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Full moon last light. Ate dinner at our neighbours house, drove home through the moonlit forest, it was magic.
Woke up. Quiet coffee. I love that we have real live fire in our house, I love the sound of the fire burning in the morning, I think I´m a fire soul. Without even talking about it we rather quickly put on the warm clothes, the boots, gloves, this is our winter custom, we are giants wrapped in different types of rags. Because it was snowing. Because we thought it would´t come just yet but it did.
Working for a couple of hours clearing the ground, collecting tools, hiding them in the shed. All of the summer playthings. All of the barrels and flowerpots, all of the plastic, building materials, all these leftovers that we scatter on the land, traces of our humanity, footsteps and snail trails. Yes. We could be more organised. Yes. I hate the plastic. Our chickens escape the hen yard all of the time, Houdini chicks, pick the soil and eat the last worms. Spiderweb in the tipi. Cats have gotten fatter as have the small birds. Fluffy.
Boards. Our biggest issue of all of the issues that we have. How to make them yourself. How to get money to buy them. What to do with them when you haven´t build your barn yet.
The drying machine. The giant soup pot. Buckets. Bows. Still a lot of wood lying around from the old cabin that we took down. Some of the material was rotten, we could´t use it for this construction, all of the rotten wood lying around. The halfbuildt fence to keep out the elks and the deer. Soon Fox will pay us her winter visits, she moves in with us during winter, she lives down by the hen yard, she has not eaten any hens yet but I worry about the bewildered chickens, they seem to not get it.

We need to get out hands on some more straw bales before hard frost. Strawbales are expensive here. This is forest country. Strawbales are worth their weight in gold.

The logs he has worked on all summer. Logs for a sauna. Stacked just outside our windows. The newly planted fruit trees. I lay wood chips around them it protects the roots from the worst frost. Also spruce branches. I must remember to do that soon.

We talked about the tree that fell down over Victorias cabin. She´s not done building it – but the structure seems strong enough to carry the weight of this fallen tree. It fell because when we got here (what is it? Two years ago? Three? I can´t remember. Time is different out here) we took down so many trees… in a lot of different ways, by hand and by machine. We cleared the ground. This slippery slope that we live on was forest once, we made this clearing, we built this cabin, we created that garden, we bred those hens, we built that shed, we dream about that barn…. but the trees that we didn´t take down where fragile, used to the protection of all of the other trees, not used to standing alone, all alone, not every one can take that.
Tall. Thin. Trees fall down around us all of the time. Surrender. Give in. Give up. Fall down.
Keeps us occupied.
I think a lot about trees.
We might just let it lay there. Integrate it into the building. I don´t know. We don´t know yet.







One comment on “Clearing the ground

  1. We were caught unprepared by an unusually early snow storm over the weekend. Things were still left to be picked up and put away for the winter. The snow is melting and as things reappear I pick them up and tuck them away in the garden shed. I need to do better on a daily basis – and pay better attention to the weather forecast.


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