Walking the invisble



The old cannot recall a summer nor an autumn as dry as this.

There is no more water in our well, we go to the creek for water but the creek is almost dried out too.

Then one night came the rain. I woke up, eyes wide open and I just layed there, for the longest time, listening to the drumming on our roof.

It rained again the following afternoon and I noticed a different sound. It was the sound of the soil soaking up the rain, grasping, drinking it too fast, as a child manicly drinking to empty everything in the cup.

This is the land of a thousand lakes, this is the land of rivers and springs. We never thought we would run out of water but the water levels are so low in the lakes, at least two meters below the normal. This means that what was previously hidden is now obvious.

And another thing:
What I love the most about living here, living in the wild, are the daily walks.

It´s not the striving, it´s not the offgridding, it´s not the permaculture. It´s the walks.
They keep me sane. I think I have been lacking these walks before. As if I were malnurtured. As if I were craving. I think this is the most important thing to say about our life out here.

Today we walked together and it was a good walk.

Over the creek.


Walking the thin line between darkness and eternal light


Out,out, into the open.


See? This used to be lake. This used to be under the surface.


We left footprints. The elks and us. Below the surface.


And we found rarities.



We were missing the water


We were holding on tight


Everything was yellow.


Everything was red


The lack of water worries me. It has to rain a whole lot before snowfall, before permafrost if we are to have enough water through winter. Extreme weather and climate change.
These things worry me.

We were walking below the surface, what was hidden have become apparent.

And we just keep on walking. Walking and walking, every day. We notice the ripples and the lack of rain, we notice.
That´s how is begins, right? You begin to pay attention…

I made an album on facebook. A lot of hearts and gifts I got from nature. Today.
Here it is.




3 thoughts on “Walking the invisble

  1. Songs from the wood
    I love reading how you guys handle your life and the daily situation around you
    Keeps me thinking on how to live and behave every day



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