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Hello there!
This is me after having done a photo shoot for lady magazine Eurowoman. Yes. That´s right. I´m here to represent the crazies and give a voice to the weird, I´m ” a woman who chose a different path”.
It´s a one pager.
They let me rant about sustainability and capitalism and stuff. Right there. In the mainstream. Just besides the skinny models with the fluffy hair and the pointy shoes, just beside the ads and the “How to be a woman” instructions.
I don´t even know why they let me. I don´t even know how this got to be but there I am swimming around as big-mouthed cod in the mainstream, down streams or upstream , around and around, I go with the flow.

Not long ago I decided to not feel shame about this. I decided that I would not allow myself to fall victim of neither accusations nor corruption in that shallow water, I decided it was time to buckle up see, I´m a woman on a mission: I´m here to say what more and more people are thinking.
I live in a distant tributary far away, I find peace and good hunting grounds there-  but sometimes I swim all the way down to the mainstream to stir up the still waters, maybe, just a little, not that I think too highly of myself or anything.
It´s a gift. I consider it an art form. How to create an intimate space in the mainstream. This is an interest and a challenge you can even call a hobby (if “a mission” sounds to pompous): to create intimate space. In books, in writing, when doing speeches, when talking to journalists, I believe intimate space is most needed, I believe honesty, transparency and intimate space is an antidote.

Going to the market to sell our surplus produce and to gather some supplies, for me that implies doing photo shoots for lady magazines so that´s what I did today while Jeppe and Sigurd went to look at some attractions.

This photo shoot was, unlike other photo shoots I´ve done a pleasant experience due to two circumstances:

1. This photographer didn´t make me stand in some bush in some park in the middle of the city (“Look natural, look natural!”) She actually took the time to drive me to a REAL forest, however small our remaining forests are, she took me there and I needed that.
I really needed that. I am grateful that we went there.
Plus she had a sense of humour.



2. This photographer couldn’t help herself. Nature overwhelmed her and so she began taking pictures of the forest instead of pictures of me. Did you hear that? Do you see this? I took a fashion photographer to the forest and she saw the beauty- there!




So I joined her and for some glorious moments the land whispered to me.





So here is what I have to say about the mainstream: all of the currents running, the little creeks and subcultures- they bubbles up from below or from afar into the mainstream where sometimes they are polished until unrecognizability and sometimes they disappear just as fast as they got there; glimpses of other worlds, different tales (mainstream should be better at detecting the undercurrents, I agree, mainstream is too lazy) this is why you should keep a critical but keen eye at the mainstream, these are our jungle drums as a species, still, what´s happening, what´s happening?
This is happening: the planet and the people have begun to heal themselves, there is talk of love, solidarity, resistance and sorrow, there are murmurs of sustainability, there are experiments and alternatives to the status qou.

You should know that.
It´s important that you know.
It´s important that you know that you are not alone.

I´m not there in the mainstream to present a solution. I´m not there to make a sell. I´m there to simply inform you; people are fighting apathy as if their lives depended on it. It actually does.
I know because sometimes I put my ear to the ground, sometimes I hear the songs the birds sings.

For instance there is something going on regarding sharing and gift economy. I´ll tell you more about that tomorrow but first I have to go to the market to find Jeppe and Sigurd, we´re having waffles to celebrate, let´s celebrate this; the people gather at the market to share experiences and exchange gifts and so this is where the action is, down by the people and not in the building which you see in the background; that building is the Danish parliament and I don´t trust them much.
Nothing really happening there. Not a single thing. Not just a tiny change. If you want to find change look to the people. Even the people living full time the mainstream have begun to talk about climate change and sustainability of the heart.
They listen to what I have to say.
I listen to what they have to say. There is exchange. There is connection.

Something is happening it´s been happening for a long while it´s only now that mainstream have discovered but then let´s celebrate that they finally did.

It´s kind of like a christmas/yule spirit materialising in my mind; a little bit of faith in the people, please.



(remember that today at 2 o clock I´ll be at Cafe Intime, Frederiksberg, doing a conversation salon with Persille Ingerslev. Entrance 50 kroner but if you don´t have any money you don´t have to pay)

13 comments on “The gift of the mainstream

  1. Patty says:

    “Intimate space” is needed. Yes, yes, yes!
    So happy you noticed the change 😉
    Kind regards, Patty


  2. I did, I did. A long time ago. It´s just that I flex between emotions. Hope. Despair.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anja says:

    I am happy you have hope. I hope you are right about having that. I am not even in despair anymore. I am just numb. I am not even sad to feel this, I really just think we are lost, but I hope you are right in still having hopes.


    1. It makes me feel hope that you articulate your feeling. More of that is needed.


  4. BeeHappee says:

    Hey Andrea, beautiful piece! LOVE the positivity flowing in this one. 🙂 And I love your lady magazine picture, fancy fancy!, love the photographer, and the waffles with Sigurd and Jeppe. 🙂 Keep up the good work. I keep thinking how some of us can help you? Help with distributing or promoting your book in USA and elsewhere? Do you need help?
    Despair is death, so hope is all that’s left in life:


    1. So sweet of you 🙂 Well, it would be great if you could maybe share my posts once in a while somewhere. I haven´t signed a deal with an american publisher yet so just to get a better platform in amcerica would be cool. But no stress about it. I´m not stressing about that anymore. Things will grow in their natural pace 🙂 My book will be published in english around may or june through so let´s see what happens 🙂 Thank you!


      1. BeeHappee says:

        Sure, will do!


  5. Ben Hewitt says:

    Great post, Andrea.


  6. nicoleaugust says:

    Today I will have Hope and save Despair for another day. Thanks for the post.


  7. ncfarmchick says:

    I needed to hear this. It is too easy to just want to ignore all going on around you that you dislike or don’t understand or relate to but making that choice could cut you off from the wonderful things happening there that maybe just aren’t so obvious at first. I think of teachers working in violent inner cities or peacemakers going to war-torn lands. I admire people willing and even eager to go where they know their beliefs and safety (personal or just peace-of-mind) is at risk. But, doing so may yield great things not the least of which is that your influence will be felt by people who may really need and want to hear it. Peace and thanks!


  8. Tres Jolie says:

    I’ve been so sick but just now getting better and reading through posts. I had a first thought: mothers might understand being in the gift most of all because they usually give without expectation of pay and they give for the needs of the receiver and create a bond. Maybe dads too but even more mothers. Then I thought: how good that you are in that glossy slick magazine. Willing to bring substance to image. It’s important and it does show that mainstream is starting to get it. I hope. My dark side says it’s just entertainment to them. Still change will never come unless an alternative is offered. So there you are with your lovely bright shining face and they’ll see that it’s something good. Rock on!


  9. I hope you feel better now Tres Jolie 🙂
    For a long time I was worried that it was merely entertainment, that all of us who try and infiltrate the mainstream are really just servants to the mainstream…. but then I get to do the speeches and people come and they cry and THAT`S when I know that it matters…


  10. Tres Jolie says:

    Good. Crying is a good thing! Oddly enough it’s true.


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