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I´m sure you´ve heard of the anglo-saxon and the continental traditions within science, see, we are torn apart and divided in two.

The enligsh like their numbers, growth, efficiency, they invented capitalism. The europeans (used to) like their humanism, they invented socialism and here we are: mututally exclusive right down to the core of our history and tradition. Simply put.

I´m an anarchist. I don´t believe in the state. I believe in the people.
You´ll find some great american anarchists but let´s be realistic, it´s not like the state will ever disolve itself, it´s not like the system will let go freely, it´s too big to fail. Which is why we ran. Only to realize that you can´t. Nevermind (is the credo of my generation), even the anarchists have lost hope. American or European, Asian, African or Australian.

Sometimes I feel hope despite of the obvious, sometimes I feel unity, another kind of unity, something that does not divide, conquer and rule, no, a different kind of unity, sometimes I find that unity in the machine.
I find it in nature.

At university I quickly identified with the continental traditions within Psychology.
I´m a crying punk (raw predator capitalism still seems so unsofisticated to me, yuppie bastards!), statistics and meassurements of personality, developmental stages and HR goals just didn´t feel right: let´s explore the multifactteted human mind! I said to myself. Besides I like my Rimbaud and my Baudelaire, my existentialism, I like classical music, I fancy deep conversation underneath naked light bulbs sitting on uncomfortable chairs, talking about the revolution, we´re just talking.

I like to ride a bike. I wear dresses. And glasses.
I think about death a lot.

But I like the English too.
It began with the internet. First machine I ever got was blue. I used it to talk with the english on my computer, late nights, for years. Then forums came alone and after a while: subcategories and places of specific interests, I blogged even but then came social media WROOOM, a knock out, we were run over by a thoussand wild horses and freight trains.
Everywhere I went I liked the English (two simple rules: never talk about guns plus don´t swear and curse so much)
What I particullary liked about the English was the fact that they were doing something more than just talking, they would go to the streets, something seemed to be happening. It seemed so.
That was a while ago.
Maybe they forgot that fighting empires is what they do.

The machine was a great tool though. Man, I´ve learned so much! I´ve fallen in love on the internet more times than I can count. I´ve met soulsisters and brothers, I´ve had revelations, my whole life changed because of the internet.
World tribe. Global village. I have/had/will have high hopes for the internet because it seemed to be able to connect us DESPITE the fact that we are torn in two. Maybe we could be whole again. Strike back!

You wonder why I tell you this?
I tell you this because I found our ipod the other day. Why is this important? Because then we get to do this




We get to hang out and make doughnuts while listening to music.
Winter is swelled like that. Because of the snow there´s not a whole lot we can do on the outside- so we work on the inside.
It´s needed.
We COULD take down trees and prepare the firewood for next year, we COULD cut down poles and rafts for fencing, we COULD… but we won´t.

I had 12 hours of sleep tonight. Plenty of time to think about the divide.
Sleeping, working on the inside, making doughnuts, thinking about machines, listening to that universal language….

This is the second last jar of lard. When Debby and Alexis butchered their pigs we bought some of them and made a lot of bacon (oh, man, really, that bacon!!!!) and lard. They´re not having pigs this seasson so we probably will.




We eat really healthy. We had porrige for breakfast and fish for lunch, it´s not like we eat cakes all of the time, it´s just that I really enjoy the setup: I repeat; sleeping, working on the inside, making doughnuts, thinking about machines, listening to that universal language….






The english invented the doughnuts which I think is another reasson to like them. Actually I can think of a hundred reassons to like the english, me and the english have had such good times. I thank the machine for that, I don´t hate it, I told you, but I want to use it for the good. Listening to music is good. Connecting cross empire barbwire is good.

This is one of my favorite songs. I probably heard 20 times today. Agnes is Danish. I make a point out of pointing it out. She´s also a classicaly trained pianist. Another thing: you know what they did in my country? They straightened out all of the rivers, it would be more efficient they said, they said agriculture needed it, it would be better for our export, they said.

That´s why….  Oh My God I See How Everything Is Torn In The River Deep

All of us.




34 comments on “Oh my god I see how everything is torn

  1. BeeHappee says:

    I am glad you added some doughnuts to anarchism. . . Thank you.


  2. Abigail Higgins says:

    Don’t worry, you are eating healthy when you eat pig fat. It is really good for you, despite what the perception management droids declare. One explanation, for destruction of the pig culture of ordinary people (and many other things too), is that the pig culture gives independence. When people can feed their families without resort to complex economies, it is harder to control them. That was One reason to destroy the kulaks, when the Bolsheviks took over in early soviet days. IMHO just watch out for sugar–what a killer. Avoid it always except for high holidays, special occasions. Living “in the worldly system,” this is really hard when there are children. It might be easier for you though, how you are opting to live. all best, ~ Abigail Sent from my iPad


    1. Yup, I´m cutting down on sugar. It´s hard. Winter is so sugarcoated… on the inside and on the inside. I read about sugar on the internet. And stomachdissease. Ooooh…..


      1. Sugar is a poison. Nothing more, nothing less.
        Getting rid of it is extremely hard! Not just because it is addictive (you will go through withdrawal), but also because you will find it in practically any “food” you buy, unless you go for unprocessed all the way.


  3. I read that article. Rather than go into a long dissertation of what I think about it I will offer what it leaves me with: the absolute crying need for a brand NEW philosophy. In our striving, as human beings, for certainty (things we know to be true), we have developed a bipolar existence. As evidenced by the widespread notion of good and evil, yin and yang, duality, etc., etc. This is what is getting us into trouble. Or rather what is getting us into trouble is needing the certainty and then as a way of dealing with uncertainty we’ve developed these opposite philosophies. We need something that is in the middle. We need to embrace and get comfortable with uncertainty and then we need to function in the material world for simple survival (basic nuts and bolts, meat and potatoes practicality). I guess what I’m saying is that we need to get away from extremes.

    The way to do it is a long road. Not so very difficult I think but the road needs to be attended to on a regular basis. We’ve got millions of grooved neural pathways to re-groove. It ain’t gonna happen over night or probably in our lifetimes. This is how I’m dealing with it: chop wood, carry water in a different way every day. Some little thing. Brush my teeth with my non-dominant hand. Have a different thought and not let any one talk me into thinking in the old way. Take a deep breath. Keep in a internet conversation with Andrea and all the amazing people following her and Ben. I’m trying to be the ocean beating against the rocks of my mental shore.

    But not so very crazy over the top discipline. Take time to enjoy those amazing dough nuts! Wow!


    1. ncfarmchick says:

      “I’m trying to be the ocean beating against the rocks of my mental shore.” Are you kidding me? That is incredible and I am writing it somewhere I will see it often.


      1. Gee willikers! Be my guest and thanks.


  4. syberpunk says:

    Mashine is the enemy , the control, the artificial intelligens that roules ekonomy , politics, wars – everything – now even efects nature and peoples mind .
    We live in the mashines matrix . It has total control .
    This is my personal conspirathy teori .

    We cant fight it – it fights itself .
    Its the ultimate tool off babylon to dig its own grave .
    See we are no robots , were more than one and zero . We are creation , part off all .

    The mashine is mans worts weapon .
    It is the caos dog from the nordic myth .
    Its the ferir wolf , the beast the good can not control .
    The beast that kill the highest good odin on doomday / ragnarock and be killd itself after that .

    What we need to learn is to live without the beast , to live outside matrix , to live in the creation off this planet and universe .
    To live on top off our evolution with open mind .
    To be the force off live .
    To be free and autonom – disconnected from the mashine . To be real .

    Only the mashine can fight the mashine .
    But you can unplugg any time and run for your life .
    Nature will be your protection , your home and friend . Nature is the now , the past and the future .
    Nature is the realety we are created for , the realety we evolve in .
    Be on top off evolution and the future is yours .
    The caryer off live . The light in the dark .

    Its a praktical thing to unplugg , its a revolution for modern man .
    Its all natural .

    But still we hasitate , we fear , we keep to the chain .
    That chain will burst and all there will be is realety .
    It will be to much to handel for the most off us .


  5. Of course we should use the machine. We have the technology… But it has gone too far. The machine is the dominating factor these days. Instead of being a helpful suppliance it now dictates our every life, our entire life! The good had some bad in it and now the bad is overruling the good, but it is still there…
    And anarchy? It only leads to “the right of the strongest”. We need some sort of social structure. That is inherent to us humans, our nature. I for one am not anti-society per sé. I am anti today’s society. Simply because in my perception it is completely wrong and rotten to the core. We can not change it. We can not fix it. It will have to come down, so people can build something new.
    We know how… All the answers are out there! But the tail is wagging the dog. A small group dictates the vast majority. Yet is is one stupid fuckin’ dog! And we… are the cancercells. Making the dog sick, spreading, multiplying… until the damn mutt succombs, rots away and something new can grow and flourish on the remains that have turned the soil furtile… And those cells probably will die with it, making room….

    So every good has some bad and every bad harbours some good. Good and bad… life and death…. black and white…. It is not like humans invented that. It is the way of things… One thing can not exist without the other. They need each other to create balance.
    On the other hand we did invent the definitions of good and bad and those are rewritten as we go along.

    And please… take those donuts away!
    We have started using flour (killercarbs) again, because it simply is so cheap… and I so do love cookies! And cakes! And freshly baked bread…. And my wife bakes… And I eat them… knowing it is not good for me, for us…..and feeling it in my bones… literally…
    And your images make me long for some…. But thankfully the jar is empty…

    And I talk too much.
    Is that good? Or bad??
    Depends on one’s point of view, I suppose….

    I’m off…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. just at quick footnote: anarchism does not mean survival of the fittest, that´s a misunderstood and widely spread propaganda. Anarchism is the belief that people are able to govern themselves. I believe in decentralisation and smaller social structures.
      Over and out.
      ps and sorry about the doughnuts 😉


      1. I never said anarchy means survival of the fittest. I said it leads to… There will always be someone trying to take control, because he has a bigger stick then you. History since the beginning of mankind shows us that. Or was there at some point an era without conflict of some sort?
        Decentralisation and smaller societies are very necessary, but we humans are social animals, which inherently means a social order or hierarchy of some sort if we are to live in any sized groups. There will always be leaders, thinkers and doers. Any social structure must have this 3 branches working in unison if it is to function successfully. And then of course there is the herd… which has to see to it that those 3 do not take full control and act only for their own good.
        Yes, we must get rid of those monstrous governments we have today. They have too much power and power corrupts inevitably. Question is when’s a government a government as we mean it? Where stops a government and where begins self government or v.v.?
        But better still is to take away the power of banks and corporations, because they control the governments.


  6. smcasson says:

    They straightened the rivers?! ……. My mind is blown.
    Anyway, I used to take a hard-line approach some years ago. Throw Away Your Television sort of thing. Oh, but I do so love Futurama. I am learning that some combination of the two is probably the correct answer. No cable, but maybe watch an hour or two of TV per week, of my choosing. Internet can definitely be used for good. I don’t want to use electricity on a heated, nightlit toilet seat, but running a freezer of produce from summer would be a good use.
    I’m still battling with my iPhone. (4S! Don’t give me too bad a rash of shit for having a 6+…)
    There’s some saying that’s eluding me… about beauty in the gray…
    Also beauty in those donuts… haven’t had a donut in a long while…. and never had a homemade one!! wow. 🙂


  7. BeeHappee says:

    Jesus, Cyberpunk and all your talk about machine, brings images from Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis into my head. . .


  8. Tricia says:

    Yeah I’m sorry what? A country straightened rivers? Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous. Straightening a fucking river…ok. I could laugh and cry at the same time.
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm DONUTS!!! YUM YUM YUM YUM!
    We listen to lots of music in the winter too. I can’t stop listening to the Beach Boys. Hated them with a passion when I was younger but now, when I hear Brian Wilson I melt and feel the love of the universe. How could this puppy faced man stir me up like this? So when I start baking and cooking, we rock out…..Round round get around I get around. Makes it easier to not think about people straightening a fucking river. Forgetting that crap makes me feel pretty GOOD!


  9. BeeHappee says:

    Andrea, just now got to read the article. . Thanks so much for posting on this, interesting indeed. Ties in with the comment I was trying to make yesterday, but probably did not come out clear. Someone who has spent exactly half of my life in “continental” society and then the next half in “analytical” society, I can feel the difference. Yes, the differences are now disappearing, what philosophy is there anymore, philosophy of Disney and culture of McD. But I agree with Renee that bridging the two traditions in a positive way would be best. The modern culture, at least in America is so based on all analytical. I do appreciate simplicity of it in many aspects of life, where the continentals make it way too complicated, unnecessarily. In some aspects though, it feels overly oversimplified and quantified.
    Interesting how certain countries and cultures leaned towards one or the other, e.g. Russians were always fond of French culture and followed the continental tradition, but much has shifted now probably.
    But I agree with the author, the scientific/analytical models makes it much easier to build upon it and bring on innovation.
    University study was (maybe still is?) so different in Europe vs. America. Studying law in Lithuania was very interesting, all history and philosophy, study of Latin, but it was also painful, and none of it is applicable in practice or can be easily shared with others. .

    Straightening rivers, I had not seen that, but my dad is civil engineer, so much of his work in Soviet Lithuania involved melioration – changing various irrigation patterns, Soviets were so big on that, and messed up a lot natural fields and habitats.

    Abigail, you are absolutely right about soviets trying to destroy the subsistence farming and knowledge of the skills, as well as destroying intelligentsia of course. Destroy skill and wisdom, and you got the society under control. Well done in the USA also.

    Scott, heated toilet seat, would be good about now, we have 3F or maybe something below zero soon, and I was glad I did have heated car seat today. But I have no idea what iPhone numbers you are talking about and I hope you did not stand in line for 2 days at the apple store. One way to get some good political demonstration going, tell everyone new “i” is out, will block half of the city. .


  10. BeeHappee says:

    Yes. Sorry for spamming, but I just loved this post of yours 🙂 Laughed when that author said: “Or, much more frequently, every sentence is a turgid jargon filled ordeal written at German length and apparently in German grammar, that seems to deliberately insult the reader with its elaborate opacity that one always suspects may be hiding nothing but bullshit.”. So true. 🙂 I am with you, English is good, and try building computer language or even communicate in business in French. . Sometimes it is hilarious to watch how Lithuanian language commission of some sort tries to find words for computer terms in Lithuanian, and it just does not work, people do not accept them, and they end up using English creations. . . But I also hate English how it just makes expression so impossible, especially of emotion or feeling, it doe snot even have enough words in the dictionary. So it is a hate love relationship with English. But I really like how you are able to express yourself, really good use of words.
    12 hrs of sleep. . wow.


  11. How many rivers are we talking about? If it’s one that might not be as bad as 50. If it’s more than one how did people allow this?


    1. It happens everywhere. They decided to un-straigthen some of the rivers recently becase they saw that rivers died because of the straightening. Rivers are kind of like people in that regard….


      1. Oh that’s good that they noticed! People need to wake up to reality. One thing that helps me face reality is the idea that cold uninhabitable outer space is only a few miles away. Only about as far as the next town. How does that help you may ask? It helps me to understand how fragile the whole thing really is and that it’s not this enormous unhurtable thing people living on the surface think it is. We forget to look up and realize how thin the ecosystem is and how we can hurt it so fast.

        People who are meandering are the ones who are going to save the planet. If they meander and then go a little straight now and then.


    2. benedikte123 says:

      98 % of the rivers in Denmark are straightened. I didn’t know until a couple of years ago. I don’t know how to not allow it. if I did, i would not allow it. People don’t know…


      1. I don’t know how Denmark works but in the US if people don’t like something they organize (because one lone voice crying in the wilderness has less chance of being heard) They tell the newspapers, complain to the legislators and lodge complaints with the government departments. It doesn’t always succeed but sometimes it does. For example in areas where I used to live they successfully block the Big Box stores so local businesses aren’t put out of business. People organize creek restoration and clean up. There’s a lot of activism in the US but I don’t think we have a corner on that market.


      2. I googled straight rivers yesterday. I shouldn´t have done that…
        I know about the rivers because, well, I don´t know how I know, I was a na activist in an earlier life (much earlier) maybe my knowledge is from back then, I know it was in the 90ies they did a lot of the straightening.

        I think apathy is the answer.
        There are too many things we should oppose to. A drowned population.


  12. nicoleaugust says:

    Oooo, new songs to listen to :). Some days donuts really are the answer.


  13. Eumaeus says:

    I always got on well with the English. They like to hear me talk. They try to teach me how to say “all right” and it never works out.

    Straightening the rivers ain’t nothing to draining wetlands. We had wetlands the size of Florida’s everglades in Northern Indiana called the Kankakee that was all drained and the river was straightned too. What do folks thinks those drainage ditches that run along side roads used to be?

    And as far as political systems go shit – who cares – as long as the direction is for decentralization and break-down of power structures you can call it conserve-neo-liberal-kiss-my-asserky if you want.

    You can write this down as the day I learned about “THE SINGULARITY” ‘the rapture of the nerds” Lord knows what is going to happen to our species…

    Looking forward to reading the bearded philosopher post…


  14. Ha. New term. I´m a conservative neo liberal kiss my asserky!

    I meant to say something about dualism in the post. Body/mind, nature/nurture, man/machine, anglo saxon/continental.
    It´s not that I´m a universalitst, I don´t believe in one big grand unity (no, I believe in pluralism) but I kind of think the dualism have taken over. Seperation. The divide.


  15. Oh oh Andrea…I love Agnes Obel, I saw her for three years in concert in France…I love reading you day after day…Thanks you so much for the inspiration you give to me!


  16. John Newell says:

    That is a great way to spend a day indoors. It has been a bit boring if I must say so, this winter. Not nearly so much variety in what there is to do outside. And the inside work seems a lot less enjoyable. Thanks again Andrea, for sharing. Oh, and eventually, these empires will collapse under their own weight. Eventually. Sooner would be better and less painful; I reckon though that they might survive my lifetime.


  17. ncfarmchick says:

    So much seriousness here mixed with doughnuts and a beautiful song. Thanks for it all!


    1. I just love doughnuts and seriousness. A good balance.


      1. Do not forget a good cup o’ joe to wash it all down!


        1. Yes, wash down the seriousness! 🙂


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