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A dense and heavy mist hanging low over the lake this morning.
The child and I walk through the forest, just a quick morning walk, a small walk, we sit on a rock and look at the green turning red, yellow, brown, orange, burned.
As soon as we enter the holy halls of the forest we become quiet but we live in the open, we are the open people, we make noise.

You know the old say that the world was created by a giant named Ymir and Ymir is a word that means: unarticulated sound. So.

The world is fundamentally created out of sound, sound that we shape, sound that we give words. Melodies maybe.

I look down to the mist hanging over the lake and I think of the vikings. Why they feared the fog so much.

I know why.

It is because the mist is unshaped, unarticulated, unpresent, unspoken.

The silence of the forest, the mystery of the mist, the holiness of that child and the life that we live… I am home.

In my clearing, above my home hangs a sound. It is a deep humming. Like a spacecraft hanging, engines rolling or… like a giant breathing or… like all of the trees are buzzing, slowly, deeply, from the roots.

It would make you crazy if you didn´t know better.

I don´t think there is a lot more to say.

Well. Maybe this though:

1. He had built me a mudroom when I got home. Like I always wanted. And a compost toilet. Insulated. Very modern. Very romantic. Most romantic thing I can think of.

2. We´re using rock wool. I don´t particullary like it but it´s the pragmatic thing to do. Just like last year all of the small birds are building their winter nests in the rock wool. All of the small birds live under my roof. They scrunch little holes and so they hide. We live with them. They feed on the waste water from the bucket under the sink, I pour it out close to the window so that I can watch them. So many small birds. Winterbirds.
I never see them in the summer. In the summer the air is dense with other things, insects, pollen, heat waves, ravens and eagles but winter is coming and the air has changed, the air is fresh, clear, heavy, visible and then… these non-places where the mist rules.

Nobody goes there besides me. With my eyes.

3.  I am a warrior and I have a mission. There. I said it. I´m not afraid to say it. We need to be warriors.

I´ve just been in a battle, fighting the fight of the hearts and the minds, the hurt in the people, the longing.

I will continue to do this. I don´t care what some say, they only make noise, non- articulated, we can articulate it, we can offer words and fix this broken discourse.

I guess I´ve been too soft. Enough of that.

I KNOW I need to do this. I KNOW it is important that someone does this, I KNOW we must do something, about the state of the world, the planet, the people.

So I will continue to talk and write and visit the world, occasionally. Couldn´t do it though if I didn´t know the peace.
I know the peace.
Here´s some random peace.
For beautiful you .

DSCF2815 DSCF2550DSCF1569DSCF1512symetric worldDSCF9736DSCF9482quality of the watervictoria helped with the little oneDSCF1868 kingoftheworld blueberriesandgingerfinaleBILLEDERFØRSTETOMÅNEDER 156 Thanks to Nadia and Ingi who brought us this fantastic little piece of wilderness equipment. The fire goes up all the way the inside of the kettle thus creating a natural "electrical kettle"jævndøgn5silas ved flodbyggeri DSCF3402 DSCF3394 DSCF3360 DSCF2249 DSCF1826 DSCF2281

One comment on “The Peace

  1. Angela Minno says:

    So perfect – we were just reading about Ymir with our fourth-grader…thank you for all those glimspes of beauty.


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