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Touring is weird. On one hand it´s cool, vintage volvo bubble space (I fed a crow this morning! and besides I like the morning glory in the motherland) on the other hand moving in, out and between all of these people… everything is so fast, everything is so… confusing. Noises. Directions. Purposes.
I´m sitting at a parking lot, drinking tea, on my way to Germany. Flexing between worlds like this, I´m telling you, it´s weird but on the other hand I get the sense that I´m supposed to do this. And I´m writing. In the vintage volvo bubble space. I do love writing.

So this is just a quick not to let you know that I´m here, I´m doing the talks and I would so much appreciate and love it if you came to my speeches.

Lørdag den 6. september kl. 13.30: LitteraTOUR i Flensborg. Se mere her.

 Søndag den 7.9 kl. 15-17: GIMLE, Roskilde. Se mere her.

 Onsdag den 10.9: Idrætshøjskolen, Århus (lukket arr.)

 Torsdag den 11.9: Bovlund Forsamlingshus Se mere her.

 Søndag den 14.9: Torpareforeningen, Jels (lukket arr.)

Søndag den 14.9: Torpareforeningen, Jels (lukket arr.)

 Mandag den 15.9 kl. 19-21: Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup. Se her

 Tirsdag den 16.9 kl. 20-22: Krogerup Højskole. Se mere her.

 Onsdag den 17.9 kl. 19-21: Fensmark Bibliotek, Holmegaard. Se mere her.



Torsdag den 2.10 kl. 19-21: Magion Grindsted 

Lørdag den 4.10 kl. 11-12: Struer Bibliotek

 Mandag den 6.10: Kunst- og kulturhøjskolen, DOMUS, Vejle (lukket arr.)

 Mandag deb 6.10 kl. 19.30: Viby Bibliotek. Se mere her.

 Tirsdag den 7.10 kl. 16.30: Odense Centralbibliotek

 Onsdag den 8.10. kl. 19.30: Hørning Bibliotek

 Torsdag den 9.10. kl. 16.45-18.45: Kosmopol, Fiolstræde 44, 1171 Kbh. K

 Fredag den 10.10. kl. 22.00: Mød Andrea Hejlskov hos Arnold Busck i Købmagergade til Kulturnatten.



Do share. If you feel like it.

Do come. If you wanna.


After I deleted my Facebook account I´ve become a hard core fan of the personal meeting, face to face, close encounter of the third kind. That kind of contact has become vital to me. Feels like being back home in the forest. Feels like talking to trees.





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3 comments on “Touring

  1. If it Feels Right
    – how can it Ever be wrong?

    We meet in our dreams, we commune, we bond, we re-energize
    We gather strengths and courage for the last great push through the veil, the curtain, the lies, the the deceit!

    We have won already! We did it all In Our Dreams!
    We were (are) the brave worriors of the past, of the Present … of the Future!

    How did we do it?
    We found the will and courage in the clear Blue eyes of Our Children!
    We realized through the tears in their eyes that we can not run any more, we can not hide any more, we will not stand for any more abuse – No More!

    That is how we did it!
    So it is and so it will be
    – we have created the World of our dreams
    All that remains is for Us to Remenber and it Will Materialize
    It Will Rise – like the Phoenix
    Like the New Jerusalem

    Patience and courage
    And remember the pleadge: Do No Harm
    Chaos will ensue
    But We Will
    Get Through


  2. nanny9876789 says:

    How exciting! I wish I could attend one of your talks! Please let us know where you are and how your talks went. Is your book in English yet?
    Take care of yourself,


  3. Maria says:

    Face 2 face is great…. Må gøre det igen! ❤


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