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det dyre look


I made gullash for dinner today.

Yesterday we drove down to a nearby farm.

Jeppe and Sebastian worked there for a couple of days this year, helping them with the rhubarb harvest (we´re hustling day labourers, never forget, we just talk fancy) and we were ready to collect the pay. The pay being vegetables, meat, jam and juice. Couldn´t have fallen on a more dry spot, due to my sickness and yadi yadi we only got to collect and dry mushrooms from the forest this season, we didn´t make enough juice or jam out of all the berries. And you need that in the winter. You really need that juice and the jam from the forest, it´s medicine.

So I made gullash and it was a really nice dinner and it made me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy is that I get to write this blog and that actual real live human beings care to read it. I forgot how much it gives me, as a writer, to do this. Not only does it help me procrastinate it also gives me a sense of having some purpose plus it sharpens my pen. Ha! That´s 3 things at the same time!

Couple of days ago we were sitting in the chairs knitting or whatever and I asked Maja (our neighbour, single mother, a writer like me) what she thought about my blog. “Well, it´s a little on the heavy side” she said “Now that you´re blogging regularly again I don´t think you have to attach some deep existential point to all of your posts” We sat for a little while. She continued “and you know I did like it when you made recipes and How-To posts” and then we both laughed. Our ass off.


So. This post is combining two strings of thoughts:

1. We do need money once in a while. We live way under the poverty line but that´s all right, we chose it to be so. Most writers live below the poverty line. They just pretend that they don´t. Denmark being such a small reading country it´s not like you can actually make a living being an author. It´s all make- believe. That´s one of the reason why we fled to the forest in the first place. Like…freedom is always possible it´s just a question about how much you are willing to waive… we lowered our living standards which led to this curious fact: now we are even MORE dependent on the ridiculous low amount of money I earn being an author.

Funny, isn´t it?

Working (for food) at other people’s farm is a strange situation when your whole life is set up to become as self-sufficient as possible.
But then again if I learned one thing out here it´s to go with the flow.
It´s all right. The gullash was spectacular!
(and I´m inclined towards the cooperative, having lived here for years now I figure it would be smarter if you don´t have to do every single little thing yourself, so I´m working on convincing Maja into buying a cow)

2. I´ve merged this blog with my author-homepage meaning that you will now find reviews and biography and such up in the menu.  I did so because I have 3 quotes hanging on the inside of my head, at all times:

“Simplify! Simplify!” (h.d.Thoreau)

“We are transmitters of life. As we live, we transmit life and when we fail to transmit life, life fails to flow through us” (d.h. Lawrence)

“To be or not to be, that is the question.
Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer
the stings and arrows of an outrageous fortune
or to take arms against a sea of trouble
and by opposing overcome them” (Hamlet, Shakespeare)


So there you go.

Not at all on the heavy side.

PS. We´re all travelling to Denmark in the beginning of next month, we want to visit our renegade kids and also I have a talk or two. If you´d be interested in me speaking at your workplace, your library, your shop or in your home write me an email at

PPS. The above picture is the only picture I have where I look like a real author (real authors always holds their hands up to their heads, as if they can´t carry the weight of the head otherwise)



9 comments on “Writer me

  1. ericabanda says:

    Thank you for doing this work. I appreciate your writing and I am grateful that you are courageous and say what needs to be said. What you are writing really matters and it has an impact on readers. Your words are an aid to a cultural revolution that is happening. Love and beauty is all around us when we look in the right places.


    1. Oh……. Thank you! It means the world to me that you say that. Thanks again.


  2. Ben Hewitt says:

    So you only need one hand to support your head? You must be very strong!


  3. Maria Lisette says:

    You are my new procrastination thing… 😉 keep on, even with the heave load… 😉


    1. Nice to see you here Maria! (also) 🙂


      1. Maria Lisette says:

        Same 😉 I really enjoy your struggles… (that didn’t come out right, did it??) 😉


  4. kodfrifredag says:

    Hvor er du smuk, Andrea! Glædelig jul til dig og familen. Med kærlige hilsener fra Kirsten


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