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Today I have nothing.

I wrote a lengthy essay about being a public figure engaging in public discourse but the whole point of the text was to tell you to look away from public discourse, look at something else, the revolution will not be televised.

This image: public figures as gladiators fighting in the arena, crazy dangerous lions, I used to believe in sacrificing myself to the lions as if my sacrifice could somehow set me free but I don’t believe in that anymore.

So I don’t know what to do now. I have nothing.

Needs to be said though. FIY. The revolution is already here. It’s happening. Everywhere.
Only not in public discourse.

In public discourse, in the arena,  you only hear the voices of the risk takers, gladiators… but we’re nothing but slaves, don’t believe a word we say. Look to someone else.

If I had the strength I would somehow articulate this and throw it out there, in public discourse, shout it to the crowd, before some lion ate me:


And we know it! We live in denial. Knowingly.

This is a world of science fiction. Doors that slide open and gates that close hard, dna registers, electronic traces, every public and private space monitored, we are controlled to maximum extent, we are kept fearful and within fences.

We live in a functioning panoptikon as described by Foucault. This is tyranny. And the WORST part of it that we are not even allowed to feel oppressed. We are constantly being told, everywhere, from every speaker and in every corner of public space (this also means your brain) that we are privileged. We have nothing to complain about it. All is good. All is good. All is good! Now repeat after me! All is good!
This message is repeatedly pumped into our ears, eyes, we are being force-fed with it but the hard truth is that we SUFFER.
And this is NOT the best of all worlds.

But there is no emperor to overthrow. The enemy is invisible. So we overthrow each other or ourselves, all man for him self!
This is war!
It’s so evil man. It’s heartbreakingly evil!
But I can’t articulate this. And I’ll tell you why.

Sitting on a stage, being a public figure doing some public debate, it feels heavy as if we’re getting nowhere. So I ask the crowd, such a pretty and privileged crowd (isn’t it time we begin to talk about the fact that none of us have any influence at all?)
“How many in this room believe this system to be so wrong that some kind of rebellion is necessary?”

I’d say that 75% of the crowd raised their hands.
But they’re not going to rebel. They don’t have the energy and they don’t have the time (we have been robbed from all of our time)
So what is left is art. And the gladiator fights (constant analysis of motives, constant forgery of motives, blame, spin, pseudo, an already written dialogue, a positioning of each other, black and white, WIN! Or loose!)

Seems the only possible protest is stress, depression, resignation. Or Hatred. Distrust. Outbursts of indignation.




That’s all. The rest is silence.



We found an abandoned log cabin in the wild woods, it had almost sunken into the ground, a monument of lost times. An old lady used to live here, all alone. People had robbed the cabin completely when we got there. There was nothing left. Except some old magazines hidden away on the loft. I guess those were her dreams.




17 comments on “The gift of… nothing

  1. Often silence in itself is a gift…

    Many are hopelessly dependent on this system. In fact so dependent they will actually fight to preserve it!
    The only thing we can do, I think, is to keep on gnawing at it, keep on pushing and shoving it, until it collapses under its own monstrous weight. Then and only then can we hope to give it its final nudge over the edge, but it will draw many into the abyss with it.


  2. Thank you for your comment.

    I think we have an absolute insane situation here. Everyone looking at each other, hoping desperately that someone will have the strength to rebel AND/OR that everything will get much much worse so we can finally reach critical mass.


    1. BeeHappee says:

      Yes to all three above. . . 😦 Andrea, forgive me, my brain is totally dead today. Who exactly are you fighting? Some say it is the corporations, some say it is the United States, some say it is the Fed, some say it is the Rockefellers, some say it is the Rothchilds, some say it is the Jews, some say it is the fascists, some say it is the GMOs, some say it is our brains, some say it is the system, some say it is THEM. Who exactly are THEM? Can we just take one small bite at a time and not try to defeat some kind of undefinable evil system? I have no answers, just trying to understand. .


  3. Eumaeus says:

    You have to win the revolution first
    The revolution must be won

    You wear the dhoti because you won
    You walk to the sea and gather salt because you won

    The revolution is won one person at a time
    First it has to be won in you

    You don’t wear the dhoti to win the revolution
    You don’t walk to the sea to win the revolution

    When you have already won
    The fighting becomes very easy

    Like Neo in the Matrix
    It becomes very easy


    1. BeeHappee says:

      “You wear the dhoti because you won…
      You don’t wear the dhoti to win the revolution”
      Awesome. (who did you copy it from? just teasing)


      1. Eumaeus says:

        I probably got it from Sun Tzu or Lao-Tzu …
        I’m not ever going to say anything that hasn’t been said before.
        Again, this isn’t about me. I am a nothing figment.


      2. BeeHappy says:

        Well, then Sun Tzu or Lao-Tzu got it from someone else, and that someone else got it from somewhere else, and so ad infinitum, like in the bug song. 🙂 You digested it and presented it here in understandable manner, so no need to be humble. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

        Andrea, hope you are doing well. Sorry you were disappointed by the talk experience and overall confusion… what I like about all the conundrums is that we still have a few more years to work on it and figure it out, or so we think.. ♥


    2. ncfarmchick says:

      “The revolution is won one person at a time. First it has to be won in you.” This is what I try to focus on and I’m pretty sure will take me the rest of my life. “If everybody did that, we wouldn’t have the problems we have” and all that. Another thing I think about is that depression is anger turned inward. I refuse to let the bad guys bring me down so much that I end up becoming my own enemy. Doing positive things instead of being mad at the bad guys like Paul Wheaton says (permies, com). Easier said than done sometimes but isn’t everything? Glad you did write today after all, Andrea. And I agree, silence is a gift and maybe monks and others like them are the only ones that really, really know this.


  4. Camilla says:

    Maybe we are only in the end fighting ourselves. Everything is a projection , our long lost ,hidden fragments of our split apart selves.. They cry out for healing , integrating .Can we anchor peace and unity in a fractured and dislocated world? Can we anchor it in ourselves?Can we ride the knife edge ? Perhaps we can if we learn and follow nature who does what she does because she is Life itself .. She does not resist , she adapts , she tries new routes and outwits by sheer force of vitality. Andrea is so right , Art and Nature. They are what we have . Life infused , creative , ever fresh . Thank you for your thoughts ., they are souch appreciated.Take courage … Love connects us all .


  5. syberpunk says:

    We dont fight . The AI mashine dose.
    It fights us , nature and it fights itself .
    Civilisation is fighting nature .
    But nature will survive together with its people .
    People will survive this war – its not a revolution its evolution .
    Find peace in nature and you will be home .
    Find peace in you and this in wars ashes will grow new life .
    This war is part off the evolution .
    Its not the end – it is a new beginning.

    Get ready for a new time to come .
    The new time will not wait for you .

    You will need each other and your own power to stand the storm to come .


  6. Søren says:

    I feel You are Very Right!
    What is A revolution anyway – just one turn of the wheel
    Car engines like revolutions so much, they count them by the minute
    Societies less so, one turn of the wheel every half century or so
    Planets even less

    When we see we are No-thing, who we R becomes less important
    So when we Re-move de-stance ourselves from the R-evolution
    We R free to Evolve, are we not

    And just for the record when you see Nothing
    Then ALL must be right around the corner

    FLOW was the Word
    Still IS


  7. BeeHappee says:

    “And just for the record when you see Nothing
    Then ALL must be right around the corner”

    So true. absolutely. Søren, where are you getting your wisdom from? (just curious)

    Andrea, I just read a couple books that Jeff Bird recommended to me while we had a discussion on unschooling on Ben’s blog (author Jon Gordon). So this is what you will call written by a very mainstream corporate speaker, but his books were very simple and fun to read, and quite helpful. Here is a brief talk of his, just thought it was a bit fitting for this “revolution” theme.
    And – you are already doing it!!!! Give yourself a break! And a pat on the back. That is one thing that us Europeans are not as good at as Americans are (patting ourselves on the back) 🙂 but hey, it really does make a difference.


  8. Thanks for you comments all. Food for thought.
    I don’t there is an enemy. The enemy is ourselves but it is also NOT ourselves. I think this is very complex and sometimes I loose my sense of purpose. It was a really nice debate it’s just that it made me think a lot… so I shared 🙂


  9. BeeHappee says:

    Andrea, thanks for sharing the article. A lot of bla bla bla. . The only take-aways I got out of it the discussion is whether we fight the system or ourselves – first. And the older gentleman mentioning 1968 revolution and falling down just a meter from the finish line. . . It would be interesting to hear his elaboration on that. why?

    Sometimes (most of the time) I get disillusioned with these talks (young people’s faces look pretty grim in the pictures). It would have been easier for everyone to just get together over some beer with guitars and singing to come up with some decent actionable items. It is annoying (to me anyway) to have these philosophical talks that just go nowhere, and often do not even inspire anyone to do anything. Just a bunch of complaining, which leads to more complaining and no solutions. There is a lot of that in the business world, meetings upon meetings, discussing something for the sake of discussing, and then everyone leaving the room thinking, ok, now someone else will do something, nothing on my to do list; or the problem is just too overwhelming, so we cannot really tackle it. break it down in chunks, and just do it. and I am not talking about you guys, your family. You are already doing it.
    Anyway, just my 2 cents.
    Seriously, hugging a needy child, picking up some garbage off the street, creating something to make people smile, empowering someone with words or actions – that is more than just sitting with a bunch of people complaining how it is all impossible and unchangeable.
    There are clever people out there. There are smart people out there. There are creative people out there. If everyone gets lots of good energy instead of negative one, something will get done. We have to choose the right teachers.
    Cheers! Almost weekend. Let’s go have a beer and a dance. 🙂


  10. Tres Jolie says:

    Just read this blog and see that an old lady used to live in your old cabin. I don’t really need to know more about her so feel free to go about doing things that are more important. Like making a big bonfire for the Solstice! That’s what we are doing. Mid-winter howling! No right answers. No wrong answers. I’m feeling that I’m blah blah blah-ing most of the time. So, OK, I stop. Sometimes I feel that words are stirring up the surface of the pond so depth cannot be seen.


  11. Sometimes I feel that too….


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