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Fermented bread aka danish rye bread part 1

Fermented bread is really good for your stomach, it´s rich on fibre, it fills you well and it tastes good.

In Denmark fermented bread (rye bread) is the basic bread and many households makes their own, it´s even been said that some families keep the same sourdough through generations.
My family didn´t  so when our log cabin was finished I made my own sourdough and here she is.



Sometimes I forget her for a really long time and then I need to nurse her for a while, start her again. Sometimes I use her almost everyday not giving her enough time to settle, calm herself . In that way you can say that the way you treat your sourdough is merely af reflection as to how you treat yourself.

HOW TO MAKE SOURDOUGH: mix water, salt and sieved rye flour and put it on your kitchen table. You can add a bit of honey (the vikings used a complicated process of salt and honey to raise their breads) and even a tiny itsy little microscopic bit of yeast if you want to.

IMPORTANT: When fermenting the quality of the water and the quality of the salt is paramount. Use water with no chemicals in it. Same with the salt. And don´t use a steel spoon (only wood) when mixing. It´s important that you put the baby sourdough on your kitchen table, it´s a psychological thing, you need to keep an eye on it, load it with your energy. Every third day or so add a little more water and a little more salt and a little more rye flour-  stir it to add air to the fermenting process but otherwise just load it with energy.
Keep on your kitchen table until it begins to bubble (it can take a while)

Then store your sourdough in a more or less airtight container and remember to stir her once in a while.



This is my recipe, it´s not bullet proof nor authoritative, this is just how we do in this household.

Early in the morning before the sun rises mix water from the well with a small handful of sea salt from the Motherland. Regarding the water: don´t take it directly from the well since that water will be too cold for the sourdough, the water should be room temperature.



Add sieved rye flour and stir well.



Add your sourdough. The sourdough will be a little bit lighter than the rest of the dough and also a bit more fluid

Stir. The consistency of the mix should look like in the picture below (maybe a little more wet) Consistency is important when making rye bread. Generally.
Add rye flour and water until you think it looks right.




Then in another bowl mix sunflower seed, poppy seed, lin seed, sesame seed, cracked wheat and cracked rye. Cover the grains and seeds with (good) water. I always let the wooden spoon that I used for mixing the sourdough sit in the grains and water for a while. It´s a supersticious thing.




Cover both bowls and let them stand on the kitchen table (or somewhere else in room temperature) for at least around 12 hours.



Then cross the creek



Until you get to the giant stone. Check to the sun. Winter low.



Which means that you must, very importantly, proceed to the winter roar (we have spring roars, summer roars, autumn roars and winter roars)




On your way home you can decide that today you won’t move these logs closer to the house (for axing) no, today you´ll be making oatmeal balls because the sun hangs low and your rye bread won´t be finished before tomorrow and you´re hungry.





Part two of this recipe will be posted tomorrow night. Cheers. Umm. Oatmeal balls.
(I´m making tutorials and recipes again until Maja buys a cow)




5 comments on “Fermented bread aka danish rye bread part 1

  1. Really great, looking forward for part 2 🙂


  2. Love this post (and your kid’s adorable sweater!), I’m working on my own sourdough right now with spent mash from our last batch of beer — this is great inspiration! Thanks!


    1. Happy to please 🙂 Part two coming up in a couple of hours….


  3. Tres Jolie says:

    So inspiring! California sourdough beginning now in my kitchen. Going out for a winter roar at the waning full moon tonight!


    1. Yah!

      I was thinking about going outside too tonight…. I think I need it. Just to sit there….


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