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Day of the nornir

Today there were two worlds.
One world was the world I was moving through, touching, tasting, screaming, falling, rising in. Mud girl. Ravenwoman. Crow lady.
The other world was in the lakes.
I looked to a tree and I could´t decide what was up and what was down. The air was rich and content. I looked to a stone and I knew I had finally found the place I´ve been looking for. Unperfect circle. Hidden. Low. As a bowl. It does not rhyme.

Morning glory sun, holy spears penetrating the fog. Rumbling fire in the tipi and I took off all of my clothes and I washed myself with a cloth and I sat there in the heat in the middle of the moist and I knew. I just knew. You know.

Walking. Wet shoes. Every time I wanted to take a picture of the sun she disappeared. Today is not meant to be shared like that. Today was meant to be shared like this.

And there were two worlds. Never seen anything like that. I´ve seen the still before, I´ve seen the reflections, I´ve seen worlds in the shallow waters too but it was not like that today, not at all. The lakes were so…  There is no word for that. To wait and see. Pending. Expectant. Hesitant but they were not hesitant and they were not expecting anything, the lakes, they just layed there, waiting, waiting, they are waiting for something.

Black mirror lake.

So today there were two worlds,  it´s true what I´m saying. You could not tell the roots from the top, parallel worlds intertwined. Old times. New times. Child. Parent.

Strong words with big wingspans were thrown. Soft words were whispered.

A storm inside my head. A whirlwind in my house. Fetch the water, do the dishes, clear the wood burning stove, fetch firewood, walk the dog, build that wall, tend to the animals, bake, write, more, more and also I thought a lot about capitalism. And cooperatives. And then everything was quiet.

When I was little I knew of a magic world and I was loved.Something happened. Something broke. And I lost it forever. That loss sits in me and “thats why you can never be satisfied”
Yes. True. Loss can be traumatic, like ptsd, I never restored.
I didn´t.

But today there were two worlds and something in the air too which makes it 3….  and 3 are the women who sits by the roots of the giant tree of life named Yggdrasil, 3 are the nornir and I´m just me.


6 comments on “Day of the nornir

  1. Eumaeus says:

    Had me smiling all the way through…

    With you.


  2. Tres Jolie says:

    Sometimes I look at a stream running through a field and think “what is the difference between the stream and the field?” Aren’t they made of the same thing? Just one is running and the other is not running (at least not perceptively running). What or who told them to manifest as different things like a developing child starts out as a little lizard-like thing, gets hands and feet, heart and liver. The DNA tells the parts of the child what they are to be. What DNA tells the world how to differentiate? I don’t say this aloud very much. People will think I am crazy. I only say this stuff to people who love me and will forgive me. I thought of this when you said “I looked to a tree and I could´t decide what was up and what was down.”


  3. There is no shame in telling it like it is. The world is liquid. There. I said it 🙂
    I like your description of the field and the river…


  4. Such a good day… Greet them, those clever ladies! 😉 ❤


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