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There was a terrorist attack in Denmark yesterday. Terrorist attacks just don´t happen in Denmark. Denmark is a far too calm and cosy country for terrorist attacks. Nothing ever happens in Denmark. Denmark is the antidote.

Sure, some kids were rebelling in the streets, some immigrants were harshly pulled out of a church, we have some religious sects, sure, sure enough, everybody has that but it´s not like we have school shootings or terrorist attacks and if we do it always- always- happens somewhere else, not in the heart.
Like the wars. We like to keep the wars at a safe distance from home.

Once our flag was burned, down south. We never understood that. It seemed far too harsh, too emotional. “It´s only free speech, man” we would whisper, in the corners. “Can´t you take a joke?”
The bravest would say something about free speech not being the same as the right to mock but nobody really listened. “We need to be able to speak freely about fundamentalism and the obvious problems with integration” everybody said and one, two, three the nation turned nazi.

What I can´t stand is the emotional pornography going on right now. Everywhere.
I just can´t stand that…. which makes it difficult to write about because what is terrorism if not the manipulation of emotions? And is writing not exactly the same? This whole thing is one big manipulation of emotions, one way or the other, doesn´t matter, let´s be either outraged or sorry, cooking in our own empathy.
… but I also sense a tired sigh, a drowned apathy, we have been indignated so many times by now, can we even muster more emotional outrage?

Everybody seems to be using the event to further their own ideology and story.
I don´t want to do that. I don´t want to say that I believe in keeping this diary and sharing these emotions because I believe that “in a time of universal deceit telling the truth will be a revolutionary act” (Orwell) or that I think our emotional lives are the last frontier, this is where the war goes on now, let´s examine, reevaluate, sharpen and discard! No. Because writing this diary also involves a whole lot of other things including me being a self-absorbed asshole so “using” the terrorist attack to make my own actions make sense would be doing exactly what I accuse the militant, fundamentalist, imperialistic, extremist, national socialists of my homeland of doing.
So no.

But then there is silence and silence somehow seems wrong too.

This is what we did yesterday, before knowing






We also took down some of these trees to make building materials for the barn. And we made plans for spring and we planted tomatoes.

But now we know.

I suspect this terrorist attack will be a game changer for us here in the forest.


I couldn´t sleep last night. I lay awake for the longest time feeling so strongly that it´s time.

It´s time now.

The net will continue to tighten, things will only get worse. Pivotal times, yet, let´s not be naive about it. Let´s not pretend as if things aren´t happening because they are. In my lifetime more than 70% of the animal life has gone extinct. Money won´t stop and listen to our feelings. Life is getting harsher for people all over the planet, tension is rising as is the ocean.

These countries are only safe as long as you stay within the consensus. As soon as you exit consensus – the welfare state will dissolve before your very own eyes and you will see it for what it is… long, invisible threads swaying in the wind creating a hologram.
Safety does not exist. Never did. But there was a time when leaving consensus was not as such dangerous. It´s getting dangerous. Something dangerous is happening to consensus.

I changed the layout of this blog. Not that I consider it a life changing event but I did so to remind myself and to not forget…. that it is time.
I can´t say more about it. It begins with a sense of time.

I leave you with this song. It´s a very old folksong called “surrounded by enemies”
These are the lyrics (translated by me)

Surrounded by enemies, go
into your time
During a bloody storm
ready yourself for battle
Maybe you fearfully ask
uncovered, open
How shall I fight
What is my weapon?

This is your armour against violence
this is your sword:
The belief in our life
the worth of humans
For the sake of our future,
Seek it, nurture it
Die if you must but
increase it and strengthen it!

Quietly glides the sound of grenades
Stop their desire towards death
stop them with spirit!
War is contempt of life
Peace is to create
Use all of your strength
death must lose!

Nobel is man
Earth is rich
If distress and hunger exists
it is because of fraud
Destroy it! In the name of life
Injustice must fall
Sunshine and bread and spirit
belongs to everyone

This is our oath
from brother to brother
we will be good to
our earth
We will take care of
beauty, warmth
as if we carried a baby
gently on our arm

What I love about my country is the way this song is often performed at larger events and then everybody sings along… as if we get along.




25 comments on “The terrorist attack

  1. Happy Birthday you wild one!


  2. Per says:

    Om du kallar det för “terroristattak” när 1 person skjuts ihjäl, varför kallar du det inte för terroristattaker när tiotals personer dödas varje år i danmark? vad gör att just detta mord blev ett “terroristattak”? varför är det inte “terroristattak” när MC-gängen skjuter varandra? För att du är rasist och sympatiserar med lars vilks som är organiserad i sveriges nazistiska parti.


    1. Hej Per. Det man siger er man selv. hej hej.


      1. Per says:

        hej persille ingerslev, intressant att du försvarar nazism? ursh vad hemskt, nyligen var 70årsdagen av befrienadet av auscwitch… minns du inte? har d inte studerat historia?


    2. Hej Kompis, jag tror att du har haft lite för mycket “politiskt korrekt brännvin”. Lunga ner dig.
      Det är ju precis din ton som gör att folk reagerar så irriterad mot dig…. Använd ditt hjärna i stället för dina fingrar.


  3. I`m not going to debate with you whether or not I sympathize with lars vilks, asshole.


    1. Per says:

      bevisligen sympatiserar du med nazism? är du förintelseförnekare? du blir arg och kalalr mig “asshole” när jag pratar om att det är 70 år sedan ett nazistiskt förintelseläger befriades? du vet att lars deltar hos nazisterna som förnekar förintelsen?


    2. Per says:

      och det är inget att debattera? du bevisar ju i blogginlägget att du är kompis med lars, varför skulle du annars hetsa och kalla det för “terroristattack”? och att du vägrar svara på varför du kallar det så, det bevisar ju min tes…


      1. elise says:

        It was a terrorist attack against democracy, or the idea that we can discuss these things, because it was an attack on a debate event. The 55 yrs old victim could have had points against Lars Vilks, but we don’t now, because he is now silenced. Can you defend that, Per? Whatever you think of Lars’ work?


  4. annie says:

    Per jeg skal ikke kunne sige hvem og med hvad Andrea sympatisere – men nu er hændelsen igår/nat hvor to blev skudt og drabt og flere andre såret kaldt for et teorrist angreb fra offentligt side i Danmark så det er jo ikke kun Andrea der kalde det sådan


  5. This whole “terroristattack”-business is propostures.
    According to the media (red flag going up!) it is the deed of 1 man. If I understood correctly that individual might have been angered by the deeds of said possible victim.

    Terrorism is a completely different ballgame. Ask the U.S. for instance…
    Ridiculing or seriously insulting someone’s beliefs by ridiculing or seriously insulting their prophet, god, whatever deity is NOT freedom of speech! It is nothing but rude and insulting. A deed of blatant disrespect and sheer bad taste.
    Demonstrating, speaking your mind without being forbidden to do so… that is freedom of speech. Not agreeing with the islam, judaism of christianity and being able to say so in a respectful manner.. That is freedom of speech…

    This whole business will be blown up into grotesque proportions, made into anti-terrorist, pro-safety propaganda with more restriction for the general population


  6. Friend of Israel says:

    Israel har oplevet den slags terroristangreb i årtier. Men EU politikerne har fra deres bløde sofaer i Bruxelles fordømt Israel for at håndtere terrorismen på en håndfast måde.
    “I skal bare stifte fred med islamisterne” er sætningen, Israel har hørt til hudløshed.

    Nu er det Europas tur, og har været det længe. Men selv nu hvor det er afklaret at det er en islamist der har udført angrebene, tør vore politikere ikke kalde en spade for en spade. For opfattelsen er jo stadig, at islam er en fredens religion!!!


  7. BeeHappee says:

    “and then everybody sings along… as if we get along.” …

    Good one, Andrea. Saw that on the news, immediately thought of you and my cousin who lives in Copenhagen. .

    Like your new theme. Yes, sounds like new era for you.
    This too shall pass. I recall the feeling in 1989-1991 in Soviet Union. I recall the feeling after 9/11 in the USA. The shock passes. But things are happening, and will happen. I don’t understand two things, one why it is labelled a terrorist attack right away. (well, I do understand, just sucks), and two, the surprise of racial tensions in Scandinavia. What would one expect there when things and policies had been going as they were recently? I am actually more surprised there had been so few of these incidents.

    Happy Birthday.


  8. Susanne Bille says:

    Hej og tillykke til dig – jeg har også fødselsdag i dag 🙂 alt er ændret og alligevel ikke. Noget med at holde tungen lige i munden og fokusere på det, vi ønsker – ikke blive opslugt emotionelt af det, der sker. knus Susanne


  9. Ja! Og tak! Og tillykke til dig også 🙂

    Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. It´s been a rather weird birthday, I´ll be going to bed early today 🙂
    This article tentatively touches upon some of the things at stake here. I too think it is about more than a homogenous population being polarises (feels like we are tearing our own body apart), it has to do with something about society having replaced the role that church played earlier in these countries:


  10. … which is also why running to the woods was such a giant step for us (and maybe also why it seemed so extremely radical to a lot of people?)

    But yeah. Something is happening to our consensus and I fear how it will be for those who stand (volunatirly or not) “outside”…


  11. smcasson says:

    Happy Birthday Andrea. Sometimes when stuff is really bothering me with the world outside, I concentrate on what’s close to me. Physically or otherwise.
    But maybe that’s what you were talking about a couple days ago, “Stand and defend my castle” and I’m late to the game.
    Best Regards,


  12. Susan Troy says:

    Hi Andrea. Strangely, I feel this too. I have been very sad lately and not sure why. Things are stirring and the weather too warm. I plant for drought. I plant to continue with life. I thank you for the song.


  13. Johanne says:

    Hey Andrea Det er Nordahl Grieg, som skrev bogen med den fineste titel “Ung må verden endnu være” som har skrevet “Til Ungdommen” – Kringsat av fjender – jeg elsker den også.


    Johanne (krakiler)


  14. Sofie says:

    Tillykke!!!! Tak for at minde mig om den fedeste sang!


  15. Birgit Rafn says:

    Tillykke fra en der lige præcis er dobbel så gammel ,håber og se dig live i Sønderjylland 9 marts Du skriver eminent om det der sker omkring dig og jeg håber du blir ved med at bevare dig selv så smuk Pas på dig selv


  16. nicoleaugust says:

    I think my first comment disappeared.
    We had a similar situation here in Canada a few months ago. The government is already trying to pass new “security” measures. A very slippery slope …


  17. ncfarmchick says:

    Force and control are two things that cause more anguish than anything in the world, I think. Forcing (or trying to) people to believe as you do and the attempt to control them when they don’t (or those that don’t.) Changing the layout of your blog seems a rational response – it’s something visible you can do to feel like a new day has come, even if it’s in your way of thinking about things. Which is the only thing you can change anyway, I suppose. You knew this particular birthday was going to mark a change or you and I suppose this makes it more certain. I hope it was special and not too clouded with worry about events elsewhere.


  18. syberpunk says:

    We are all being playd.


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