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So, we are now the proud owners of a Volvo 142 Deluxe from 1974 🙂


We needed a simple and reliable car, that I might stand a chance of being able to fix myself.

It’s a B20 engine which runs forever, takes up no room and you can find spare parts under every other stone in Sweden.


It’s red, blue and pretty…


It only has four gears and no electronics or computer chips of any kind…



The tape recorder works, but plays tapes backwards. How’s that for vintage-retro-acid feeling?



Even the wing mirrors have built-in instragram colour filter, so whatever is behind you truly looks like the past…



Wroom dammit wroom!



And Sigurd LOVES his new car…





And a sunset…













3 comments on “Deluxe ’74

  1. Congrats! Nothing beats a classic car.


  2. Jens Utoft says:

    The worlds most comfortable tractor. I once had a 145 express (high roof), which I used for taking up a tree with root!


  3. mothlands says:

    Badass jeppe! Vi købte en ford fiesta mark 3 for ca 5.000 svenske bops, ren mekanik som din og triller endnu. Vi mistede bilnøglen, og fik lavet to nye på under 30 min. Pris 200 kr! Chips og det lort er kun for at gøre livet surt for os som vil fixe lidt selv. Vi har kørt høballer, høns, brænde etc. Rigtig god plads bagved når man fælder bagsædet ned. Vi håber at i får nydt og udnyttet volvoen max, held og lykk! Store kram fra Villa Mundo i skåne.


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