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Giving. Adding.

(This post is dedicated to the readers of Persilles Hjemmedyrk)

This is the beginning of our fourth season in the forest.
First year was all about building our first log cabin (a project that we had to give up on). Second year was about building the cabin we live in now (nice, lovely, beautiful), third year we worked hard to establish the garden. Then came the book and then came some confusion… but here we are. Fourth season.
This is what fourth season is about:

He said “I believe in creating sancturaries in the world”
I said “Sure”
He said “An oasis”
I said “Yes”
I said “We can add to the world. We can leave things behind, better, than what they were before” and I kind of think this is the human condition. Not only to adjust and survive – but to add.

Flowers for the bees. Fruittrees for the birds.

Persille is my friend. She´s a blogger and an urban gardner, havn´t left the city in over 6 years.
Before visiting she asked her readers to contribute. To add. To give.
These are some of the things they gave (besides spices and beer and chickpeas and candy)

A barrel.


Courtesey of Tony Bülow (aka “the seed nerd”): seeds and seedlings, enough to become total selfsufficient.




Persille sat down with the kids and told them about beanstalks that grow all the way into the heavens.



We planted and planted and planted and planted.




A multitude. An abudance.





Even trees. Cherrytrees.





There´s one thing that we sometimes forget: people are kind and generous. Things are possible.
The more you give, the more you get.

This is why I blog.

Thank you so much, all of you. Thank you for keeping the world sane.


Kindest regards,



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4 comments on “Giving. Adding.

  1. Naviana says:

    Just wonderful! Quote of today: “The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.” – Abraham Lincoln. Good luck!


  2. Hilda says:

    Best of luck to you and your family for this fourth season, and all the things you have recently planted. We also planted a cherry tree this past week – bit by bit we are adding some beauty for posterity.


  3. Julie Top-Nrgaard says:

    giving. adding. loving. tak.

    Den 15/05/2014 kl. 22.00 skrev & the pioneer life:

    > >


  4. Stine says:

    Dear Andrea. Happy to se you Are back on this blog:) Dont let the fearfull People of the World get to you. They Are scared of the changes, that they somewhere deep deep down in Their stomach know is coming. Full of fear of the unknown they strike back at you, because you put Words on their fear, the capitalistic World as we know it today is starting to fall. And there you Are in the front row telling us about it – i hope you continue from the bottom of my heart.
    So happy to se all the gifts from Persilles friends/followers
    All the best


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