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what he sleeps in



to dismantle the old cabin

longjohn kingoftheworld





3. Cutting down trees, pulling them to the site, thinking about what NOW to do


To work together

sigurd spiser ungah



silas ved flod


Out door space




passe zigge



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My children have made choices. Real hardcore difficult choices.
First they chose to do this wild thing with us. To move into the wild. To see what it would do to us.
They cultivated skills. They learned about teamwork. They saw that you can change a situation, you have that freedom, you have those capabilities. They went through hard times. They came out on the side. Stronger.
Sebastian has chosen to study in the city for a while, he wants to work with children, he wants to take them out into nature, “help them grow confidence”
Victoria has chosen to become an adventurer, she´s a sailor girl, she´s exploring the world.
Silas has chosen to fight for what he believes in. His father.
Sigurd, the little one, has chosen to be a natural-born hippie, never seen a hippie as hippie as him, he calls himself the warrior of love. `nuff said.

I´m not saying that I didn´t make any mistakes, good lord, I did and if I had known what I know now… I would´t have done half of the things that I did.
But I think I got the basics covered. I think I somehow (bewildered and unaware) raised them to be human beings capable of choice.
I think that´s what parents are supposed to do.
Uttermost important.

As for me…. I´m an old pissed off viking warrior lady, that´s just how it is. It is only recently that I got home from the battleground, pretty baffled about what they did to my country, pretty angry about what they did to my people.
But that´s all right.
I send love out into the world.

11 comments on “Mission accomplished!

  1. Eumaeus says:

    Good for you with love.

    And beautiful pictures

    But duty remains
    Does it not?
    Bush too
    Flew banners
    ‘Mission accomplished’

    Does duty disappear?
    That is the question.


    1. It is funny you should say so. Duty seems as such an important word these days. As does this question which is more basically THE question:

      “To be or not to be
      that is the question
      Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer
      the stings and arrows of an outrageous fortune
      or to take arms agains a sea of trouble
      and by opposing
      overcome them”

      (here is the word “opposing” also of uttermost importance)


  2. Eumaeus says:

    Duty to post pretty
    Duty to not not say fuck
    Duty to love hate
    Duty to murder for love
    Duty to not just walk north
    Until you freeze
    Yes, the duty to live
    To be or not to be
    “This the very coinage of your brain.”


    1. Oh. Oh. Oh.

      “Madness? My heart beats just as evenly as yours does. There’s nothing crazy in what I’ve just uttered. Put me to the test. I’ll rephrase everything I’ve just said, which a lunatic couldn’t do. Mother, for the love of God, don’t flatter yourself into believing that it’s my madness, not your crime, that’s the problem. You’d just be concealing the rot that’s eating you from the inside. Confess your sins to heaven. Repent and avoid damnation. Don’t spread manure over the weeds in your heart; it’ll only make them more filthy. Forgive me my good intentions here since in these fat and spoiled times, virtuous people have to say, “Beg your pardon” to vile ones and beg for the chance to do any good”

      Did you know that Hamlet is based on a true story? He was a prince of Denmark. I used to live just beside the place of the original viking castle…. just before we ran north, you know.

      Crazyness does run thick there. Or clarity. Depending on the day.

      Fuck. Duty to never comply. This is Europe after all.

      Thank you for reminding me 🙂


      1. Eumaeus says:

        I’ve always got on well with the europeans.
        There are very few vikings left in america.
        Sometimes it is worth asking the questions
        To hear how the answer sounds coming from someone else’s lips. Like you say, ‘a reminder’.
        Now it is back to begging for Eumaeus,
        Back to begging for the chance to do any good.


        1. For a while I could´t decide if you were a troll or a butterfly, I realise it´s the latter and I appreciate your difficult questions, always. Also I really appreciate your blog. Truth be told.


          1. Eumaeus says:

            nice to meet you
            and a kiss
            butterfly kiss
            from the corn belt
            to the cold danish castles


            1. Right back at ya´ (as you people say 😉


  3. i think it is a wonderful thing to look back and say, i would have done differently if i had known what i know now.I think it’s proof of your evolution, growing as a person. I liberated myself this way from the ‘mistakes’ i made.


  4. Kathrine says:

    Uh, Ridder af kærligheden ❤


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