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Hello Jello!

We live in berry country. Blueberries. Cloudberries. Lingonberries. Raspberries. Blackcurrants. Wild strawberries.
As well as mushrooms this is the food lavishly available to us. We are totally selfsufficient on juice, jam, dried mushrooms and berries all throughout winter. Well. Almost. This was the last jar of blackcurrant- and we ate it yesterday.



Because we´ve been sick, you know. All kind of diseases got to us this year. Only thing that really helps when you´re sick is jello. Right?
So this is what you do:

First you conspire to make a plan.



Then you put on your rubber boots and your superhero cape (because actually moving requires supernatural strength when you´re sick)



You pick a little bit of rhubarb.
(yes, they´re very small due to this annoying fact: we had a houdini rabbit who escaped and totally ate EVERYTHING in the garden this spring. Parsley. Rhubarb. Spinach. EVERYTHING. Damn you, rabbit! (but umnmm…. it did taste good)



Then you clear a tiny small area on the kitchen table (you´re sick, you havn´t done the dishes, people don´t do dishes when they´re sick. Right?)





Then you mix the last jar of blackcurrant with fine slices of rhubarb, mix in some vanilla seeds, sugar and then add this wonderful product



Which I´m actually pretty sure you can make yourself: potato flour (?)


Mix. Stir.




You might want to add a little bit of crumbled cake on top.



Uhmmmn! There you go! This stuff will heal you and cure all of your diseases. See blackcurrants boots the immune system, it´s good against joint pain and swellings of the mouth and throats. Rhubarbs contain high amounts of different vitamins and also fibres which is good for your digestion. Moreover: food is holy. We picked these blackcurrants on a sunny, shiny day, we were happy, healthy and sane. It was a good day. So hello jello: come work your magic!



3 comments on “Hello Jello!

  1. Jakob F. says:

    Here’s one way to do it:


    Hope you all get better soon, Andrea 🙂
    Best wishes!


  2. Hilda says:

    Glad to see you and your family are feeling better and able to enjoy some delicious local fare.


  3. Mitzie says:

    Fandt denne opskrift:
    – kartofler skrælles og rives
    – der tilføres vand
    – blandingen æltes
    – blandigen sies
    – lad det stå i sien i godt 15 minutter (over en skål selvfølgelig)
    – Lad saften løbe gennem et viskestykke
    Det der ligger tilbage i viskestykket er skal det bare tørre


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