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“The batteries of my brain has run dry” was the last thing he said last night before he fell asleep. Four years old country punk is tired of the city now and now he just wants to go home.
He has seen a lot of shiny fish. He went to the National Arts Museum. He´s been to real nice dinner parties and to the zoo too, even got himself some new toys. And then he got to hang out with his renegade brothers off course. Sebastian looks real grown up and street cool, Silas looked relieved and happy.

As for me: I got to dance around in a forest, do several speeches and a most important meeting with a new publishing house I want to collaborate with (I´ve been working on a children’s book), the man gave me a sword (a very fancy new blade for our scythe) which I found to be a very great and poetically just gift when entering a new collaboration, I have high hopes.
I got to see friends and I got to hang out with my renegade sons which is the greatest gift in the world. There is no more words to say about that.

There were times when I could´t live without a new camera or a very beautiful amber fingering (oh… it was so beautiful!) but I overcame my desires and I´m surprised that there was not more of them. Desires, I mean. There´s nothing here that I really need… besides the work, the sword and the sons.

Jeppe finished his record and got to eat tons and tons of Ben and Jerry’s not to mention the late evenings with friends.
We spent all of the money we earned at the market place… at the market place but that´s ok. I think that´s the point of the market. I think it´s like that for everyone. Almost everyone.
More importantly: we got to see our comrades, eat fancy strange food, hang out with our renegade children, play music, speak words and show little thunder boy, four years old, that there´s a whole world out there, on the other side of our mountains. A strange and exiting world. Indeed.
We saw beggars. We gave them our money. We saw rich people in furs. Gave them a smile. One should´t discriminate.

This being a yule calendar and all I want to just say that I might begin to feel the spirit of christmas. Just a tiny little bit (but this dosn´t mean that we´ll celebrate the way we used to, everything is a question, everything a tentative answer)
The spirit of christmas being this: catching up with friends and family, new projects and realisations, blurred, but materializing in the distance. A desire for new things, yes, sure, but also a desire to be better at giving. And better at receiving. A real desire to be BETTER.
I´m still thinking about that. A lot. But the batteries of my brains are running low too so instead I´ll just show you these pictures I took last week.
Because I´m sure you and I see a lot of things differently but maybe we also see a lot of things the same. So. What do you see?


















14 comments on “The gift of asking “Do you see what I see?”

  1. Ulrike says:

    Hej Andrea, you always write so beautifully and thoughtfully. Thanks for that! I work as a bookseller in a big shopping mall to support my daughter who is studying abroad. I like my work (and I love books) but sometimes the rush and the sheer cashflow and all the people make me crazy, and I long for my quiet home and my children and my chicken and my spinning wheel. And when I get home, I’m so tired sometimes I’d like to cry. Sometimes, along with the books, I feel like I’m selling myself. Then again, getting people to read or give books as gifts is a wonderful thing, especially with kids’ books. The more I work in that mall, the simpler my own desires have become (the real ones). Which is also good. Life is a mixed bag, isn’t it?
    However, looking forrward to hearing about your new book project. Have a peaceful and joyfilled time in the woods. I never can wait until December is there to make everthing dark so I can enjoy the return of the light.
    Many greetings from Southern Germany, Ulrike


    1. Dear Ulrike, I think I know what you mean. There comes a time when all of that frenzy dosn´t feel like frenzy anymore and you just… go with the flow. Without loosing yourself. It´s a good thing! How wonderful you work in a bookshop. And the spinning wheel! That´s a dream of mine to get to make my own yarn…. must be such a wonderful activity.
      Thank you!


  2. Hanne Ishøy Nielsen says:

    Der er mange skovtrolde i din baghave, der ønsker jer velkommen hjem igen 🙂


  3. Søren says:

    the Gift Of Dreaming!
    When we were kids the World was endless, magical, was it not
    We all had the Gift Of Dreaming and we used it all the Time, awake or asleep, it didn’t Matter, we were all over the universe fighting dragons and swooning princes and prinsesses … We were Kings and Queens

    Little by little we lost this Gift, some of it was stolen by people we trusted and some was given away to people we loved. Our World became small, it became Dark, Doom, Death … 3D if you will 😉

    We have to reclame the Gift Of Dreaming to expand and enlighten our worlds once again! And the magical and cool thing about it is, it is right inside All of Us, I have the Gift Of Dreaming inside of Me and so do You … we all have the G… O. D….. inside of us
    But do we dare to use it/him/she
    I Believe We Do! 🙂
    Lets change this place
    Thunder Boy to the rescue 😉
    Batteries fully charged
    It is flying with dragons time again


    1. hehe. Thunderboy to the rescue!
      You are of course right 🙂


  4. Søren says:

    O by the way
    Dreams are Consiuouness
    Consiousness creates reality
    Reality is our World
    Lets Dream it Real
    …. can you feel the joy already
    It freaking Fun isnet it?
    Just ask Thunder Boy 😉


  5. BeeHappee says:

    Would have never guessed there was Ben and Jerry’s in Denmark. 🙂
    I see a happy you and stuff happening. Exciting about your children’s book!
    Have you seen the movie “Pay it Forward”? Your goodness and happiness reminded me of it.


  6. Denmark is very international. There´s ben and jerrys, mcdonalds, coca cola and imperialistic war politic all over the place! 😉


  7. Tonya says:

    I am so glad to have found your blog via Ben Hewitt awhile back.
    I love your writing and how life is a wonderful journey of discovery.
    Thank you.


  8. Tres Jolie says:

    I see rock people, tree people, trolls, gnomes and water sprites. I think the olde european wood is more full of creatures. I don’t know why. Over here on this younger civilization northern hemisphere the spirits are, I don’t know, different. They’re not as developed. Maybe more airy. Hard to say.

    PS I wish I wasn’t so old because I would love to see how Thunder Boy turns out when he grows. Maybe I’ll get to see how you turn out when you are old. If I could only be so lucky.


  9. Eumaeus says:

    i see a big, old rock and a little fir have a real desire to be BETTER.


  10. gardenamow says:

    Life. I see life.


  11. kc says:

    I see creatures looking…the same as Tres Jolie.


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