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We´re going to the market. To sell our surplus produce, to get some supplies.
This is done around yule. Everybody does it. You probably do it too.

Going to the market place to look at all of the people, to trade some goods- the smell of roasted almonds, waffles, the fuzz and the footsteps of herds of people- going to the market is somehow related to yule. You do that around yule. Everybody does it. People have always done it.
Allthough lately I have come to think ” What is our produce really worth?” “What are the objects we trade for really worth?” Somehow the issue of worth and price is manifest to me. It´s not so simple anymore. There are all kinds of new factors now like “Time”, “karma”, “energy” to take into consideration when you sell stuff, when you buy stuff.

I mean, this jar of cookies for instance, what would be a fair trade for that? Sure as hell not a few nickels and dimes that´s for sure. This jar of cookies can´t even be bought for money.




Which is why we ate all of the cookies ourselves when we went to the market




So now we only have my speeches and some books to sell. I´m not sure what we need in return though. I made up this list while travelling

* A (butter) cow
* Boots for Sigurd
* Money for those of our kids who live close to the market.

Thinking about money: it seems that money and market is interconnected. You can´t live at the marketplace at not have any money. You can´t live in the city and be poor. It´s awful. Being poor in the country is much better because then you´re not confronted with all of the things you can´t afford. Also there is the matter of what to  actually DO at the market. Seems as if the action most prevalent is the action of buying and selling. That´s what you DO at the market. Can you even be at the market place without buying or selling, money changing hands?

Well. I guess you can because I´m going to the market so that I can stand on my soapbox and sing my gospel of doubt.
That´s what I´ll do at the market. I´ll tell you a story and what you give in return is YOUR decision. I don´t have a prize. I won´t have a prize. But come to think about it: what IS the prize of a story?

Well. Going to the market involves so many thoughts and emotions, it´s a multidimensional experience and I´m kind of exited, Sigurd is exited too. He´s exited about all of the people specifically all of the children, he wants to play with them. All of them. “Do you think the children at the market will have time to play?” he asks me and I nod and smile to him.

Going to market involves a lot of travel for us. We´re going to the Copenhagen Market which means travelling by train to Oslo, Norway and then by night ferry all the way down south.

This is what meets the eye when you travel by train. Lots and lots and lots of this



Seems that all of the trees are going to the market of capitalism too.
I wish they would´t take all of the trees, what do you need all of the trees for?

Oslo was hectic, christmas carols and shops everywhere, we more or less ran to the ferry and hid in the cabin for a while.
Then we inspected. Unfortunately I´m too shy to take pictures when people are watching me so we had to find the empty spaces…

A picture of a model of the ferry

A picture with no people at all


A picture of the Captain


A picture of some yule decoration




Maybe I won´t be so shy on the way home. Maybe I will have grown more accustomed to all of the people then.

We slept all night and in the morning we woke up to this


Hello castle of Kronborg! We´re almost at the market now!

This is a picture of how it feels to go the market

Now. We´ll be a Cafe Intime in Copenhagen tomorrow the 4th of december at 14-16. Entrance 50 kroner. Parsley girl will also be there, we´re doing a “Conversation salon”. You can off course buy my book.

Buying and selling, needing christmas gifts, engaging with the market, it´s not easy I must tell you, this is going into unknown territory, this is going back to all that we left, consumerism, capitalism, can it even be done on different terms? Are we doing it on different terms? I want to!
We go to the market to sell of our surplus produce and to get our hands on some supplies. There should´t be nothing wrong with this… then why does it feel like we should be very aware of traps?
I feel like we are animals. Eyes in the back of my head, all my senses sharpened, all right then, let´s do this.

The gift of going to the market: to be inspired, to play with the children, to connect, to talk, to sing and dance, to look at exotic objects, strange foreign tastes of countries far away, to tell a story, to listen to stories… it´s a gift that we get to do this. It truly is. It´s just that the market also feels like a dangerous place.





18 comments on “The gift of going to the market

  1. Pia says:

    Wecome “home”, I hope you don’t get people overwhelm at the market. (I know I would, so I won’t come visit). Too many people, not enough trees in this world.


    1. Thank you Pia! 🙂


  2. Patty says:

    Dear Andrea,
    I’m trying to find a way to balance my natural needs as a 42 year old human being, woman, wife, packleader of two dogs, natural animal therapist versus the modern world in the twenty first century. I started to search the internet to find people who left -in a way- the western world. I found your blog and started to follow you since a few months.
    Your way of thinking made me think even more about capitalism, money, other peoples way of thinking…well about a whole lot of things. I still think you are a brave woman for deciding to go to-and live in- the woods. But I also keep thinking of your indoor toilet; a little bit of luxury isn’t such a bad thing afterall 😉
    Now this article…a little bit of money isn’t a bad thing also. I provides you internet to write and share your beautifull thoughts, it provides you money to even get to the market and share a wonderfull experience with the kid.
    I’m starting to wonder…is your ‘anger’ ( I don’t know if anger is the right word, maybe dissapointment?) against ‘the modern world’ justified? At the same time I really understand where it’s coming from, I realy do.
    Hm. Dilemma, dilemma.
    Kind regards,


    1. Dear Patty,
      I`m a child of my times and I don´t hate my times nor everything modern, I don´t hate luxuries and I don´t hate money as such… I just think a lot of things have been destroyed and yes, I´m angry about that, as I said yesterday, I think you have to go through stages of disbelief, anger, sorrow ect before you can maybe reach a more balanced view. I´m very inspired by this:

      Thank you for your feedback and story! I think it is so important that we broaden the stories and for some reasons the stories of “the alternative” have become very pinkish, happy and whole, I´m against that because it becomes unrealistic. Well. Gotta go now. In the city. Don´t have time. But thank you!


      1. Patty says:

        Thank you for your response! I certainly will read the link you shared.
        Been through the stages you mentioned, I think I just came -for some parts- to a different conclusion 😉
        Know that your writing has helped me a lot!
        Thank you for that also. Kind regards.


        1. It´s a good thing we reach different conclusions! The world would indeed be a sad place if everyone believed the same thing 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Patty says:

            And boring too 😉
            How I love, that I can communicate with someone miles and miles away and it feels closeby.
            Somewhere down the line us humans took a wrong path in life, but I still hope – I need to hope- even if we do it in a different way, we end up with a world where all living beings can live in a respectfull authentic way.
            Jeez…it’s hard to explain in English what I mean, but I have a feeling you understand me anyhow.
            Safe trip home! Kind regards, Patty


            1. Patty says:

              Ps. I read today already three chapters of the manifest. Thank you for this -indeed- inspirational link.


  3. ncfarmchick says:

    I think I’ve been on that ferry! Looks familiar, anyway. Love the happy, toothy grin on Sigurd in the first photo. As an adult, it is hard not too have all the thoughts you do (the fear, anxiety, sadness, etc.). But, maybe, looking at this adventure through his eyes (he doesn’t look worried at all!) will help. I find that is one of the greatest gifts my boys give me. The pull me back out of all my adult thinking into the wonderment inherent in childhood. That’s the stuff we forget as adults or has been driven out of us by life’s circumstances. Best of luck at market! Still will be eager to hear when your book is published in English. I will be grateful for the money to purchase a copy as I agree it would be difficult to impossible to come up with a fair trade (as much as I love handling transactions that way.) Peace!


    1. You are so right! I´m truly utterly grateful that I get to look at everything through the eyes of that kids from time to time! So far it´s a great experience for him. His father has taken him to an aquarium! Whaaaat!! So many fish, so many colours! 😉


  4. BeeHappee says:

    I second ncfarmchick. Sigurd got it all right, no need to fear the market. 🙂 Big smile, excitement, and ready to play at the market. Grown ups play their game, some involved and smiling some standing at the sidelines watching, wondering if they should join in. Bargaining and trading games some of the oldest games of humanity.
    We are heading to Christkindlemarket this weekend, looking forward to train ride, the hustle, the smells, the performers.
    Andrea, good luck at the cafe.


    1. Yah! That´s how it is. It´s exiting. A little bit dangerous too but everything that is exiting is also a little bit dangerous, right? Market is looking good today. Listening to some students from the music conservatorium playing music at the big square, it´s wonderful 🙂


  5. Sofie says:

    Stoppede op og gloede forbløffet på et forbudsskilt ved indgangen til City2 (Butikscenter ved Tåstrup) den anden dag.
    Rulleskøjter forbudt (jaja)
    Rygning forbudt (jaja)
    Råb og anstødende adfærd forbudt. (jaja)
    Leg forbudt. (WHAT???)
    LEG er altså forbudt i City2. Ret træls at tænke på, når man samtidig ved, at det at gå i butikscentre er mange børnefamiliers primære fritidsbeskæftigelse…


    1. Man fristes til at udbryde WTF på godt gammelt dansk! 😉


  6. Oh Andrea, I come here on your blog this morning and wow I’m in admiration…Really…I’m a mama of 5 and with my husband we live in an old farm in France, in Elsass Country near Germany…I’m in love love love with your life…Your images are beautiful…You are a great inspiration and I’m really happy to have find you today…Can you tell me where I can buy your book in France? With love… Maikäfer fliej


    1. Thank you! My book will be out in english this spring but let me know if you know of any french publisher who would be interested in publishing… I would´t mind going to france to promote my book. I´m thinking wine castles and oak forests! Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. nicoleaugust says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this, and for thinking about these things. It is something I still haven’t figured out – value, money, trade. What is our time worth ? our love ?
    I wrote this awhile ago, maybe you will enjoy it :

    I’m off to bake some priceless cookies :).


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