life, the hardships and the blessings I get to say “Look at what we lost! Look at what our forefathers fought for! Look at how we kick each other downwards now, how we treat the soil, look at the lack of nature here, look at the lack of social tolerance and solidarity, this is not good, we need to change as a COMMUNITY we need to deal with these problems!”
and then the people – oh my god- nod!

I slept in my car tonight. I sometimes do that. It´s very simple. It´s an equation: the more you are prepared to scale down your comfort- the greater becomes your freedom.
This equation applies to everything, all of the time.
The above sentences should be underscored.

I felt like driving for a long time before I could sleep so I did and then I parked somewhere and tried to sleep but I couldn´t sleep because it occurred to me that it would be FALSE for me to only blog about our wilderness life.

A lot of us, radicals, homesteaders, permacultural, self-sufficient, bush crafting alternative people- we actually make a little bit of money by communicating our lifestyles.
That´s most often HOW we make the (little) amount of money we need for gasoline, coffee, chocolate, investments in soil, animals, materials.
We might do courses or talks or write books. Communicating is a huge part of our lives and although some people might find this “unauthentical” or whatever (this is authenticity: Don´t tell me who to be, how to feel, what to do or how to write!) communicating is still a craft and a skill just like making hugelkultur raised beds of fermenting beet root or building log cabins.
Which is why I should share my experiences of being on the road.

2. Stay close to the truckers. Never sleep alone in the dark in the city or somewhere desolated, you´ll find yourself laying awake all night feeling exposed. Park where the truckers park. These men and women who bring you your goods, day in and day out they drive on the highways, live in their machines, they keep an eye out for each other and if you park in your little car next to their big car they will protect you. Which also makes me feel optimistic: those who are bigger should look out for those who are smaller.
And they do.

I should tell you about my problem solving, experiences, the tips and tricks – because, for a lot of people going off grid or fleeing into the wild, communicating- returning, sharing stories, insights, is a part of the deal. For monetary reasons, sure, we depend on these talks, but it has also become increasingly important for me to contribute with what I have, what I can. We left this sick capitalistic consumerist fascist society- we didn´t leave COMMUNITY, as such.

People need each other. It goes both ways.

So I will blog about doing talks, touring too. This is not a lesser part of our wilderness life.

You wonder why I mention 1864?

3. A talk never consists of just the talk itself, the work is a work of being present.
After the talk there will be some selling of books and talking to people who might want to share thoughts with you. I spent some time talking with the church warden when everyone had left. We were talking about the government, all the fancy people over in Copenhagen, they don´t get it, they don´t know what is happening, people are sick and tired of the consumerist growth rhetorics! He said.
They don´t know what is happening amongst the people.
“Change will come from below” he said. A nice looking christian man, animated, hopefully “Change will come from the people!” he said and then it was my time to nod.
“It´s just like in 1864! The politicians forced us into war, their big plans and their stubbornness (if it were ok to spit he would done at this point in the conversation) and then we lost!”

20 comments on “1864

  1. In previous posts you have written about losing and finding, and in this one of finding the desire for strengthening communities.

    Blogging is a diffuse kind of situation: is anyone listening? Am I alone in these ideas? Am I looking for guidance, or reinforcement? the balance between nihilism and inspiration? Where are my limits?

    Hard to latch onto that inner kernel and keep it in the foreground.

    The speaking tour Is surely reinforcing what your audiences hunger to hear and what you have to say about that (or as the Quakers say, how you speak to that condition).

    All best,
    ~ Abigail


    1. “How you speak to that situation”. I like that!
      E wrote something really amazing about blogging not long ago… it spoke to me


  2. David says:

    “The more you are prepared to scale down your comfort- the greater becomes your freedom.”

    Yes! Yes! Underline this a thousand times.

    This seems to be a theme this week, building on the discussions of “convenience” that have been doing on over at Ben’s blog.


  3. BeeHappee says:

    Yes, please, Andrea, share, talks and all. I love your writing. Spitting part was good. Nice to see Sigurd with all the cheeses and breads and cheek-pinching grandmas.
    Oh the sea, please hug the sea for me. . . Is that still considered the Baltic around Copengahen and Malmo? Where does the Baltic end and the North sea begin?
    Sleeping in the car. . . In USA we were mostly harassed by police about sleeping and hanging out in the car.


    1. The baltic and nort sea meet exactly at the top of Denmark so we have the best of both worlds 😉 People don´t sleep in cars in Denmark. Never. It´s something I´ve taken up since we can live for a week for the money it would cost me to sleep at a hotel/hostel…. and now I just kind of like it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. BeeHappee says:

        🙂 We used to sleep in cars all the time when I was a kid. . We used to pull up just on the side off highway or road, go use forest for bathroom needs, then look for berries or mushrooms for a snack 🙂 (there were no designated rest stops) then keep on driving. . . Pull into a village, drink some fresh well water from a welcoming villager, maybe some fresh milk also. then keep driving on. . go wherever you like, stop wherever you like, camp wherever you like. When I first came to USA I was totally surprised they had these things like designated campgrounds!! With rules and bathrooms and all. I think there are still few places where you can go and stop as you wish, and oh, how good that feeling is.


  4. John N. says:

    I particularly liked these lines: “I slept in my car tonight. I sometimes do that. It´s very simple. It´s an equation: the more you are prepared to scale down your comfort- the greater becomes your freedom. This equation applies to everything, all of the time.”

    So true.


  5. It must feel good to receive some confirmation about what you are doing, your purpose.
    Once again you’ve cast a pebble in the pond and there is no knowing what the ripples might achieve.


  6. This is good stuff. It gives me hope that you didn’t just go off the grid, but that you feel it is important to share your experience of it. It IS important to share the experience.


  7. I think it´s important too… but I also have a lot of doubts about it, all of the time 🙂


    1. David says:

      Maybe the doubts are part of the experience, too. One of the reasons I (and, I suspect, many others) love your writing, is because you give voice to the doubts that I am feeling, too. So I know I’m not alone–both in wanting to go the the forest, AND in the persistent doubts that go along with it.


    2. Hell, don’t we all??
      For so long we have been conditioned to think and act a certain way and now we’re doing often the exact opposite. Finding our way on our own.


  8. syberpunk says:

    Takeing off on a 150 nautical miles nonstop sailing tomorrow over the baltic sea . 10 – 15 sek/ m wind , 2 m wawe – its gonna be ruff and tuff .
    Its gonna be space and freedom .
    Love my life on sea . 3th. Year living onbord – its great .
    Wich you peace on your mission in homeland .
    Danish dynamite – criss and thy still rocking .
    Wich we had that in svea .
    Waterworld in sight .
    Ship ahoj .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BeeHappee says:

      Oh, Syber, hug the Baltic from me too!!!!!! Saw it 8 years ago last time. . Way too long way too long.


  9. Abigail Higgins says:

    dear andrea,

    a couple of years ago my sister gave me a book, “How to Be Danish”, by patrick kingsley.
    i read it at face value. it seemed to confirm what i had projected onto all-too-brief visits long ago and with the danes i have known. good times!

    however, the Denmark of your posts is an alarming one–one that you seem to be saying must be refused or refuted.
    i suppose in much the same way the cliche images of this country (USA) are projections. land of the free = cultural clown show entertainment, really. the stereotypes say nothing of the darkness of mr hegemon, running us over the cliff. “it is just like 1864.”

    americans too leave for the woods. some are idealists, some are terrorists.
    this was a time-honored exit for anyone who did not fit in, or did not want to fit in.
    now of course we have near total surveillance.

    all best,
    ~ abigail


  10. ncfarmchick says:

    Once more, your honesty speaks volumes. Thank you! I have underlined many of the things you have written and hope to have more in book form sometime this year. Waiting to hear when your book is released in English.


    1. smcasson says:

      Also looking forward to the book in English!
      And like others have said, appreciate your honesty and exposing doubt… Safe travels!


  11. Bill says:

    I share both your sense of an increased interest in learning about these things (especially among groups that are nurturing community) and the sense of encouragement you draw from it. There is resistance to the cultural onslaught that challenges and seeks to destroy authenticity, and I choose to believe the resistors are strengthening and will prevail. Thanks for carrying the flag.


  12. Søren says:

    The past does not dictate the Future unless You want it to
    Either you live in truth or in your own Narrative
    Planet Earth is real, the World never was
    Darkness does Not exist
    Lack of Light does

    You did not Sign up for “easy”
    You demanded the Challenge as tough as it could get
    Well, now you got it
    Time to make your self proud


  13. Melissa R says:

    I don’t know about 1864 but I will look it up! You mentioned tv shows… could you list a few that I may be able to find on You Tube or elsewhere in the US?


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