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I have a friend.
She just wrote me a long letter about the revolution. When I´m in Denmark we usually end up down by the beach where she takes off all of her clothes and go swim in the ocean whereas I sit on the beach, a hundred years old, drinking coffee.

Leaving Denmark made me think a lot of about Denmark. Open landscape. Closed culture. These are the things that I miss tremendously: the beach and the beech trees.
My friend has an important job. Can´t tell you what it is. We talk about her job a lot as we talk about mine. Never thought I even had a job but it turns out that I do. It appears I´m a truth worker. My job is to gather the courage to introspect and look at the thousand truths, mutually exclusive, yet there they are.
Last couple of times we´ve met we´ve drunken red wine and sunken deep into the couches. “Shit. Man. This planet. This consumer culture….”, “We´re nothing but hypocrites”, “Come, let´s make a terror cell, let our terror cell be the ones that paint mustaches on all of the posters of the politicians”. We shift like that between hope and despair. We feel like we could do MORE. We feel like what we do is not ENOUGH. Never enough. A natural tendency towards self loathing, a self loathing that keeps us all in our places, this is how you kill the revolution.

Here you have two super short videos.

I share these videos because my friend wrote me a letter today and she told me something disturbing about the young people of our time and age. Seems that a lot of the young people have lost hope. That´s why they comply. They are too stressed out to even imagine growing their own food, they´re too tense to even imagine a change. That´s how you kill the young people.

And I´m thinking: “We can´t have that. We can´t have all of the young people loosing hope”. Enter the self loathing (“but who am I to do anything, I can’t do anything”). Stop. Realize.

It´s like litter. If you don´t pick up then who will?
If you don´t change then who will?

So enough of the self loathing. I won´t have it anymore.

This first video is called “Don´t look at me, look at that!”

This one is called “Once a showgirl always a showgirl”

See? I´m a showgirl. That´s just how it is.

And I come complete with friends. I tend to forget that. It´s not like I´m alone. I  tend to forget that too.
There´s this whole movement of people rebelling and yelling and growing their own food, changing the world from the outside/in or the inside/out, we all do what we can with what we have and nobody is perfect anyways, chill.

This is another friend of mine. Her name is Persille. She´s a runaway showgirl like me but the show needs her. This is how she might feel about that:





… but that dosn´t change the fact that she is needed.

Some people are meant to dance whereas others are meant to sing. Happy birthday, Parsley girl! Rocket for the young ones 😉




8 comments on “Harmony balance heart heart love

  1. Tres Jolie says:

    You go, girl(s)! I’m dancing with you!


  2. Eumaeus says:

    kissing cops is fun. intercourse in the museum of biology is good. prank corporate memos are fine. graffiti works. speaking truth to power okay. tree sits, grow your own food all that jazz…
    so you don’t believe the powers that be and you can do all these things… and have a pioneer life… good good good.
    but also remember to not believe yourself either.
    and that a true revolution is joyful (i think )


    1. Preciesly. All of the truths mutually exclusive…. I don´t believe myself in the least bit.
      That a true revolution should be joyful. I don´t know about that. I think change is hard and uncomfortable, that´s been my experience out here in the forest anyways, it´s been a hard process… lots of love still though, it´s not like everything is a battle… but there is some kind of sorrow and some kind of loss involved I think. A lot of doubt. A whole load of doubt. I think the doubt is essential and thats why I keep writing about it (even though i´m boring myself doing it as of lately)


      1. Eumaeus says:

        They think that their revolution is joyful (hey, it says so on TV). You think yours is not. That, in my humble opinion is, part of the problem. So when will the TV viewers get their acres of beans in the woods and pick up a pioneer life? – when it is joyful (i think) …

        and yes these things are complicated. we say things like ‘true revolution’ to each other realizing that they are entirely meaningless. true revolution is like fire. and it ends when there is nothing left to burn. so your revolution is over (there is nothing to burn in you)… yet you are not satisfied and think you should do more… a terror cell… perhaps there is something to burn in you after all. maybe you were just smoldering for a moment…


        1. It is very complicated in deed and I appreciate your input 🙂 I´m not a native english speaker and sometimes I use words that are funny/ironic in danish but maybe not so much in english. I apologise for that.

          I wonder about if I should do MORE. I feel like I should do more. Yet I am very tired. Burned- out. There´s this spark in me though and a spark in the culture too…. a tiny little glimpse… of fire. Something orange almost invisible underneath all of the ash and the coal.

          I don´t think we will have a revolution. Revolution is something that happens when people have something to fight for, a better society…. When empires crumble all you see is decadence and misery (when in Rome…) This revolution, I believe, will have to be historically different. We need to come up with a better way of making revolutions: not by offering just another God (or truth or system) neither by destroying everything in anger, like a child.
          Sometimes I have hope. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I burn. Sometimes I don´t. And you are right. People want the shiny. Dosn´t mean you have to give it to them….


          1. Eumaeus says:

            the truth about what you are needs no validation.
            it doesn’t seek to be known.
            it doesn’t need anything from your ego.

            when you have hope, let it go
            when you burn, let it go
            when you feel yourself holding on to something, let it go

            it will be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done
            it will be the most joyful thing you’ve ever done
            but then again…

            Eh, this is all to much, isn’t it
            Even for an anonymous monkey

            Your English is phe-fricking-nominal
            You got a grip on that for sure

            Peace be with you


            1. No, it´s nice, I´m the “too much” kinda person anyways 🙂
              I am having very specific issues at the moment regarding these issues that you bring up. I applaud your ability to pick up and sense thing through a screen 🙂


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